Photo Mirror lets you create great mirror photos with added features like filters and effects.It has 10+ mirror effects and it also let you create photo collage from already saved photos in gallery and from camera as well. The Wellness Yard is a on-the-go m-commerce station which everyone can drop by to take a look to pick up a product or more to supplement your daily wellness lifestyle. An application to read the EXIF information from images in the Galley app (or other sources). Joluxe is an on-the-go m-commerce station which everyone can drop by to learn more about crystals, its benefits and purchase one (or more!) which suits your needs.
In this fun game help the little princess arrange for her birthday bash.Help her out with making the birthday card and then also help her out in the kitchen with making some tasty ice creams for her friends.

If you are feeling down, tired or unmotivated and you need to raise your spirit or a shot of positive energy, download this app for free in order to motivate you!
From essential oils to tea and organic soap, anyone can enjoy wellness living from your fingertips! Can either be used as a stand-alone or as a add-on for the free or paid versions of Light Meter Tools (it will show up in the menus for those apps if installed).
You find that happening only in boutiques, and you may have to visit a few to make that happen. From pendants to bracelets, there is a piece for every occasion be it a gift of for personal use.

Then make sure you clean the rooms properly and after that be ready to serve the friends on the dinner table. Kami Mall, taking the concept of a virtual cosmopolitan megastore, has been placed to mark a difference.

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