So every Photographers need to follow some Photoshop tutorials to improve your photo quality. Today we collect 20 Fantastic Photo-editing Tutorials in Photoshop which can improve photographs skill for better presentation.
Sign Up for our newsletter and get access to a Free download of one of Premium our Wordpress Theme. In this Photo editing tutorial I will show you how I edited a night shot of the Milky Way in Photoshop and Lightroom.
High end camera handle noise a lot better when using high ISO settings so the ISO depends on the camera that you have and also your own preferences. The first thing you need is a good photo to start with so make sure you take multiple shots with different settings. Open the image in Lightroom or Photoshop Camera RAW and start by editing the contrast, and temperature. I made a subtle Split Tone effect to add some blue on the shadows and some orange on the highlights and I lowered the lights using the Tone Curve. In any kind night photography the noise is a big issue because you almost always work with long exposures and High ISO and the noise will be present on your image no matter what. You can reduce chromatic aberration and vignetting in Lightroom using the Lens Correction module. If you work with Camera RAW in Photoshop you can accept the changes and open the image in Photoshop. In order to straighten the lighthouse I selected the copy that I just created and pressed Ctrl+T to load the Free Transform and then right-clicked the image and used the Distort option to shift the image to the left. Use the created layer mask on the copy to remove unwanted areas an only show the corrected lighthouse. If you want to enhance your milky way photo you can use any adjustment layer or plugins to reduce noise, add contrast or color effects but I left it as natural as I could. Tagged design resources, design tutorials, how to edit the milky way, learn photoshop, lightroom editing tutorial, milky way photography, milky way tutorial, new photoshop tutorials, night photography, night photography tutorial, night photos online, online photo editing, original tutorials, photography editing tutorials, photoshop editing tutorial, photoshop for photographers, photoshop lessons, photoshop techniques, photoshop tricks, photoshop tutorials, premium photoshop tutorials. We are thrilled to welcome back Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman for our first in a new photo editing tutorial series.  Using her before and after photos, and some screenshots in between, she will demonstrate her photo editing style step by step so that we can all learn more about how to edit our images! Step 3– I still wasn’t happy with the exposure on her face, so I selected the brush tool and just painted on a little more brightness.
Step 5 – With all clean edits done, I sharpen (in this case I sharpened for WEB in Photoshop since I knew this was going online). Now it’s your turn!  Join us tomorrow in our free online I Heart Faces Community for Fix-It Friday.
Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman is a die-hard, natural light, lifestyle photographer in New York who loves to search for the light. I have a really hard time with the brush tool, wondering if you could do a post on just the brush tool with any tips and tricks you have to be successful. As far as sharpening goes – before getting Lightroom, I always sharpened for web in Photoshop. Do you or anyone else know any reason why I should switch back to using Photoshop’s sharpen for web?

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Advanced Photo Editing Tutorial is a new professional photo editing program that teaches people how to understand and use advanced Photoshop tools easily. Advanced Photo Editing Tutorial is the latest professional photo editing program that covers everything people need to become master photographers.
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I will give you the RAW images straight from the camera so you can work with them and make your own edits. Increasing the exposure more than 30 seconds will create movement on the stars which is not desirable so if you want a brighter foto increase the ISO or widen the aperture if you can. Because you are working with a RAW file you will have more dynamic range to play and in night photography that’s really important. To not make your milky way too contrasty because it will actually look better if it’s softer.
You can select your lens profile and automatic corrections will be made to your image to compensate for distortion and color. Pressing the Shift key while distorting will lock the axel so you don’t accidentally distort on vertical. We had a mix of sun and clouds that day so white balance was a big challenge as the conditions changed and moved just as fast as this sweet little girl! You will have an opportunity to download Jennifer’s SOOC “Before” photo and show us your edits. You’ve probably saved me hours of editing too, I didn’t know about the brush tool! More to the point, don't leave comments about your blog, product or service on our participants websites.
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For this particular image I made the image a bit colder, I increased the Exposure by almost 1 stop and I increased the whites and lowered the highlights to make the light pollution a bit dimmer. You can also manually correct distortion and reduce chromatic abreaction but for this particular image we will make all the distortion correction in Photoshop.
You can see that the lighthouse is leaning towards the right side so we need to correct that. In addition, the program will give people tips to choose a HDR (high dynamic range) software, and ways to use it.
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You will be surprised to see how much different is to see the milky way on vertical than in horizontal.
I also increased the Clarity a bit and the Saturation and Vibrance to make the sky and lights a bit more colored. In Photoshop there are more sharpening techniques but you can use the Unsharp Mask or Smart Sharpen filters or the LAB sharpening technique. Create a duplicate of the image with Ctrl+J and on the newly created layer add a layer mask. It seems that a lot of people do that, but I don’t understand why not doing it in Lightroom, too. After this video program was launched, a lot of customers have used it for learning how to improve their professional photo editing skills.
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Finally, people will get the “Learn Composing” video and the “Learn Photo Editing” video, and the “photo Editing – Color Grading” video.

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