If you like editing video content, for both personal or professional use, then you need a good video editing program. Video and photo manipulation has been around since we started to store multimedia content on our computers, and although it has changed a lot in the last years, the basic concept of adding effects and elements behind them has remained the same.
This is why today we have media splitters, media joiners, DVD creators or even programs that allow the user to create a movie from scratch, going by only their imagination. As we’ve seen before, there are multiple types of video editing software, each accomplishing a certain task and allowing the user to create different effects. One category of video editing software is the one that allows the user to patch together multiple videos or images and create a film where they can add custom soundtracks and some transition effects. Also, there are others that apply filters to movies and encode them in order to achieve a better quality or a desired effect.
Media splitters and joiners are probably the easiest to use, allowing users to cut a movie into pieces and put it back together in what way they seem fit.
The choice of video editing software belongs with you and it depends on what you want to accomplish.
Now that you know what are the types of video editing programs and by now you might have figured out what type you need, here’s a list with some great video editing software that will give you a hand with your projects. With the help of these video editing programs you will be able to create stunning videos and be well on your way to making it big in the movie business, or at least have some awesome videos to show your friends or upload to your YouTube channel.
Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. Many of us are huge fan of music and like to keep a cool collection of it, and many times we come across a situation when we want to edit a particular song for some purpose, but we do not know about the perfect software which can perform this task easily. There are many tools and software available on the internet, that can help you edit music files with ease, but choosing the best one often comes out to be a hard task. Wavosaur is a king of compact but very good audio editing software that does not require any kind of installation and runs directly on all the Windows, Mac and Linux versions.
Wavepad sound editor is one of those program which is really very rich in terms of features as well as supports a nice selection of formats including mp3, real audio, ogg, flac, wav and wma etc. In case you have been looking for very basic and simple software for MP3 editing, DJ Audio Editor could be an end to your search. Traverso DAW is a digital audio workstation that is also capable of recording and editing from a single voice audio to whole band music. These were few of the best music editing software which you can download it on your PC absolutely free of cost and which will help you in altering your music the way you want. Shooters, no doubt RPGs are the most entertaining Platformers, old and new I wish there were more adventure games! Capturing gameplay footage has never really been difficult, yet is has never been easy either. Roxio GameCap’s gameplay capturing hardware for home consoles is light, easy to pocket, and about the size of a Nintendo DS Lite. I doubt Rovi intended to have any 5.1 sound capture or HDMI because of the requirements in the software to be able to run a setup.

The software was very easy to install – and right away, we could tell the capturing software would be easy to use. The first thing that must be said about the editing software that Rovi provides with the Roxio GameCap, is it is nothing more than a rehashed VideoWave (Roxio’s video editing software that came free with many PC video cards back in the day). Regardless, the editing software included lets you make a timeline, trim gameplay footage down, add in basic video transitions (the kind you learn NOT to use in video 101) – you are able to add in sound, music, VO, and a few other audio too. Also, with time, different programs and software have appeared, specialized in other aspects of video editing. Also, there are some very powerful programs that take the idea to an entirely different stage and allow the user to create videos from nothing.
These programs are relatively simple to use and for the most part, they will get the job done for most. These programs are usually the resource hogs, needing a lot of horsepower to be able to render the images. If you need to create a complex 3D video with lots of animations and effects, then you will have to go with a powerful software such as Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro. On the other hand, if you are creating a tiny project with a few videos, pictures and soundtracks, then you won’t need overly powerful programs, and even Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker might get it done. Some of these programs have quite expensive price tags, and therefore are not affordable for some.
So to make you work easier, here at Tech Audible, we present you the top 5 best audio editing software for PC 2014, which are available for different platforms i.e. If the user is already having a set of VST plug-ins, then the new may cheer him or her up that the application is VST compatible too.
The application has a very simple as well as clean interface and best for those users who just require the basic features. Thanks for reading, subscribe to our blog and join us on our various social profiles for more updates and posts like this.
Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from VIT University, Vellore, I also specialize in SEO as well as in Content Writing for Websites and Blogs. Anyone who has ever tried has their own way of doing it, and some might realize they do not have all the necessary equipment to do so. I also believe they assume that most gamers across the globe probably are still running Standard Def, or hooking their systems up with RCA and on basic stereo speakers. One nice addition is you are able to choose any sound input you wantfrom any sound device on your computer. This is a very linear editing program (if you are unsure what linear editing means, the simplest explanation is that it is impossible for you to take video clips you’ve put on a timeline and move them around and really play with where you want to them to go).
The software is great for those gamers who don’t have an expensive editing suite (or the know-how to use one) but still need to cut the video together. However, many of them offer limited features, so for other effects and transitions, you might want to look for another video editing software.
Keep in mind what your project is while to figure which one to go for, and before you buy a program, take a loot at the free video editing programs. I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.

The audio editing softwares could be used by any user to cut copy as well as paste audio file according to the user’s wish. The main reason behind the popularity of this software is the set of tools that are offered by it to the users. On top of this, software to capture and edit ranges from wonky and free, to expensive with a huge learning curve. Now this is not necessarily bad, but if you are a Final Cut or AVID guy, this linear editing software is going to drive you nuts due to its lack of ability to do anything non-linear.
If you are trying to capture some gameplay footage for a review, or just to show off on the Internet, then the software will be just fine. It is for most average gamers and hardware setups out there, and the price of $99 USD reflects that – GameCap is very reasonably priced.
A dad photographing his kids might just want basic exposure adjustment and rudimentary red-eye removal.
You can also get rid of unwanted sounds that may be occurring in between the songs in order to make it more pleasant to the years. Now this is okay, though we currently have the Xbox 360 we used hooked up with HDMI – and we thought that it was a little odd that this option was not included.
Also, the fact everything is streamlined and included in the package makes it very attractive. Also, since our system is hooked up through a 5.1 sound system, and we currently use optical sound connections, we were surprised to find this input was not on the Roxio GameCap hardware.
But, even if you do, it might be easier to throw the captured footage into a non-linear editing system.
If all you need is a simple way to crop, rotate, resize, and annotate images, this should work just fine.GIMP GIMP is the Audacity of photo editors. As much as GIMP mimics the tried-and-true interface of Photoshop, it’s a program with a massive barrier to entry.
Final Word: GIMP is a definite front-runner with its incredible feature set and huge user base.
It has since evolved into an editor that can go toe-to-toe with GIMP and quite possibly Photoshop itself.
It has full layer support and offers many of the same features that both GIMP and Photoshop users consider essential—the Clone Tool, a rudimentary Magic Wand, and all of the basics. Individual toolbars and property windows are easily distinguishable and are relegated to distinct portions of the screen. Click through to the next page to see what we thought about Pixlr Editor, Picasa, Photoshop Express Editor, and PicMonkey.

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