July 25, 2016 by Dean Leave a CommentThe first and greatest command of Scripture is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. The question is, how can love truly love the Lord with all our heart in a day when that expression is overused and tired?
Jesus was in conversation with a spiritual leader of Israel explaining the concept of being born again.
Jesus explained new birth is a miracle that happens in the heart of a person by the renewing of the Holy Spirit.
Just as the when the natural wind blows and one see the effects of the wind but you don’t see the wind. Cultural norms of the world and behavior patterns of the sinner have no place among those who claim to be born again. The born again child of God does not allow the trends, fashions and cultural norms of the world to dictate their life style. The true disciple of Jesus Christ is very purposeful and intentional about their behavior patterns being shaped into the image of their Lord and Master. When believers say they can participate in behaviors the Scriptures call sin you know they are not being led by the Holy Spirit. When church leaders declare the wind of the Holy Spirit instructed them to accept and embrace those things the Word of God calls an abomination, you know it was not the Holy Spirit leading them. The reason so many believers today look so much like the world is because they are still in their old mind and living by their old spirit. Receive this free Read Through the Bible in 365 Days printable pack when you subscribe to Foundational. That is right it would seem as Chris reported earlier in the week that The Rock is the new Terminator in the upcoming Terminator 5 movie. Casting Dwayne Johnson as the Terminator in Terminator 5 will put too much emphasis on the person and not enough on a great script and a great character. Being big, muscle bound and popular with Fast and the Furious fans should not be the criteria for the next Terminator.
I will also go as far as to say I also feel that its time for Schwarzenegger to give up his role as the Terminator. A few months back I had a lengthy conversation about the future of Terminator 5 and I pitched to my friend Chris my idea on how the Terminator 5 movie could work without Arnold as the Terminator but still including him while accommodating his age. We know based off various comments made by Arnold that the upcoming Terminator movie will have a twist as big as Terminator 2 if not bigger. Seems the writers Patrick Lussier ( Drive Angry 3D) and Laeta Kalogridis ( Avatar ) are thinking along the same lines. Incredibly, Arnold Schwarzenegger may not play the role of a machine in the next film, but a potentially heroic human figure in or close to the Connor family. We know that John Conner sent the machine back to the past but we also know that Sarah Conner was terrified of it. My thinking is Terminator 5 should pick up right after Terminator 3 where Conner is in the bunker where he is rescued by a survivalist who takes him from the bunker and teaches him how to survive and wage war against the machines.
Doing so keeps the continuity of the timeline and allows Arnold to be in the movie without a CGI body double. As far as The Rock and how he works into this timeline I say with respect we don’t need him.
I have to agree with the author, and amazingly my idea was very similar (guess LMU paid off).
I’m a massive Rock fan, but I also see your point and like you very unsure, but we will just have to see and let him have his chance. In going with the idea that Arnold plays a human character and a survivalist I think that might be an interesting plot twist of sorts. I think T5 will indeed have Arnold as an old human character, but I do not like the idea of The Rock as a new terminator. If you took it to the late 50s, Linda Hamilton could come back and play Sarah Connors mother or grandmother.. I remember about a year ago there were people writing their opinions about how the T5 storyline should go. You would go bankrupt as a screen write, I think you would be the only person wanting to watch that. Don’t people realise they can keep Arnie young by doing CGI on his face, like they did with Bridges in Tron Legacy? I like the ideas in your article, but what I read elsewhere is arnold will be a terminator again. All good directors want to have script approval, I read also this is why justin lin left the project.
The focus on this movie is Arnold a new guy as the bad terminator, ( I dont think the rock is right for the role) and chasing someone. I’m a huge terminator fan and always will be but the rocks all wrong for a future terminator.I think Arnold in a human role is a great idea as a scientist or survive list?
I agree with that, in the Sarah Connor chronicles the cybernetic robots appearance and their personality to some extent is based around humans so I am expecting to see Arnold as a human being at some point and maybe Cameron.
Lymond, the influx of machines you mentioned if it was in T3 was I think just a nightmarish vision and not something which has happened in the future, but I like your explanation dude. Ya but unfortunately Sarah Connor dies from cancer, or they can just make even more plot holes!
I think the rock is not such a bad idea, and i think you all gonna be suprised when he ‘s getting the part. I am a huge fan of The Terminator series, and enjoyed all of them (even though nothing compares to the original). This creative short shaved mohawk haircut looks has lots of original new features!  The shaved back and sides are decorated with geometrical lines etched in the brunette hair.  The sweep of royal-blue with dark-blue balayage hair from crown to front is really impressive! Cheeky charcoal roots & blue-green hair color ideas – two-tone hair styles to energise long hair!
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Whatever your taste in movies, it’s hard to deny that Hollywood does a brilliant job of selling comic books to the world, illuminated with dazzling computer-powered, imagination-dazzling on-screen effects. The first thing I want to say about The Avengers, Josh Whedon’s latest superhero summer blockbuster, is that it at times provoked in me surprising delight.
