Due to the Eartha€™s rotation about its axis, it seems that the light from stars moves in circles around the celestial pole.
The best place to view and photograph the night sky is in the rural countryside because cities have artificial lights which cause a phenomenon known as light pollution.
When photographing the night sky with a long exposure, exposures of 15 minutes or longer will show the rotation of the Earth. Photographing the atmospheric phenomenon of aurora borealis is a challenge for photographers.
Metering after dark can be a problem, so make sure you choose the best option for your particular situation.
When taking pictures of the night sky, remember that patience is as important as is the ability to look at an imagea€™s composition critically and decide what you need to change next time to make it better.
The N-MP001 is a Selfie Stick, which when attached to compatible cameras, allows you to conveniently and easily take “Selfies” or self-portrait photos. The Selfie Stick features a foam grip for comfort and a hand strap for easy carrying when not in use. These stupid things are the dumbest idea I’ve seen in years, and a reputable MFR following something like this doesn’t make them look good in my eyes! So you’re saying they should have never made point and shoot cameras either because they don’t fit into the highbrow image the SLR crowd would like Nikon to project? Nikon is a very strange kind of commercial company — one that is late to a fad, or produces something way before its time, or more happily creates markets that no-one knew existed, or more unfortunately neglects markets they themselves have created.
It is hard for most big companies to change if they have an ingrained culture and fill top management positions from within. But the market has changed and the management team at Nikon are under pressure to act swiftly. The biggest problem most companies are facing right now is disposable income with consumers. They keep fancying themselves as a company that will cross the threshold to an every day consumer name worldwide. EXPEED is nothing but a name for a bundle of licensed technologies managed into a chip by Nikon. Personally, I like the way that Nikon has designed the product so that their logo is hidden if you actually use it.
Cadillac was out to make a profit and on day decades ago they introduced a car called a Cimmaron, they made some money, but did it affect consumers opinion of the brand??
I’m not a fan of the silly little sticks, but why is it worth anybody’s effort to take an active dislike of them? Every time I see a person taking a selfie with one those things I feel the transformation: I suddenly become more idiotic than them.
It’s only 28 inches long, I would think they would make it longer so it could double as a monopod. The tele-sticks will be the first upgrade…or will it be the next step to build a selfie system? I didn’t understand if compatibility comes from the tripod socket or the light weight of the cameras.
Like anything else they have their place, and there are many people who are completely clueless about what that place is and become a problem for everyone else. People are repelled by the notion that people should be so narcissistic that they want to take photos of themselves.
But at the end of the day, the photos of you with the people you care about are often the most precious.
After being whacked twice by the sticks visiting Japanese temples this week (shoulder, camera), I’m leaning towards a full ban of these weapons. Compact Flash Card is the most common format in use for digital camera storage but can also be used by other devices.
SmartMedia Cards are almost the same as Compact Flash Cards, they’re not as wide supported and are a little bit thinner than Compact Flash Cards. The most recent and most advanced memory cards today, XD Flash Memory Card are really tiny and are storing the photos into the memory really fast. Memory Sticks are Sony’s solution to storage, the biggest advantage of Memory Sticks are that they can be used on all of Sonys products as they all use them.
To conclude this article, we’ve outlined the different memory cards available on the market today. If you want to learn more about photography as well as get the latest updates on new cameras and equipment, you need to subsribe to our newsletter.
Lightroom Tips and TricksMany artists work for months in the powerful software without realizing some of the less obvious features hidden within. Photographing ReflectionsNext time you’re at a loss for what to photograph, look around for surfaces that can be used artistically for reflection photos. Whether you want to learn manual mode to take better family photos of your outings and events or you’re a budding photographer in the making, or a blogger who wants to improve, the time is now. I will be sharing on here some of the great tips that I am learning on my journey via my series: This Mama is Going Manual. Getting familiar with your camera is a must in order for you to learn how to shoot in the right settings.
The above diagram, is a great little cheat sheet to help you remember what shooting in each mode does. Lisa, There are some inexpensive models you can purchase or even used if the person has a reputable reputation. Subscribe to our weekly newsletters and receive a 12 month Family Time Planner & Ideas for free!

