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You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Then there are controllers to consider - do you want a piece of software that can work with your favourite MIDI controller? Of the two brands' applications, NI's Traktor just about comes out top thanks to its endlessly flexible performance features and its all-round intuitiveness and reliability. Traktor comes in two forms: Traktor Pro, which can be controlled using a traditional mouse and keyboard or one of an endless list of hardware DJ controllers, and Traktor Scratch, which is designed to be used in conjunction with one of Native Instruments' digital vinyl setups.
Scratch Live is probably still the most popular digital vinyl system out there, but it's only available when bought in conjunction with an official Rane audio interface.
Serato DJ is the latest version of the company's controller-orientated software, and it's the first version of Serato that can be used with any MIDI controller.

It quickly proved immensely popular with DJs, however, thanks to its unique Session View - a window dedicated to launching synchronised loops - and the intuitive way it handles the retiming of audio files. For those after an application that blurs the line between DJing, live performance and production, Ableton Live is unbeatable.Read our Ableton Live Suite 8 review4. The downside is that it only features two decks, as opposed to four like Traktor and Serato.5. What's more, the features it does pack are all of a high quality; its auto beat matching is excellent, the effects sound good and it includes a neat little sample player.

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