Our Favorite Memory From The WeddingWe did our grand entrance into the barn to the song “Home” by Edward Sharp.
I have been looking at this blog for a while now and I will say this is one of the most adorable and creative weddings I have seen! It was really a perfect and lovely wedding pictures.The design and styles of the dress was so very fabulous. The public is invited to come to Observatory Nights at Montgomery County Community College. They wanted their wedding to be unique + fun – and to them that equals a colorful party which is exactly how their wedding turned out! There were times throughout the wedding planning process that people made me feel like my ideas were crazy.

I am thinking about doing a similar color for my bridesmaids & really love these dresses!
One of my favorite pictures from this wedding is the one of the brides boots which have the wedding date on them.
With the gorgeous Santa Margarita Ranch as the venue, they were able to have a lovely outdoor ceremony, a train ride around the ranch after the wedding, a game of flip cup to start off the reception and then dance the night away in the pretty barn. Once we were all on the dance floor, energy high, everyone smiling, the song faded and “Blow the Whistle” by Too Short started playing. And guess what – Tapatio bottle favors with our heads on them and a Taco Bell delivery at the end of the night were some of our guest’s favorite aspects of our wedding. Listen to your gut, and do everything possible to make the day represent your personality as a couple.

He explained to everyone that a big part of our memories over the years involved a little game called “Flip Cup” (we met in college.) He then explained that we (the bride and groom) thought that there would be no better way to begin our marriage than to play a little game of bridesmaids vs.
My girls are wearing a similar shade of green and this dress would be perfect for my shower. Oh and try not to cry from the stress too often, but understand that it will happen from time to time and that’s totally NORMAL!
When I finally started the planning process I came to realize this wasna€™t just about me and what I wanted, this was our wedding, our special day, I wanted this day to be a perfect combination of us, our story and personalities.

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