History Smiths was started by Bonnie Hurd Smith, a historian and author (We Believe in You) who felt that appealing to women by telling them about their predecessors would make for a nifty marketing strategy for businesses. Smith also targets public spaces, like schools and libraries, for events like these, asking the locations to sponsor such events that have proven to draw a crowd.
And while Smith is clearly teaching, educating, and enlightening people, she’s also giving her clients visibility and added revenue. The first use I thought of for it was making a poster of our nearly 3,000 Disney World photos. Even if you stick with the freeware version, I’d highly recommend this piece of software. The Americas, Weird, Odd & Just Plain Fun Fluffy can come too!
The U-pet backpackĀ combines a mobile pet bed, in-cabin airplane carrier and car seat all in one, and the great news is that it has been approved on most major USDA & IATA airlines. The pet carrier has adjustable backpack straps and a carrying handle to make it easier to attach to a seatbelt, so that the pet is safe while driving.
In addition to our vintage camera effects such as HolgaArt, LomoArt and Pinhole, our new Instant effects will give you the look and feel of an instant film camera.

Instant effects will match perfectly with our enriched collection of instant photo frames to make your photos look like full analog photo shoots. Create a Photoshop® Creative gallery to enjoy regular competitions, tips, resources, and get your work viewed by thousands in the magazine and online!
Like why people did things that went down in history and under what circumstances did they find themselves, and how it applies to the present day.
Shape Collage will take a set of photos that you specify and toss them together into a shaped photo collage.
I know I’ll be having fun putting together some shaped photo collages in the near future!
Fret no more as a new pet backpack carrier has come on the market, and it has a unique bubble window to allow your furry friend to gazeĀ out on the world. It has a mesh panel that can be switched for a perspex bubble, to allow the adventurous pet to take in its surroundings. It weighs 3.9lbs and fits pets of up to 16lb in weight, and you can also strap it to your back. However, her usual tools for making collages weren’t working out well so I went hunting for a new one.

After a short processing screen, I was treated to a sequence of photos appearing and rearranging.
That would be big enough to make into a poster (which isn’t a bad idea for displaying your vacation photos). They say that the more women find out about their successful foremothers, the more they will be motivated to go further in their personal and professional lives.
Something that can arrange a series of photos in a layout and allow her to decide how (or if) the photos are cropped. And as far as businesses go, incorporating women’s history into their own promotions will attract more customers, male and female.
On another occasion, the Brookhouse Home for Women in Salem celebrated its bicentennial with a Victorian-style tea party fundraiser.

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