TweetScoop.itWhen it comes to birthdays of a family member, special someone or a friend, you have to be creative in giving them gifts and making them feel special.
The Birthday Gift Certificate Card Template for Word can be used by businesses to generate gift cards.
This template can be used for personal use, as well as by businesses and companies for promotion and incentives or motivation. You just have to decide on what paper you want to print this on and you’re good to go.
There is also a text placeholder for you to type a personalized message that goes well with the gift certificate card.

If blue and brown isn’t your type of theme, you can change this by going to the Design menu in the Ribbon and using the many customization options available You can add artistic effects to the template and add your own personalized greetings.
Aside from hosting a party for them, you can also give tokens and gifts to show them just how special they are to you. This gift certificate card is specially designed for birthdays, but can just as easily suit other occasions such as graduation, anniversary, or just an ordinary day when you just want to generate custom gift cards for customers or to give someone something, such as money. Featuring a lively and colorful blue theme, this template features a fun look with its squiggly lines for border, and inside are stacks of gifts, all with different colors and patterns. You can also type the amount on the given placeholder, and your name on the sender placeholder.

Now, if you want to surprise the birthday celebrant with something unexpected, you can give him a gift card.

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