Have you ever opened an online app for the first time and fallen hopelessly in love with it?
If you have not yet heard of PicMonkey, it is a user-friendly, free, online photo editing service. The price point for getting started is perfect: PicMonkey offers ad-supported free photo-editing features. Although PicMonkey’s array of photo editing possibilities is impressive, I believe that its true genius shines through in its usability. PicMonkey also brilliantly harnesses the power of humor and friendliness to create a helpful and inviting digital space.
If you pay close attention, you will notice that inside jokes abound in the user interface. Conquergood says that PicMonkey is a “high-touch” endeavor that “works to connect with consumers.” Staff members respond to every customer email. PicMonkey’s origin story is unique. It started off as the photo-editing service “Picnik” about a decade ago in Seattle. PicMonkey staff recently moved into a new light-filled office space designed to foster collaboration. I would like to offer an idea for consideration:  Currently PicMonkey skews toward the 25- to 35 year-old demographic, according to Conquergood.

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Have you ever started noodling around with said app and found yourself suspended in a flow state, experiencing a heightened sense of awareness closely akin to genuine happiness?
To name just a few of the creative possibilities that the service offers: You can edit and touch-up photos, add text and overlays, use special effects, design and create images from scratch and build photo collages. For a “Royale” membership cost of just $33 per year, you can access premium features without the ads. For example, when I created my first photo collage, a notification popped up that read, “When you’re done creating your collage, click the ‘Edit’ button to open it in the Editor and add text, overlays, and more. Picnik grew in popularity, attracting attention from Google, which acquired the company in 2010. Keep your eyes out for a PicMonkey experience customized to the mobile environment, says Conquergood.
Perhaps members of the increasingly digitally savvy AARP set (who often function as family historians) are an untapped market for user-friendly photo editing software.

Just be aware that you may drift into a delightful reverie in which time passes by unnoticed as you are drawn into testing out all of the cool photo editing features. Conquergood says that PicMonkey strives to “build delight” into the brand by adhering to CEO Jonathan Sposato’s advice, “When in doubt, make it funny.” This approach seems to be working.
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According to Conquergood, PicMonkey occasionally receives marriage proposals via Twitter, such as “I love you PicMonkey. Some of the original Picnik staff left Google and resurrected the photo editing service as PicMonkey in April 2012. PicMonkey’s staff of about “28ish” recently moved into an open, light-filled space in downtown Seattle designed by renowned Seattle architect, Eric Cobb. Internal walls are either glass or floor-to-ceiling whiteboards, allowing for convenient collaboration.

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