Making the gameI think that there are three main elements to an adventure game; Story, Puzzles and Characters. However, for the most part all adventure games feature characters and puzzles as their primary focus and players must spend their time either chatting with NPCs or using their wits to overcome the puzzles in their way.
So, what is the most important element of the game to our experts and what is it they think that adventure games do well (or badly). We put the question to Dave Grossman first and I have to say that I think he hits the nail on the head with his first swing.
So, to both of our experts it would seem that the story is the single most important element of the adventure game genre.
With that in mind, I think ita€™s incredibly interesting that when most people think of adventure games they end up thinking about the puzzles.
You can use any of the free fall leaves border clip art in a plain piece of art to portray a warm effect.

Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. To download, click on the image of your choice and you will be taken to the high-resolution version where you can right-click and save. Note: It is our responsibility to protect your privacy and we guarantee that your email address will be completely confidential. True, you could say that these three elements are in practically every game ever made, but in adventure games they are core of the experience and all that is really needed.
The seminal Portal from 1986 is an adventure game completely devoid of puzzles and relies only on the player having to piece together the story of what has happened to the human race after the main character, an astronaut awakened from suspended animation, finds he is the last man left alive on the planet. Why is that, when other people are crying out that the genre is dead, these two are still trying hard to prove us wrong?
Sometimes they think about them in a good way and will actually look forward to trying to overcome a particularly fiendish conundrum, but a lot of the time they may think about it in a bad way.

My rule of thumb is that if you can't select specific responses in a dialog then it isn't an adventure game.
The only characters in the game are the player and the PC he uses as an interface to understand the story. Both developers are trying to reinvent the adventure game in some way, Grossman through episodic delivery and Cage through fusing genres and increasing accessibility on consoles, but what is it about adventure games that makes gamers want to play them over the latest Halo or Half-Life instalment?

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