Boolean algebra is a form of math that we could be teaching more of to young people interested in tech careers.
Anybody exposed to any form of programming knows that algebra is an integral part of computation.
This is, of course, why computers use binary numbers, those zillions of ones and zeros that express the logic of two opposite choices.
The logic of Boolean algebra is applicable to many other fields, but nowhere is it as practically important as it is in the world of information technology. Whether our young people are learning algebra with real numbers or binary numbers, they’re expanding their minds and will use that knowledge to excel in many fields.
One thing that pops up a lot in all sorts of computation is the Boolean algebra “tree,” which represents a logical way to go down the branches, twigs and leaves to find an ultimate answer. Learning how a system like this works is a great way to introduce problem-solving skills to high school students.
A few years down the road, when these high school students become adults with IT marketable skills, there will be jobs waiting, and recruiters ready to connect them to them.

Stafflink is big on using Boolean searches for online recruiting, and has published a manual on how to use them.
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In the same way, a computer scientist or software developer uses the numbers to make them better at what they do. Since it has applications in so many IT-related roles, it can help them get a head start in their tech careers.
By entering different syntax in Google searches, recruiters can hone in on the best candidates by selecting for specific locations, former roles, people within a particular organization, etc. In the last post we covered about Bluestacks, which lets you to install any android games or android apps on your PC.Yes ! While the system is easy to use, there’s some serious Boolean algebra under the hood. You will be asked for phone number verification, all you have to do is select your country and enter your phone number and then click ok.4.

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Once the verification is complete you will be asked for your name to identify you with your contacts.6.
You can also receive Pics and Videos from your contacts and those will be opened in new page.8 .
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