Two weeks have passed since the popular Pokemon Go made its debut on Google Play and Apple iOS iTunes App stores, but sadly it is yet to be made available on Windows Mobile, the third biggest mobile OS platform. To get the attention of Microsoft, some fans initiated a petition online, so that the company make efforts or at least announce an estimated time frame on when Pokemon Go will be released to Windows-powered Lumia phones; however, it did not elicit any response from the Redmond-based company. A Windows phone user, who goes by the name Rafael Pinheiro, took the matter into his hands and directly posed a question to Microsoft on Facebook. To that, Microsoft replied that the company has received numerous requests and is trying its best to release Pokemon Go in Windows app store soon. So far,  Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 30 million times and has generated over $35 million in revenue to the company.

For the uninitiated, Pokemon Go makes use of the smartphone's camera and GPS location feature to project virtual Pokemon on the screen.
Pinheiro asked whether Microsoft has plans of launching Pokemon Go for Windows Platform anytime soon and also threatened to discard his Windows phone if the company failed to oblige his request soon. We have actually received requests for this application will be available for windows phone.

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