On the left is Tamiya masking tape made specially for modellers.  On the right is commecial masking tape made for interior decorating.
Masking tape can be divided into two broad types.  Some is made specifically for modellers and some is made for general household and D-I-Y use. Laying a strip of masking tape on a trouser leg, or other piece of fabric will reduce the amount of adhesion. One of the biggest fears when using masking tape is that when it is removed, it might pull off a coat of primer, or other previous layers of paint.  To work well, masking tape has to be rubbed down, especially along the edge and this increases the risk of damaging previous coats of paint. An old CD or DVD, a metal ruler and a knife are perfect for cutting a good straight edge which is essential to get good results from masking tape. Do not use sticky tapes from hardware shops-they are too sticky and will peel off the paint!
I am having a hard time of tape residue or ghosting of masking tape when removing the tape from a painted surface that was previously painted and completly dry and cured for 24 hours. I am trying to paint a second color right on the edge of the first color with no space in between(edge to edge).
Sometimes I get the same problem – especially if I am using gloss acrylic colors (even after 24 hours of drying).
I think that canopy is one part of the model which needs improving for many manufacturers. I really can’t think of an easy way to correct over-spray except airbrushing it again. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 isn’t just another smartphone, because there are loads of features available to support the specifications that are packed in.
There are quite a few ways using which you can capture a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, and these are as follows. Using the physical keys is one of the traditional and easy ways to capture the screenshot and here, it’s nothing different.
The Screen Write feature that is one of the five in the Air Command feature, is something that takes the capturing to the next level, where you can edit the screenshot with a lot of options, like cropping, writing text with pen, sketch, brush types with different colors and even if you feel the screenshot isn’t right, you can discard it from there itself.

To capture using this method, you need to hold the S Pen in the vicinity of the screen so that the pointer appears on the screen. The Screen Write function would help you not just in capturing the screenshot but also in editing the same, but there is one more way using which you can actually capture a screenshot just like you do with the physical keys, and here the screenshot is just sent to the Gallery under Screenshots folder.
The Palm gesture is something that Samsung has included as a special feature, where while you try to swipe the entire screen from one side to the other using your palm, the screenshot gets captured. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 isn't just another smartphone, because there are loads of features available to support the specifications that are packed in.
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Microsoft Excel Viewer is a simple application which allows you to open Excel sheets without Excel.
If you need to edit Excel, you can opt for OpenOffice which is completely free to use and allows you to both open and edit Excel, PowerPoint, Word and many other formats although it’s much heavier and requires a longer installation process than Microsoft Excel Viewer.
In our friendly step-by-step video guide we cover topics like: drybrushing, applying washes, applying decals and many more. You’ve obviously done mountains of work on it, which would be keeping you away from model building! Are you saying that the Tamiya tape has a sharp enough edge that it doesn’t need cutting?
When I remove the masking tape, right after, I get the impression of the tape, ghosting or residue. One way to overcome this is to stick masking tape to your paints or shirt before applying on the model. Everything else is usually nicely reproduced and detailed but the canopy is very often bulky and too thick. I airbrushed Sukhoi T50 but unfortunatelly didnt manage to get clean lines between two colors as the edges of the tape were probably not clean (Tamiya). I think on the larger scale models they could make the frame work separate from the actual glass portion any thoughts on the matter?

As mentioned in my previous email (hope that you have received it) – would love if you can write a small text on it so that it can be posted here.
The S Pen was always productive enough, but Samsung has made it even better by including the Air Command feature that has got five new features to make a good use of the interface, capturing screenshots, editing pictures and a lot more.
Check out the video to make the understanding easier, but after the video are the actual explanations to each method. For that, you need to press and hold the S Pen button and then tap the screen with the S Pen when you are on the particular screen which is to be captured. Although I would mostly use the Physical method as it won’t be wise to always take the S Pen out to just capture one screenshot, but when there is some editing needed along, the Screen Write option in Air Command is the best one. Your description of reducing the stickiness of tape is fine but you can also find masking tape that is designed for reduced stickiness. I have only just purchased my first roll but still cut it since I have never trusted tape to have that sharp, clean edge. Once you airbrush I really do not think that you will be able to tell the diference (TAMIYA tape as is vs TAMIYA tape with cut edge). I wish some manufacturer can come up with blow moulded thin clear canopy which can fit with plastic injection moulded thin frame.
It’s the easiest way to do it, but is limited to just taking the screenshot, and nothing else. Then, put the really good Tamiya tape over that tape and push that down nice and tight at the cut line. This way, you have most of your painted surface covered with tape of reduced stickiness but you still get the fine edge of the Tamiya product.

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