The symbols embodied by the heroes fall all along the spectrum of human developmental capacities from pre-modern magical to mythic to rational to integral as spelled out in the Integral Framework, though there’s room for debating precisely how the symbols align. About Joe PerezJoe Perez is Executive Editor of Spirit's Next Move, Director of Communications and Scholar-in-Residence at the Center for World Spirituality. I tried to go light on the Integral Theory tie in, so as not to make the post seem to be primarily about developmental levels and how we assess them. To give an obvious example, in the movie Captain America is seen as consistently respectful of national authority, mentions God, and generally acts to uphold the public order and welfare of ordinary citizens. Iron Man is a clean energy titan and a master reader of contexts and ironies that everyone misses, and he is quick to deconstruct the egoic pretenses and subterfuges of the other characters with put-downs. A fascinating Integral perspective on viewing the film is: watch how all these characters get along, and where their tension points are, how they resolve those difficulties, and to what extent to they need the assistance of others (such as Nick Fury) to come together and stay on course?
Liza Braude-Glidden, MA, is a Los Angeles-based mystic in the market place, a community catalyst and author with a long history as a core team member and process leader in both nonprofit and for profit groups. Sally Kempton, formerly known as Swami Durgananda, is recognized as a powerful meditation guide and as a spiritual teacher who integrates yogic philosophy with daily life. Hans Jecklin — Some 40 years ago, as an entrepreneur in music business, Hans Jecklin got involved in Jungian psychology, leading into a deep exploration of various forms of meditation, spiritual traditions and processes of inner change. Kristen Ulmer has been named by Women’s Sports and Fitness Magazine as the most extreme woman athlete in North America.
He just was not understanding that receiving a new heart and a new life comes through spiritual new birth.
They have allowed the Word of God: the precepts, principles and law of God, to shape their philosophy, thought patterns and world view. This brain-teaser includes a new 2-player battle mode, multi-colored lights, and digitized sound effects. The sheer fact that the writers are reportedly writing the story to accommodate The Rock makes my point exactly.
It should be about making a good movie not about trying to draw in new fans by casting a fan favorite.
Arnold Schwarzenegger will always be the original killing machine from the future but he is simply not capable of carrying the role anymore in Terminator 5. You all know in the first film Arnold was the villain and in the second film he was the hero.
One theory is that Schwarzenegger’s remarkable ability to protect the Connor family in the 1940s or 1950s with antiquated weaponry by today’s standards ultimately inspired the machines to develop a terminator in his likeness that was eventually sent to 1984 when Sarah Connor was first targeted for termination. As far as the ‘based in the 1950s versus a futuristic full on war I say give us the war. If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges. Also, I agree and hope that Arnie plays an old man, human, and the inspiration for the Terminator. But I can really envision this being an interesting way to develop a few more entries into the series. His not being involved in T4 is the reason it didn’t do as well and I thought it was a good movie. And it makes zero sense to a story where skynet (a self aware computer intelligence with automated manufacturing capabilities) build terminators.
Worthington was an amazing terminator; not only that, terminator salvation is in my opinion second only to terminator judgement day.
And T4 exists because T3 was similar to T2 only in T3 there is an even more advanced terminator trying to kill John Connor. It’s about continuing a beloved story, a story that had been carried on in comics and books. The going way back in the past before JD to kill the young Connors plot line is old and tired. I would like to see it turned into a 4 to 5 hour movie were they go back in time on missions fighting other terminators to save different generations of conners, as well as diving into the the first second third and fourth terminators into certain parts for clues to finally make their way back to the current terminator movie the battle the new terminators. Punk has ‘grown-up’ to give us some very chic versions of the two-tone hair styles 2016! The roots are charcoal, which is a softer shade than black, with charcoal balayage on the tips, too. Long dark hair changes to a fabulous sunburst of orange – scarlet-red ombre.  The waves are styled to look like flames, too, on this amazing V-shaped long hairstyle!
Many adults find these action packed movies to be a guilty pleasure, and we ponder whether they have a redeeming educational or morally transcendent worth beyond a day’s entertainment. The interactions among Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, the Black Widow and Hawkeye were intriguing in unexpected ways. Personally I didn’t find myself identifying strongly with any of the characters, so much as with the feeling of the cosmic drama itself, I think, but I most admired the cunning and chutzpah of Samuel L. I find Whedon’s portrayal of the macho macho god as a being of almost child-like innocence to be an endearing expression of the ego-less, enlightened nature of the authentic power of the Unique Self. He has eight years of blogging experience and has seen two of his blogs published as books including Soulfully Gay, a pioneering Integral Spirituality memoir.
His goodness is based on honor and when he fights he does so for God and country and a higher moral purpose. Mariana Caplan is the author of seven books and numerous articles on cutting edge topics in Western spirituality, including the seminal books Halfway Up the Mountain and Eyes Wide Open. Liza is Co-founder and Creative Director of Beanfields Snacks, a values based natural foods company with award winning taste that features beans as the main ingredient. She is the author of highly acclaimed books including The Heart of Meditation, and writes the popular Wisdom column for Yoga Journal.
