Apple has done a great job in making the each of its iPhones distinguishable from the other devices of the same family. Install the package and respring your Apple device, which in this case should be an iPhone 4 or an iPad. That is it, Live Effects Enabler is working on your older generation Apple device and you can make use of it while taking pictures. But why would one want to get rid of the tweak when it adds so much more to the stock Camera application?

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Talking in context of iOS 7, the camera application on iPhone 5 and later, have been gifted with live camera filters which is indeed a great addition.
Unfortunately, Apple did not bother to add the same feature on the remaining devices including the iPhone 4 and the older generation iPads.
The only downside of the tweak is that, once installed, it cannot be disabled at will and you will have to uninstall the complete package from Cydia.

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