Today we are presenting the second and final part of Most Famous Fine Art Photographers and Their Immortal Art Photography post.
Fine art Photography also known also as “artistic photography” refers the expression of artist's perceptions and emotions and to share them with others though the art of photography.
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Today I want to show you a tutorial about how to use the liquefy tool in Photoshop to manipulate simple brush strokes and create an intensifying light image. Open up Photoshop and create a 3500x4000px canvas and fill the background layer with Black #000000. In this step I took my stock model and extracted the background from behind the stock model and placed her into the canvas.
Create another new layer and set the Blending Mode to overlay and the Opacity to 55% now brush behind the models head with a soft white brush. Now I duplicated the liquified brush layer by right-clicking on the layer and selecting Duplicate or pressing Ctrl+J. In this step I continued to repeat Step 5 four times each time adding in a different color. Now I downloaded 47 High Res Light Streaks by Barton Damer and used IMG_0928 and placed it into the canvas behind the model.
In this step I used a square brush that I created and brushed vertically and horizontally on both forearms to create a nice block effect.
Now I set the Blending mode of the two layers to Overlay and Duplicated both of them twice. Create a new layer and fill it with Black #000000 and set the Blending Mode to Linear Dodge. In this tutorial, we will explain how to apply makeup digitally using many of the same techniques that women use to apply physical makeup to their own faces.
In this tutorial we will show you how to do this using the appropriate light balance, use of midtones, depth of field, blending, and more. In this quick tip tutorial we will explain how to create a candy cane-style text effect in Photoshop. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create a Surreal Urban City Montage with Lightning Effect in Photoshop .
Create a poster with a stripe pattern mask like the movie poster for The Bourne Legacy in Photoshop CS6. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create an Abstract Floating Rock Circle in Photoshop . In this quick tip tutorial we will show you how to create a shiny, gold, old world text effect using layer styles in Photoshop. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a witch doctor character concept which involves a bit of planning and research into who your character is and what your character will become. In the following tutorial your will learn how to create a lighter illustration from scratch in Photoshop. Here you will learn how to recreate studio lighting effects using Adobe Photoshop to make your portraits and other images more striking and beautiful. In this quick tutorial we will show you how to create sports-themed text effect using layer styles in Photoshop.
In this photopshop tutorial for beginners, you’ll learn how to make water reflections from scratch, with realistic reflections and ripples. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create vector artworks from photo references in Photoshop as well as combining elements from different sources, and adds in graphic elements to create a detailed illustration, including tattoos, clothing, shadows and lighting. Photoshop CS6 was released recently, receiving excellent reviews from designers and photographers. In this post I have collected excellent Adobe Photoshop CS6 tutorials and learn some useful tricks. In this tutorial, you will learn that how to create a 3D scene in Photoshop CS6 using imported 3D models and modifying it. In this tutorial, you will learn that how to change the values of motion blur in adobe photoshop cs6.