Some nights are grey and overcast, some filled with stars, yet others are busy with the movement of clouds on weather fronts. These movements are detectable after about 5 to 10 minutes, and can be traced by your camera in the form of a streak. If the conditions are both light and dark you need to use spot metering for an accurate reading. Dona€™t forget to buy a cable release or a remote control for taking the picture a€“ this is important because some shots will take up to 30 seconds or even more.
As we stated earlier, the process of finding the right exposure length for the image you want is going to be a process of trial and error (in terms of lens length, shutter speed, aperture setting, as all three allow for different effects). A fixed pan-head allows you to easily change the position of the camera when it is attached to the Selfie stick.
And if the profits from this contribute to develop further new cameras and lenses I don’t see the problem.
Although if you dont see any problem thats probably because you look at it the commercial way mainly. Sometimes they have a maverick who is given an opportunity to start a new division and shakes things up (as the father of the Sony PlayStation) but most times these types leave the company before they are discovered.
So all suggestions (one would hope!) will most likely be taken for serious consideration as the company needs new product ideas and features to further distinguish itself from the competition and appeal to the marketplace.
Most people respond to markets; and while that is a good strategy if the execution is right, big companies should always look long-term as one of their strategies; but it is easier said than done!
And so a company like Nikon simply has to make products that will get people excited and desirous of replacing perfectly good products.
This is good news indeed as it is an indication that it will make its way into the D820, D5, and the likely release of the D900 (if such a camera comes out with a D750 type body style, hand-grip, touch screen, and higher frame rate) giving us a much higher frame rate due to the Expeed 5 image processor.
The J5 is a good example: no special colors, a somewhat retro panda option, inclusion of basic needed and long-established shooting features (FN button, command dial).
Note that the J5 is EXPEED 5A, which is a special form that incorporates things differently than the DSLR versions. So Apple, which doesn’t make a selfie stick but has the product with which most selfies are made, is a non-commercial company?
They’re everywhere, jungles, deserts, mountains, even middle of the oceans, everywhere. If you already have a monopod you should be able to use that as an improvised selfie-stick if you really need to. However, living in Asia and traveling Europe over the last year, I’ve given many mean looks to people who have hit me in the head with them. I just can’t help to judge and put them in the box of the very narcissic people who dont even try to wake up.
I’ve been using a monopod for my off cam flash and I need something light, sturdy, and extendable whenever. That and mass use of selfie sticks in tourist areas or other crowded public spaces can be a nuisance. The advantage is of course you can use them over and over again and a lot more photos can be stored (depending of course on the capacity of the card).
It takes some trial and error to get your settings right, but by the time you figure it all out, the show might be over.
Learn some pro Lightroom tips and tricks to get even more out of your photo editing software.
I found this diagram useful from Poor Man Food Photo and he has other useful diagrams you can peruse. Long shutter speeds are the key to capturing imaginative and beautiful images of the sky at night, so be patient and this kind of photography will become second nature to you. A truly dark sky is preferred, but artificial lights keep the night sky from being truly dark. Youa€™ll want to use a cable release to eliminate camera shake of any kind, as it will RUIN your photo. The charged solar particles move very fast and sometimes get hidden making it impossible to shoot them. Even though it is dark, you should try using an 80A blue cooling filter to enhance the blue cast of the sky and to reduce the yellow cast from the artifical lights. Your lens ideally should have an infinity focusing mode and your camera should have the ability to do a mirror lock up - a feature in which the mirror in the camera moves out of the way before the shutter is released.
With long exposures of over 30 seconds, a cable release is necessary to ensure tack sharp final images.
It connects to the tripod socket of compatible Nikon cameras and also features a tripod socket at the bottom of the handle for versatility.
Nikon not only is a commercial firm, it also is a major brand, influences market and people, everything counts. In this regard, the people who are working at Nikon should be cultivated by top management to provide suggestions because these are the guys who eat, sleep, and drink (no pun intended vis-a-vis Kool-Aid) cameras. Especially if you consider that in several of the cases they are not only banning selfie sticks, but selfies full stop.
