This is exactly what we saw on the other tutorial I wrote, there are just a few differences.
This step is not really necessary but the whole idea is add a bit of texture to the rectangles.
There are lots of ways to create this effect, and lots of good tutorials showing how to create that type of eclipse effect, the lines, and the other light effects. Fabio Sasso I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer. We all know that hyperrealist icons are over, the new trend now is flat and either hard shadows or super soft and subtle ones. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple soft shadow effect uing the Blend Tool in Illustrator. The last tutorial I wrote was back in January, it's been quite a long time and boy I missed it.
I've recently written about Google's newly launched visual design language called Material Design. Some of the techniques I used here I took from other tutorials and also from another tutorial I wrote some time ago for PSDtuts Mix Cool Retro Curves Into Your Photographs.

But one of the ideas of this tutorial is learn how to apply what we have learned from this tutorials, and create different effect. Basically we will use the Shape Dynamics, Scattering, Color Dynamics and Other Dynamics to create the efect we want.
Let's repeat the step 7 and delete some parts of the image, do that until you get the result like the image below.
I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts. You can also try to mix both styles, there are a lot of people actually doing that and the results are quite beautiful. I have been trying to organize myself to start playing more with not only Photoshop and Illustrator but also Sketch and other tools so I can share some new things with you. This morning while I was looking for some references or inspiration on what to do I saw a post on Instagram from the Street League, it's the league of street skateboarders. The goal of this new design is to create a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. Besides, the design is inspired by the amazing work of James White, so I highly recommend you to check his work out.

Right after that fill the background layer with black and with the Rectangular Marquee Tool(M) create a selection like the image below. It's always a challenge due to my day to day job but it makes me feel so good when I finish something that went from my head to the final design in a very short period of time.
I loved the logo and decided to try to create something with the same style in Illustrator to learn how to do that. Then select the Brush Tool(B) and big brush, the regular one rounded with 200 pixels, hardness 0%, and the color black. Some of the imagery they presented in the spec share some common characteristics, like depth, paper style effects and vibrant colors. Again select the brush tool, it will be the same preset as the last usage, this time however, change the opacity to 20% and paint some areas to maks some retangles.

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