His integrated experiences are the basis of his present work as a coach and mentor for conscious evolution in and beyond Switzerland. She is a pioneer in big mountain (extreme) skiing and was, for about a dozen years, named the best overall woman skier in the world by the media and her industry peers.
Here we have longer papers of substance that deal with substantive underlying the core teachings of World Spirituality.

Marc Gafni, Director of the Center for World Spirituality and Editor-in-Chief of this publication. As part of our organization’s web presence reorganization, we have moved the contents of this blog and will no longer be posting here.
The Rock has definitely lined himself up as the action star of the new generation and my issue is not with him as much as the fact we simply do not need a big name actor to star as the next Terminator. We saw how poorly this worked out in Terminator Salvation when Christian Bale fresh from playing Batman was cast as John Conner in Terminator Salvation. Well I predicted a few months ago that in Terminator 5 Arnold will play the human that inspired the creation of the machine. I also think, by bringing in the Rock, they are planning a fresh batch of movies, total over-kill-load. How are you going to explain a very old looking T-1000, unless you go with the living tissue ages, but not the terminator itself.. I’ll agree with what was said about it being a poor choice to write the story around him. I also brought up in my opinionated storyline that T5 shows John Connor giving the order to the elderly Arnie to send back another of his terminators into the 1984 past to ensure that Reese is not killed and Sarah is not captured and institutionalised.
Kyle Reese was spot on, the girl who played kathrine Brewster was way better than the previous poor actress. Hell, John Cena would make a better terminator because his personality is equal to a robot and ironically his entire build matches the square metal shell of the terminator as we know him. The it ends with a begining for a whole new chapter of time traveling to kill off different terminators inorder to save humanity. Rich sea-green is the main shade with playful light-green touches in a daring look that showcases the model’s brown eyes! These superheroes each inhabited their own excellence, their own uniqueness, with superb effortlessness … and they frequentlly argued, fought, and learned how to get along.
He is an Honors graduate of Harvard University, has studied at The Divinity School at The University of Chicago, and holds a certificate in Integral Leadership from Pacific Integral. These are values that developmentally arise at the stage Susanne Cook-Greuter describes as the Diplomat stage of ego-development (or amber altitude in AQAL). He is a contemporary philosopher, public intellectual, a lineage holder in Kabbalah, and the author of many books including Soul Prints, a winner of the NAPRA Nautilus Award for Best Spirituality Book. She has won three national awards for the Best Spiritual Book, and the COVA Visionary Award for Book of the Year. Hans, the author of two books including A New Spirit in Business, is an initiator of Global Spirituality.
This site is under construction and will ultimately host all of the core position papers and dialogues. This website hosts his blog Spiritually Incorrect plus many audio and video teachings, articles, papers, and more. I am however not saying Arnold should not be in the film since I think his involvement is critical just not as a Terminator. It would have to happen sort of at random though…not like this survivalist character knew exactly where to find him or anything. As soon as elderly Arnie sends off this terminator into the past to complete the mission, immediately there’s a time amendment and we see both elderly Reese and Sarah appear in T5 alive and well. It was as solid a movie as they come, and very smart (unless you’re a dorky nerd who thinks you could do better but end up with crap). I think that’s why the machines had to fall back on using time travel – to undo their mistake!
If time travel must be involved it would be better if Skynet gave up on trying to specifically kill the Connor family lineage and instead sends the known popular T-800s back in time from the point Skynet is defeated to prevent their defeat.
And all of them coordinated by the mastermind strategist of Nick Fury, the man with the power to deliver Manhattan from a nuclear blast while operating behind a veil of mystery.
If there is Integral Consciousness on display among these characters, it couldn’t be better embodied than by Fury. He has several books in publication including Your Unique Self and Radical Kabbalah, which is based on his doctoral dissertation at Oxford University. Sure it was ok but in my opinion it could have been truly spectacular had they of chosen a better lead instead of trying to cash in on Batman’s popularity. And as you stated…this human character becomes the inspiration for what gets sent back in time, time and time again. I think the idea of Arnold being a human is fantastic and would bring closure to Arnold being a Terminator in a nice transition. This gives the fans the movie of a lifetime being able to bring back all the best characters of the terminator franchise. Though I’m not a big fan of any of the films starring the Rock, I’m sure if he does play the role of the terminator he will do a good job, my only concern is how the film will finish, and will it make sense?
Skynet on a desperate attempt should send a slew of T-800s back in time to kill Connor and all of his resistance team , sending them back to say around the time Reece first gets the photo of Sarah thus the influx of so many machines. The Rock being in 5 ensures there is a T6, because Arnold is on his last legs of stardom while Dwayne is just getting started.
T4 was to be the start of a great series, however it wasn’t Bale they were banking on in 4.
If you really want to make this Terminator fan happy I say hire Christopher Nolan and reboot the entire franchise after Arnold is completely done with the original series.
Back to near bankruptcy again noobs (learn your lesson from Bale yet…obviously not!). Also I hope we get to see more of the advanced fem-bots, wouldn’t make sense to not have them after TSCC.
After I post this I will totally think of a better Terminator actor than John Cena, but it goes to show you an initial response to a casting decision!

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