PhotoFunia had released five new cool photo effects including one animation effect in last May.
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There is a number of colours drop-down box in Fancywork effect and the bigger number of colours you choose, the picture will be clearer. One of the good things about Affiche PhotoFunia effect is you can put your own words and embed in the picture.
Memories effect allows you to select 2 different photos to be generated either in color or black-white mode. PhotoFunia is a free online photo editing website that launched in 2007 and free to be used by everyone.
I have been using Photo Funia to create my own funny face photo montages since last year and I love all the photos created by Photo Funia.

Recently, PhotoFunia team had just created a new effect which everyone can upload their own photos and background photos instead of choosing the photo effects from photo funia website. Special hints: Try to use almost the same size of face photos in base image and face image to produce better result.
I really love this new photo effect created by PhotoFunia team which gives us more freedom to upload any photos that we want to create. Fun Photo Box | Free Online Photo Editing Service I love to create funny pictures from my photos. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. This is great achievement by Photofunia team as it allows you to simply swap your face with the face in any photo that uploaded by you. Also if the colours of the face don’t match each other, choose the black and white option.

Photo Funia is using high-tech face recognition technology to automatically identify the face in photo. PhotoFunia will automatically identify the position of both faces and merge them perfectly using their unique face detection technology. It uses the latest face detection technology to joint your photo to their PhotoFunia Effects Templates.

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