About 87 percent said they were bullied on Facebook, while 19 percent on Twitter and 13 percent on BlackBerry Messenger. According to Media psychologist Arthur Cassidy, cyberbullying may have a huge impact on older male teenagers. Soldiers Magazine is produced by the Defense Media Activity for the Secretary of the Army Office of the Chief of Public Affairs.
The study revealed about 85 percent of 19-year-old men had suffered some form of online bullying.

Only 17 percent said their first reaction after being bullied would be to inform their parents, while 1 percent said they would inform their teachers. Whilst some might expect girls to be more vulnerable online, this study shows that older boys are more at risk from trolling and cyber-bullying,” he said.
Of all the teenagers who confirmed being bullied, about 37 percent of said it happened on the social networking sites.
This project is part of the National Science Digital Library and was funded by the Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation Grant 0434253.

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