Just when we had decided that a single-screen 17-inch laptop was too big and heavy, along comes this GScreen SpaceBook with two 17.3-inch displays. You might have seen this behemoth before (or others like it — seemed to be a fad in 2009), but now it's up for preorder at prices starting at $2,395.
Mind you, we don't even know if this is exactly how much this laptop will weigh, and we're still wondering if it will fit into the typical laptop bag.
We'll have to try one of these SpaceBooks before making a final judgment, but because of our multi-screen addiction, the extra size and weight just might be worth it. Unfortunately, the company's being coy about the size and weight of this thing, both of which turn out to be the key numbers.

Those two screens slide together to form a package that has to be relatively thick, but nobody's telling us exactly how thick that'll be. Think about it: How much weight are you willing to bear to get yourself two spacious monitors on which to do your complicated work?
Meanwhile, we've contacted Alaska-based GScreen [see update above], asking for specific dimensions and more than just this one picture and a couple of old ones an early prototype.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Come to think of it, I used to tote around an anvil-like "mobile workstation" that weighed about two pounds less than that the same as that, and it served me well for hundreds of thousands of miles with nary a backache.

We do a lot of graphics and need multiple screens in our work here, so we've grown accustomed to using three and sometimes four monitors at a time. Until we can see multiple views — and get assurance that this long-announced but never-before-seen product actually exists — we'll remain skeptical. Comic Life burst onto the Mac scene in 2005 and caused a sensation winning both an Apple Design Award (for Best Product New to Mac OS X) and a Macworld Eddy.

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