As anyone with a minimal observation faculty would notice, making this or for that matter any collage, has a major repetitive component. The CW has released "Inside: The Fury of Firestorm," a featurette showcasing the visual effects created for Sand Demon, Zoom and the new Firestorm, as well as providing a look at Tuesday's episode of The Flash. To mark this occasion she wanted to give jijaji a collage of photos from when they first met. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Catching Fire movie club tagged: catching fire katniss everdeen peeta mellark josh hutcherson the hunger games. Katniss & Peeta-Catching Fire One clear thought Katniss & Peeta - Catching Fire teaser trailer Sam Claflin-Teen Vogue Photoshoot EW Catching Fire magazine Everlark Peeta Mellark - A capitol prisoner Jennifer Lawrence & Shirtless Josh Hutcherson: 'Catching Fire' Sea Scenes!

In this particular case,  I wanted to give a border to each image and a 3-D effect with the shadows so that the photos pop up. Luckily I found this action (Updated Link: page, software) online which was assembled to generate the same effect BUT it worked only on a single image and moreover divided that image into 25 parts. Funny Peeta Quote Josh Hutcherson shows up to the set of ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Katniss Catching Fire Wallpapers Jennifer, Liam, Sam, and Francis in Cannes Katniss & Peeta - Catching Fire teaser trailer Peeta-Catching Fire Sam Claflin-Teen Vogue Photoshoot new stills untagged EW Catching Fire magazine Funny Hunger Games Quote 400 Days Till Catching Fire ‘Catching Fire’ Set at Atlanta Motor Speedway Catching Fire Wallpapers Peeta's brother in Catching Fire Finnick Odair-Catching Fire Jennifer, Liam, Sam, and Francis in Cannes Official 'Catching Fire' Portraits - Effie Trinket Jennifer and Liam behind the scenes of Catching Fire. To completely automate the process, the solution I came up with was – using photoshop contact sheet automation process (Automate II).
Next the single image was feed to the action and it created a sub layer for each picture, added the borders, and gave it the 3-D popout effect.

If one chooses, that could be an end it itself, but having all 25 images of the same size was not what I was interested in.

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