For those who enjoy puzzles and arcade games of which challenge your skills, Color Switch game on Poki is an arcade title which you’ll probably want to check out. As the shapes rotate, your aim is to get the ball through the correct section, reaching a star, ensuring the segment you pass though is the same color as the ball at that specific moment. You control the ball by a click of the mouse (if you are using a PC), or a tap of the screen if using the smartphone edition. It seems fair to say that this arcade game is rather hard, and the longer you play it, the easier it will become. Shifting and Drifting into First PlaceYou don’t need to be an experienced driver or a NASCAR enthusiast to enjoy racing games.
You must have gone through a variety of Android apps designed to empower the camera in your device in many ways.
The latest app we are discussing here is known as Cartoon Camera, an Android app that works exactly as its name suggests. If you love creativity, and want to give the pictures you take a new look to have fun with the things around you, then you must give a try to Cartoon Camera. Sign up here to receive each new post from This West Coast Mommy delivered right to your inbox!

As this constantly changes as you progress, the challenge becomes ever more demanding – yes, the ball will alter its colour, too.
Each click or tap gives the ball a slight bounce, so learning to perfect this will help you to gather a far greater score. It tests a variety of metrics, especially your reactions, whilst teasing your visual-sensing capabilities. If you also love using the camera in your device to take creative pictures, you must have even used many of those apps.
It was tested on Samsung Galaxy S 2, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy tablet 10.1 and the Motorola Defy and found amazingly working on all these devices similar to the way it is advertised.
It is available in two versions, you can download Cartoon Camera Free Version orCartoon Camera Pro (paid version) by clicking on the respective links to go to the Android Market directly. If you haven’t seen this yet, Prisma is a free app that adds filters and effects to your photos and turns them into works of art. I'm a social worker, wife, and mom to two little girls living on the beautiful West Coast of Canada. Available on both Android and iPhone, this game can also be played from your smartphone device.

The objective is to continue this process, making sure you don’t collide with an area of the shape, avoiding a color-mismatch. Your score it displayed in the top left hand corner, with your best score located to the right side.
Simply put, you should definitely check this free-to-play game out if you enjoy a challenge. It’s been available on iOS since June, and it’s now finally available for Android users too!
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