I can’t stand selphie sticks (better then belphie sticks!) but if people want it companies will make it. Compact Flash Card Type I max capacity is 256 MB but the Compact Flash Card Type II can store more than 256 MB. Olympus and Fuji digital cameras use SmartMedia cards but are now making their new models with XD Flash Memory Card that’ll soon replace the SmartMedia Cards. For a limited time by signing up you'll also get our new ebook "The step by step guide to take better photographs instantly", FREE.

Knowing what to expect ahead of time can make the difference between blurry shots and fireworks photos that make viewers ooh and aah. I’ve always been told I have an eye for it but I have never got around to broadening my horizons in this area. I am not going to get all technical on you but I will share the basics of taking better photos.  I am mostly sharing this series with you as an accountability for myself.
You can google your camera model and get a diagram and info if you lost your camera manual.
My issue is that I”m to slow at getting the camera settings right, that the photo op has long passed! After doing all my homework I decided Canon Rebel was what I wanted and the cheapest one was at Walmart though sometimes stores like Ritz camera have bundle deals with like a free extra lens which then beats any deal I have seen online.
One picture with a link back may be used provided that full and clear credit is given to Inspired by Familia and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Excerpts (no more then 2 sentences)and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Mari Hernandez-Tuten and Inspired by Family Magazine with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Many beginners aim at capturing the longest star trails by keeping the shutter open for long periods of time.
However, if you follow these tips, you will be able to get the best aurora borealis photos. Dona€™t use flash if you can help it as this can affect the resulting image, creating an area of the photograph that is over-lit.
This feature eliminates the vibration that occurs when the mirror slaps up into the camera housing. For additional variety and perhaps better photographs of stars in the sky, you might want to try a few B&W shots.
If we only count with philosopher to think, teachers to teach etc nobody will ever think for himself and we will somehow keep in the tracks of capitalism.
Then two years ago I bought another zoom camera, but this time it was a 60x ultra-zoom Panasonic camera. But what consumers might respond to the most is its price and design which includes a nice hand-grip. Unfortunately some memory cards only work with certain brands so you should really read this article so you don’t make a mistake when buying memory cards as it all can be really confusing.
Our first one was stolen and we got ours at Ritz and it was the last model they were trying to get rid of it and it came with an extra free lens, bag and classes.
However, they tend to underestimate the impact generated by ambient light in the sky, which can be hard to notice at times.
A wide-angle lens is the best choice for night skies, and a zoom makes it even more versatile.
Dress warmly if the weather is cold, because sitting still on a cold night is much colder than walking in the cold, so extra layers may be needed. I dont mean it is bad, but I believe we can come up with a better balance little by little. I was absolutely not in the market for another ultra zoom camera until Nikon released the P900 83x ultra-zoom camera which changed everything! Also for the love of camera gods bring out some light weight dx teles for us poor wildlifers. I am by no means a professional I am a mama who has always enjoyed capturing the world around me with my lens and now I want to use it to improve my blog photos. In addition, residual light (such as moonlight) can have a devastating impact on long shutter speed photos. You should keep your ISO at 100 to keep the digital noise at a minimum, because the sky is so dark and less prone to producing digital noise when the exposure is above 15 seconds. You should be able to decide on the best range of exposures to capture some good photographs of an overcast sky. It is the first Nikon Coolpix camera I have seen many professionals desiring and buying impulsively. It seems as if they have recognized that the mass market which starts at the top end at $599 (i.e. If you keep few things in mind, such as the timing, composition, and power of the battery, you can make photographing star trails simpler for you. This is because when you keep the shutter open for say, nearly 20 minutes, an hour after the sunset, the camera may perceive it as a day shot.
To complete the photo after your desired elapsed time, depress the remote again, and release the shutter.
The more images of the night sky you take, the more you will learn the best way to photograph them. Below all of our technical juxtaposing, we are inherently emotional beings and the right product will cause a mass reaction. Similarly, a full moon night photo with an exposure time of around 10 minutes could also look like a day shot. Therefore, it is best to attempt such a picture with either a new moon, or well before the moonrise or after the moonset. Although any kind of lens will do for aurora borealis photography, you should choose a wide-angle and faster lens.
The light emerging from the stars would be more evident at this time and the picture would be perfect.

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