But there's a bit of added functionality that we'd recommend you not forget about — and that brings us back to those rearward-facing volume buttons. And once the camera app is open, you can press volume-down (or volume-up, for that matter) to serve as a shutter button. I agree 100% except I wish verizon would not have made the buttons smaller, but I do enjoy the wireless charging convenience.
Software is in no way horrific, that's just an ignorant statement made by no doubt an ignoramus.
There are two categories of GENERAL ADVICE which applies, regardless of whether you’re using a digital camera to take professional portrait poses, group pictures, pet portraits, baby pictures, funny photos, or even maternity portraits. Prepare for the event by thinking about every photograph you want to take and what kind of photography pose or poses you would like to capture.
Check the digital camera’s LCD screen for general framing of the picture, any movement, visibility of faces, and the histogram.
Taking indoor portrait photography, is very different than outdoor portrait photograph (duh!). If you need to be further away than your flash allows, here are 2 things you can try…First, increase the ISO setting (but not so much as to produce to much noise), or second, move to a significantly brighter location.

If there are distracting features, change your settings to blur the background (see the Techniques page).
If there are mirrors or reflective surfaces in the background and you can’t find a different location, only take the picture in such a way that the flash is NOT PERPENDICULAR to the surface, but at an angle (unless you WANT a nice photo of your flash). These photo posing tips are great, they will help me with my future photographic shoots so I can get the best out of my photographs.
I actually like shooting candidly, because I find I get the best poses naturally because people aren’t so self conscious! We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Disclosure: Some of the links on this site are Amazon Services LLC Associates Program affiliate links.
Chief among them is the moving of the power button and volume buttons to the rear of the phone. Before you take 200 shots that seem great at the time, but then upon review of the final picture are less than what you expected, let’s prepare.
The best photography pose in the world won’t look right with a distracting background.

Someone I met stole the bottom photo, and said it was theres, and used it as their facebook photo. Used in conjunction with the "Knock-on" feature for turning on the display, it brings (somewhat) of a sense of normalcy to a very different phone. I’ll bet you thought charging the battery was the hardest part of taking great photos, didn’t you?
My G2 is buttery smooth and they don't automatically have all the gimmicky stuff enabled unlike Samsung. Sorry to disappoint you, but if you want to improve your photo results 50 percent in 2 minutes, let’s review some basic advice of the pros.

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