The newest version of Photoshop CS5 is a godsend for creative designers, photographers and digital artists. In this tutorial you’ll discover a very helpful Photoshop CS5 Refine Edge tool, which helps easily and quickly to cut out an objects from a background and achieve a realistic and striking look. Check out the online lesson below and you’ll know how to turn a simple stock image into a fantastic futuristic composition with beautiful color effects.
Follow the tutorial below and you’ll learn how to use and mix different types of brushes, shapes and blending modes.
In this tutorial the author shows you how to combine layer masks with custom brushes and adjustment layers to create a stylish Sci-Fi poster. A well-described demonstration of how to make a surrealistic turtle by using Photoshop CS5 new tools.
This Photoshop CS5 lesson is just for you if you would like to create a striking nature scene which will draw viewers’ attention at a glance. The tutorial covers some useful tips and techniques on how to design a dawn of war style concrete text effect. Look through this online lesson and you’ll learn how to draw a romantic and tender winter scene with a charming snowy effect. You’ll learn how to utilize Custom shapes, Layer styles, and Gradients in Photoshop CS5. Start working and you’ll know how to combine basic colours, shapes and brushes to create a remarkable kaleidoscope poster in Photoshop CS5. Open up photoshop and create a new canvas with the sizes 1500 x 720px and fill it with Black #000000.
Now that you have your black filled shape covering your R unhide the Creative copy layer above it and then right click the layer and select Create Clipping Mask (CTRL + ALT + G). Now that your Creative word is totaly sliced up and moved around its time to bring in our second word. Now go to your Texture layer and select it by just clicking on it and then select the Add Vector Mask button on your layers pallett, its right next the the FX button at the bottom. I know that the piece doesn’t look very attractive at the moment, but we will change that.
After my previous tutorial on how to create a frog logo in Photoshop, I'm now going to teach you how to create a glowing and sparkling intense light 3D glow logo. I'm creating the word "QPoit", which actually is a fun word (and non-existing) used between my friends and me (Don't ask me why).
Right click on the right word (in my case the "Poit" part) in your layers and select Blending Options.

Grab a basic brush with a diameter of 7 with a hardness of 100%, the color #FFFFFF and flow of 25%. Get rid of the parts of the swirl that you want to look like as if they are behind the character. You can also add some circles using the Elleptical Marquee Tool (M), filling them with #FFFFFF and setting the opacity really low. There you go, a pretty impressive super glowing and sparkling intense light 3d logo using Photoshop & Illustrator. This (we)blog brings you information about (web)design, blogging tips, (programming) tutorials and much, much more. Have fun reading this blog and don't forget to subscribe to the feed to keep updated on the latest articles. It provides a really great amount of cool improved and updated features, such as: the new mixer brush, content aware editing function, modernized complex selection tool and many other helpful Photoshop utensils which will surely make your design workflow much easier.
I made it simple for everyone today and created a Photoshop Tutorial to smash your creative block. You shouldn’t see a change just yet, but grab your move tool (V) and move the Creative copy Layer down a bit, you will see it influences the feel of the R.
Using the Same techniques as earlier let’s shift and delete and play around with the EATIVE text. This tutorial shows different techniques that I learned in the past couple of weeks and it'll surely blow others away. Now go to Filter > Sketch > Chrome, use the default settings (Detail 4 & Smoothness 7) and press OK. The source is a brush and make sure you check the Simulate Pressure box: It'll give the nice, smooth edges. You can use the Eraser Tool (E), but since I'm a fan of non-destructive Photoshopping, I would recommand creating a Layer Mask and brushing those parts away. I couldn't resist adding a Lens Flare behind the letters by going to Filter > Render > Lens flare and using the 105 mm prime with a brightness of 90%.
I hope you learned something new & feel free to place your artwork created by following this tutorial in the comments. Using these powerful options you are able to work with stunning effects and achieve really unexpected but stunning and surprising results! Using simple shapes and gradients you’ll easily create an awesome card for your beloved. I will be teaching you how to use the simple tools of photoshop to your advantage and create a striking text effect.

Firstly get yourself a nice concrete texture, I used one out of my 24 High-Res Concrete Textures available here on Creativeoverflow.
Now go to your brush palette (F5) and play around with the Size Jitter, Scatter & Spacing. Become an expert in Photoshop art is not so hard as it seems, you just need to find helpful and detailed tutorials! It won’t take you to long to finish and you will learn that it is pretty easy to create this effect.
We will be breaking apart the text with simple methods and bring across a message to everyone. Make sure your Creative layer is selected, now use your pen tool and draw a line around the middle part of the C, then when you have closed your path make sure you right click and hit Make Selection, Make sure you choose 0 Radius when the box comes up – just hit OK. Now create a Sharp Triangle Shape over the R and then fill it with Black #000000, be sure that you filled the layer in the New Layer you created below the Creative Copy Layer. I will give you some time now to run through the letters, I will show you the progress of my letters below.
I placed the concrete texture above all my other layers and then set the Blending Mode to Darken. This effect could be used on a variety of design projects including, promotional calendars. Their is nothing fancy about cutting up the word block in this tutorial, play around and use your imagination.
Now, this might take some concentration, you have to Hold down CTRL + SHIFT and click each individual Layer’s Tiny Window.
You could also make use of a Business Printing Company to get your designs printed in the end.
By using the Move Tool (V) you are able to move the half C around and position it as you like. Select the parts and cut and paste them and move them around to create a sliced feel of the word.

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