It now allows for visual colour correction across the board for shadows, midtones and highlights, and you can switch workspaces to maximise the amount of space available to it.
Grab the centre point of the Midtone box and drag towards the bit of the edge where it is coloured orange.
Duncan Evans is a post-production and CG expert with 25 years experience in publishing and also a published photography book author with some 13 titles to my name.
Founded in 1997 Digital Arts is part of IDG, the world's leading technology media, events and research company. The mask will be transported on to the image itself, and show up as black and white, onto which you can use the Brush and Eraser tools to edit its outline directly. Adobe Photoshop is a huge program with loads of commands, but it is very time consuming experience to perform a task when we don’t know the photoshop shortcuts (short keys). So today I decided to post a list of routinely used photoshop shortcuts and tips that will greatly increase the speed of your work. While in the full screen mode, pressing the numeric Enter will bring up the top panel only. And to bad there isn’t a way to set up a keyboard shortcut for switching your dimension with the croptool.
If you have any active selection and press CTRL+J, the selected area will be copied to the new layer.
If you press SHIFT+CTRL+J when you have something selected, it will be cut out and put on a new layer.
If you press the number keys 0-9 while not handling a brush tool, you set the current layers opacity. This reminds me: is there a way to hotkey-change the current layers fill-opacity, not the overall opacity?
I’ll be adding your tips with your reference in the sequel of this post which will be intended for the advanced users. Added to #34 – ctrl+alt+shift+E will merge all visible layers into the newly created layer. When I have the toolbar set the path (P) on numlock using the + – switch between types of paths.

I’m sorry I checked everything but there is no problem at my PC, maybe its just your system. Pretty sure that may be one of the best shortcuts in photoshop, nothing else really compares to it. Does anyone know how you toggle between first (the open state) and last step of the history pallet?
Alternatively, you can simply press Enter on the numpad (if you have one) instead of using Ctrl + Enter to tell Photoshop you’re done typing.
I didn’t realize in the first place that PS creates another step in fact in the history pallet called revert which takes you back and forth from the first to the last step of the image.
In the Project box click on Video Effects, then Color Correction, then double-click on Three-Way Color Corrector. And to get everyone ready for this transition, we have compiled an extensive list of the best Photoshop tutorials which the web offers. To add black and white adjustment layer click on add adjustment layer at the bottom of the layer panel and then click on black and white. TrickyPhotoshop also takes projects that require photo manipulation with the help of Photoshop. Caps Lock switches your cursor to Plus sign for precision, while working with painting or editing tools.
To draw a straight line, click where you want the line to start, then go to the point where you want the line to end, hold Shift and Click. Holding Alt will change you current tool to Eyedropper Tool, temporarily if you are working with a painting tool. Ctrl + Alt + Click and drag the image, it will create a duplication of the current image image or selection and make an overlay on top. If you hold down Alt while using Burn or Dodge Tool, it switches the tool functions in between them. When you are done typing with any text tool, press Ctrl+Enter, Photoshop will understand you are done. While using Magnetic Lasso Tool, pressing Delete button will remove the previous anchor point.

Eyedropper Tool to captures foreground color, hold Alt and click, it will capture the color for background. When drawing a line with Measure Tool, if you hold Alt and draw another line from the end of the first line, it will also measure the angle. When using Marquee Tools, hold down Alt and it will make the click point as the center point of the selection.When using Brush Tool, or other Paint Tools, pressing the numbers on the numeral pad will alter the transparency.
Let’s have some fun, wanna change the grey background color outside the opened file, select Paint Bucket tool, hold shift and click.
Open a file and press F button, it switches among the 3 different screen modes so you can easily choose the best workspace for your current task. Ctrl + Backspace and Alt + Backspace will fill in the whole image area with foreground color or background colors. Pressing Shift + Backspace will pop-up the option window, Alt + Shift + Backspace and Ctrl + Shift + Backspace, will fill the image with foreground or background color but will not change the values in of the areas of alpha. Need to disable this funkctions but I do not know how, it becomes my mistake that I switch it and then make the opposite path. I learned my chops on Photoshop 2.0, since then they have bounced the pen tool all over the tool box, put the quick select tool in front of the old trusty magic wand, and now they have hijacked the shortcut for feathering and snatched the R right out from under the blur tool. Unless I have hidden layers, almost as good as flattening just before saving finished project to a jpeg. Kinda curious why it didn’t make the list, and there are ton more fun shortcuts out there. I hate having to re-learn shortcuts I have used for years, of course I can take them back by customizing, but when I sit down at someone else’s machine I still have to adapt.

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