Letting photos shine by adding some subtle effects is something you learn to do by trial and error. Wouldn't it be great if you can start from a certain set of effects for each photo you like to give a vintage look?
You need to be aware that some pictures are suitable for this effect and a lot of them aren't. Select Green from the Channel dropdown menu and adjust the curve as shown in the image below. Now select Blue from the Channel dropdown menu and adjust the curve as shown in the image below. Select the layer with your photo, go to the Filter menu and select Convert for Smart Filters.
As you can see the options are really endless and the amounts applied in each of these effects really depends on the photo. Your original “Photoshop Vintage Effect” tutorial (on Veerle V2) taught me so much about Photoshop while I was in school—so much so that I had it memorized at one point! This was what i was looking for :D Bought a new camera and needed some inspiration how to change tone levels and other image ajusts. Animated Frames And Animated Photo Effects - Picjoke - You can make animated photo frames and animated photo effects, animated photo cards and photo wallpaper with your photos on our website online for free. Artisteer - Web Design Software And Joomla Template Maker - Artisteer - Automated Web Designer. Some photos will work perfect for certain effects and others won't, but it's something we creatives love to experiment with.
Now we'll tone it all down again, but of course with a special effect to make it look like an old photo. Like I mentioned earlier the outcome differs a lot on the photo you choose and the settings you apply.

This post its awesome because i found the way to produce the images that i had in mind for so long! Photofunia - Every day new funny photo effects and free photo frames online from your photos. Art on the Brick Wall Big Screen Retro Wave Spy Dossier Drawing and Photo Artistic Filter Very Old Book Winter Princess ????? ??? ????? Train . PhotoFunia: PhotoFunia is a cloud-based photo editing tool that gives you a fun filled experience. Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique website templates . Today's post is all about the creation of some Adjustment Layers in Photoshop that you can add to your photos to get you all set. It's a non-destructive way of applying filter effects, as you'll be able to adjust the filters you've applied at any time. The last 2 effects are both presets, but you can of course play with the sliders and see what happens. For example in the photo with the wheat (the last photo on this page), the top of the wheat was disappearing if I applied certain effects, but on the other part of the photo things looked quite to my liking. This set of effects mentioned in this tutorial will help you set a basis to get started, but needs different fine-tuning for each photo. New Face Effects Online - PhotoFunia service - can be called photoshop for casual users, those who have no time or desire to install and learn, really, really complicated program Adob. You create a certain atmosphere and it can give more depth when you add these kind of effects the right way.
From the presets dropdown menu select Old Style (which sets the Saturation to -40 and the Lightness to +5). So I fixed this by revealing the top of the wheat: I selected the mask in the layer palette first, and then I painted over the tops using a very soft transparent brush.

Double clicking this will open the Lens Correction filter options again where you can adjust anything you want.
Then when I want to apply it to a photo I drag this layer group into my photoshop document and tweak the settings, throw some effects out, add new in, adjust the opacity of the layer etc. This tool includes some basic functions and  lets you manage, edit, share, and view your pictures from where you store them on your Windows computer. Double clicking the slider icon on the right will give you the option to adjust the Layer Mode and the Transparency of the effect on the layer. Each of them use a set of Layer Adjustments piled on top of each other, all with subtle differences.
In my opinion, PhotoScape is one of the best free software for a complete image editing experience. If you see the feature list of this program, you would call this program, an image editor, image converter, image viewer, and a screen capturing tool, all rolled into one. Image Tuner is another free software for batch resizing, converting, watermarking and renaming your digital photos and images from and to JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF and GIF formats. The freeware will help you to prepare your digital photos to upload and publish them in the Internet or send via e-mail. It can be used to perform a basic set of operations that include batch resizing, converting, watermarking and renaming digital photos and images.3. He loves to try out new Windows based software and gadgets and is currently learning JAVA. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software is always recommended, he feels.

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