Status report refers to a very important document when there is running any project within an organization or individuals. Useful Similar ResourcesHere you can see a list of related web resources for MS word templates.
This formal letter was originally created by Micha Elmueller but has been extensively modified for this website. Status report template basically summarizes the status of different phases of a project within specific time period.

The letter content is wide and fills the entire page with ample spacing between paragraphs for easy reading. This is a template and created in the form of ready to use format that will allow you to create status report template of your project in an easy way. We shall encourage our users to contact us immediately if they found any link as "non related". Status report may be prepared for multiple time periods including weekly status report, monthly status report etc.

All necessary information about a continued project is given with detailed in status report and actual position or status of project is evaluated with help of status report.
For example, you can change project name, starting and ending date of project, requirements of project and other information relevant to status report of your project.

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