With the help of this tutorial you can easily design an eye catching energy drink advertisement using Photoshop CS6.
Tilt-sift method is to create a fake photo impression of small objects or wonderful miniature of the subject we are going to do it. In this tutorial we will utilize Photoshop’s new vector editing and stroke capabilities to create an administrator dashboard interface.
In this Photoshop CS6 tutorial on creating an Oil painting photo effect by using the newly added special effects option called “ Oil Paint “.
In this tutorial we will explore some of Photoshop CS6 Extended’s enhanced 3D features by showing how to create a realistic 3D hood ornament. In this tutorial, we will explain how to take a flat logo and animate it using Photoshop’s new 3D and Timeline features. In this tutorial we will explain how to create a 1990?s era mobile phone icon in Photoshop using a photo as a reference.
In this tutorial you will use the timeline to create an animated into through adding a video layer and creating text animation. In this tutorial we will explain how to add a non-destructive vignetting effect to your photos using vector shapes and masks in Photoshop CS6.
If you fed up of color painting, you can have a try on this ink effect for your painting works.
To transform a normal picture into something extraordinary, I beg you will interest in how to transform your photo into beautiful art. This tutorial will show you how you can convert a forest into a dark, foggy, ominous scene. Apart from adding make-up to your image , you can use new idea to turn your image into a ghost. In this Photoshop tutorial, it will show you how to create a cool old photo transfer edge effect using a piece of stock photography, an alpha channel, the burn and dodge tools. This tutorial will cover simple aspects in the line of lighting and brushing also should easy to follow. You will notice that there is a white box that appears next to the concrete layer on the layer panel.
You should be able to extract things from background by now, but if you are unaware of how to do this follow Clipping Design’s – Remove or Replace Background from Images. Set the Opacity of the new layer to 44% and use a faded blue #2b4554 and brush behind the model.
Now create another new layer and set the Blending Mode to Soft Light and use a soft yellow and blue brush to brush behind the model on the right and left side. I then set the Blending Mode to Linear Dodge and positioned the layer to where I was happy with it.
Now I grabbed a soft brush and alternated colors according to the colors on my canvas and highlighted spots on my model and shapes. I used a red #f41c07 color and used it on top of the model I played around with this effect to get to my desired shape and until I was happy with it.
Make use of the Circle Brush that you downloaded and create a new layer and use White to brush onto the canvas and on the arms of the model. Now I use a Soft Blue Brush, brush over the blue lighting streak on the right and the top of her head. You will learn techniques such as creating smooth skin, creating a soft blue color tone, adding floating feathers, and more. This is an easy tutorial suitable for beginners and will show you how to create this poster using only non-destructive editing techniques. This tutorial will show you techniques for combining images and create a grunge-style fire.
In the following walkthrough you’ll see how versatile channels can be in the creative process, enabling you to make quick adjustments that affect the overall look and feel of your image. Recently we created two photo effects tutorial in Photoshop cs6 and this is another tutorial for creating icon.
We’ll use a few stock images,some texture, some brushes and we’ll change some tones to create a dramatic feeling.

Most of the steps are done in the photoshop settings, therefore, you just need to follow the tutorial guideline in order to complete this. This tutorial will show you how to create a dramatic cloud background, add glowing wings to an angel, and add some particles. The best way is to put the something natural flying on the sky such as tree leaves and stone. You’ll learn how to work with shadows, lighting, adjustment layers, layer masks, dodge & burning. This ghost image is mainly done using different photoshop functions such as filter, blur, adjustment etc.
This tutorial is for all type of photoshop users and some things might just be mentioned briefly when being done. Grab a moderate sized soft brush with black and brush over some of the areas on the texture to darken them.
Now I held down Ctrl and clicked on the little window in the layers palette next to the liquified brush duplicate. Lastly I created another new layer and set the blending mode to Overlay and used a smaller white brush to brush on the liquified shape to act as a stronger light source. I created a new layer above the model layer and set the Blending Mode to Soft Light, I then used a small soft pink #ff00f0 brush to highlight her cheeks. I then proceeded to create a new layer and fill it with black and repeat Step 10 with some colors and dots.
These tutorials show you a few tricks to creating movie inspired poster, text effects, surreal manipulation.
CS6 gives much better performance and creates superior designs using new re-imagined tools.
If you are looking for a great source of inspiration, this compilation of Adobe Photoshop tutorials is a must see. I then proceeded to brush and swirl my brush within the liquify menu until I was happy with the result. I then used my Dodge Brush to light up a bit of the yellow and blue streaks as they come out from behind the model. I just used a bigger soft brush in this step than in the previous; I also set my Layer to Color Dodge instead of Linear Dodge. The software is amazing for web designers looking to create icons, illustrations, web layouts, and practically any type of digital artwork. I created a layer below the model layer and set the blending mode to Overlay and the Opacity to 36%. Your shape will never come out exactly the same with the liquify tool; this makes it unique in a few ways. I then created a clipping mask of the Gradient Map on the Texture by right-clicking the gradient map layer and selecting Create Clipping Mask.
I then used a soft white brush and lighted up the background in different places behind her a bit. We’re going to create a multicoloured backdrop for our image, so first create a Gradient adjustment layer.
Go back to the Gradient Fill window, make sure Style is set to Linear and give it an angle of 45 degrees.
To add hints of colour to the darks in the image we can turn the Gradient layer’s visibility back on, and fade the effect in and out using its Opacity slider.
There are simpler ways to create this effect, but this method is very editable and non-destructive.

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