Old paper textures may help you to create “old photo” effect or to give your project old style look.
By creating a vintage picture or a beautiful medieval collage in Photoshop, you can use a old paper textures that will make your photo or image older. Any designer during his work collects a large amount of different textures and backgrounds for his design projects and collages.
In this Photoshop Effects tutorial, we'll learn how to create a simple old paper texture, great for use as a scrapbooking background for displaying old, antique photos!
As soon as you select Color, Photoshop will pop open the Color Picker which is where we choose the color we want to fill the layer with. Click OK to close out of the Color Picker, then click OK to close out of the Fill dialog box.
There are no additional options for the Clouds filter, so Photoshop will simply go ahead and run it, adding random "clouds" to the layer. This opens Photoshop's Filter Gallery showing a large preview of the effect on the left, with the Spatter options appearing in the top right corner of the dialog box.
In the top left corner of the Layers panel, you'll find the Blend Mode option which by default is set to Normal. Click once again on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel to add another new blank layer to the document. Just as we did back in Step 5, apply the Clouds filter to the new layer by going up to the Filter menu at the top of the screen, choosing Render, and then choosing Clouds. This again opens Photoshop's Filter Gallery, but this time with the options for the Cutout filter in the top right corner.
As we did in Step 8, change the blend mode for the layer from Normal to Overlay, then lower the opacity of the layer, this time to somewhere between 10-15% to reduce the intensity of the stains. Select Photoshop's Burn Tool from the Tools panel, which we're going to use to darken the paper's edges. Press the letter F on your keyboard to switch to the first of Photoshop's fullscreen modes, which will make this next step easier (pressing the letter F a couple more times will cycle through the various screen modes and bring you back to the document window later). For best results, keep the center of the Burn Tool's brush cursor in the gray pasteboard area surrounding the paper and only allow the outer edges of the cursor to pass over the paper. Keep the center of the brush cursor in the gray pasteboard area as you paint around the edges to darken them.

Use the left and right bracket keys on your keyboard to vary the size of the brush as you paint around the edges to create a more random looking result.
Click again on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel to add another new layer, which will appear above Layer 3 in the Layers panel. Since we're done creating the texture and there's really nothing we can go back and change at this point, let's simplify things by flattening the file.
With the image flattened, save the file to your computer by going up to the File menu and choosing Save As.
Find the center of composition and create round selection using Elliptical Marquee Tool. Ok, now I would like to add the dark areas along the picture edges to create focus for the future accent.
Use Ctrl+C to copy selected part of image from this photo and paste copied fragment to the main document. To finish off the tutorial I think we need to do a little burn work with the boya€™s picture. Sign up for our NewsletterSignup today for free and receive all new free tutorials published at Photoshop Star. You will also learn some techniques to find a nice ratio between quality and time and I will show you some tricks to avoid light licking issue. In the second part which is the compositing part in after effects, after a bit of theory, we will try to simulate an old style photo.
If you have any question about the tutorial please email me, i’ll answer as soon as possible. When modifying photos, it’s not easy to figure out which effects to apply to make it impressive.
If you are desperately need the texture of old paper and even with the torn edges you may take a look at our collection of old paper textures. First, make sure your Foreground and Background colors are set to their defaults by pressing the letter D on your keyboard.
To change the size of the brush, press the left bracket key ( [ ) on your keyboard to make the brush smaller, or the right bracket key ( ] ) to make it larger. This is a quick way to instantly fill a layer with the current Background color, which in our case happens to be white.

Increase the Amount value to around 120%, although the specific value doesn't really matter as long as you're adding lots of noise. For this effect select the Eraser Tool (Opacity: 30%) and a soft round brush about 45 px and make a couple of clear strokes.
Actually this tutorial was going to be inside maya, but then I changed my mind and used 3ds max instead.
You want to capture the essence of what you caught on camera and that’s no easy task.
You’ve got the tool and in this article we’re going to show you just how to use it and how to apply different effects to transform your photos into a work of art.
This resets your Foreground color to black and your Background color to white, just in case they were set to something different.
To change the hardness of the brush edges, hold down your Shift key and press the left bracket key to soften them. I will show you how to use gamma correction to increase the detail in your renders without increasing the render time.
You may have taken a great photo, but with the right effects you can turn it in to an amazing photo that everybody’s going to want to use as a wallpaper. Below we’ve included 30 great Photoshop tutorials that will help you create amazing effects.
The reason we're doing this is because the filter we're about to run uses the Foreground and Background colors. Press the key a few times to set the brush edge hardness to 0%, which will give you the softest edges possible.
Photo manipulation has become an art and if you let your imagination flow, you can get a stunning result.

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