Most of the frame will be taken up by the dark sky surrounding the moon, and the result of this is that your camera will expose the scene for the dark sky. If you’re familiar with ISO and shutter speed settings, you may prefer to use a third-party camera app which will allow you to lock the focus and exposure points separately, as well as selecting an appropriate ISO and shutter speed. The aim is to use a low ISO to avoid getting a grainy picture, and to use a relatively fast shutter speed to avoid camera shake. So you might find certain third-party apps that show ISO and shutter speed settings more useful when taking photos of the moon.
Long-exposure photography facing the North Star reveals circular pathways as the stars (relative to us) move around the pole. For star trails, I use the NightCap app because of its ability to take continuous back to back shots at timer-regulated intervals. The app also lets you choose between JPEG, HQ JPEG and TIFF outputs, however the TIFF isn’t available for the continuous burst mode. You’ll definitely want to use a tripod or prop your phone up on a railing to keep it steady. Star trail purists might give you a hard time for stacking (rather than leaving the shutter open the entire time for seamless trails on a single frame), but there just isn’t a way to manually keep the shutter open for this long on an iPhone. Great right up lead to my purchasing – Havnt tried yet but I will when the darkness comes this evening. I guess you should just read the reviews carefully, unfortunately night photography is not my area of expertise. That’s so little money and the developers have done such good jobs, it’s worth buying both! I use an app called Longexpo and you can set the shutter speed to different speeds and even bulb. You could try it but your picture might end up over-exposed due to the shutter being open for a long time. Citing industry sources, the hit-and-miss publication claims the three devices will release in the second half of 2015. All of the handsets will come equipped with LTPS panels, NFC, Touch ID fingerprint scanning and Corning’s Gorilla Glass, the sources said. DigiTimes doesn’t say whether the displays for the new iPhones incorporate pressure-sensitive Force Touch technology from the Apple Watch, as previously rumored. As for the cover glass technology, the current iPhone uses Gorilla Glass to protect its screen from scratches and dings while making it stronger. The report adds that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be powered by Apple’s in-house designed processor, the A9. I’ve long maintained that Apple will keep the “c” brand of the iPhone on the market for years to come.
The existing iPhone 5c is positioned as a mid-tier handset for price-sensitive people who don’t need the latest devices. At today’s invite-only media event at the Town Hall on its Cupertino, California headquarters, Apple has officially unveiled its latest four-inch smartphone, the iPhone SE. The iSight camera includes the latest features like Focus Pixels and True Tone Flash, while the A9 chip’s image single processor allows for panoramas up to 63 megapixels, improvements to video, Slo-Mo and other features. Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone SE this Thursday, March 24 ahead of its release the following Friday, March 31. The One Plus Two, Nexus devices are all budget phones and their prices are between the $400-$500 range. Not the same features Mate… and i am sure its lacking raw power under the hood as well. But it’s just a rebranded phone for new budget customers or developing markets, so the argument is less valid.
No forcetouch,, and im fine With my iPhone 6s 128gb,, but i think Apple should step up their game Asap ,, the competition is getting stronger n stronger .. Google Keyboard is not open to developers that’s what makes it closed, neither is any of Google services.
Im pleased they have a smaller phone now for those of us that don’t want a huge monolith in our pockets. This phone is $250 less than the 6s, and the only thing missing is 3D Touch, and also the screen is smaller but that’s probably something the buyer wants, if they are choosing this phone.
Apple had finally to admit prior to their claim over the years, that their product line suffered from a lack of choices. After installing LittleBrother, you’ll find a new preference panel dedicated to the tweak in the stock Settings app.
Like the Upscale tweak that we reviewed yesterday, the whole point of LittleBrother is to provide users with more usable space on screen.
The tweak’s other flagship feature, the landscape toggles for the Home and Lock screen, face similar issues.
But the real meat and potatoes of LittleBrother lie with its zooming features, and that’s where it ultimately succeeds. Also, be sure to check out Upscale if you just want to test out zoom scaling or if you’re looking for a free, albeit slightly less polished, alternative.
A new hi-res hands-on video of a yellow iPhone shell, believed to belong to Apple’s low-end handset, hit the web late last night. The handset is expected to debut alongside Apple’s iPhone 5S next month, at its all-but-confirmed September 10th media event. Update: while we’re at it, how about a few iPhone 5C packaging mockups for good measure? I think they will do it, it’s an introduction into their ecosystem, just like the MacBook Air was a cheaper version of the MacBooks.
It gets more difficult when you’re manufacturing 50 million of something to stop hardware leaking. I would hazard a guess and say,all the iPhone 5c’s will have white fronts but different colour backs.
Released in December 2014, the game has a rating of four and a half starts based on nearly 700 App Store reviews. In Toca Kitchen 2, you will cook foods for new types of guests, with more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out. Mix ingredients however you want, but don’t go overboard with that oven-baked fish head with fried leftovers and lettuce juice as your guests will have digestion problems. Like before, you get to watch your guests’ hilarious reactions to your cooking, which may provide a hint as to their preferences.
This is the third game in the Toca series which Apple selected thus far in its ongoing Free App of the Week promotion, the other two being the kids driving game Toca Cars and the popular education app Toca Nature. The Case Star Octopus tripod will make wide shots even easier because you can wrap the legs of this mini stand around just about anything and get the best possible shot. The tripod comes with a universal, adjustable smartphone mount that stretches from 2.5 inches to three inches (please note that the iPhone 6 Plus is slightly larger than three inches wide, so this mount is not compatible). The best part about this little mount is that it only costs $3 on Amazon, and shipping is free (but it takes a long time). The highly anticipated iOS 7 update for WhatsApp finally landed in the App Store this afternoon. The apps new design follows the same template as just about every other app that has been updated to match iOS 7’s aesthetics. Hey guys, I think my Whatsapp got automatically updated with iOS7, but now when I try to open the app, it doesnt open! If you can’t turn off online status every time you’re in the app then its still crap! You should learn not to ignore people and not be afraid to tell them to their face you don’t want to talk to them.
At the conference about the iPhone 4 antenna issue today, Apple announced that it will be giving away free cases to iPhone 4 owners.
When Ryan Block from GDGT asked how does touching the corner with a single finger seem to cause this issue?
He did admit the phone was flawed when he started saying that we’re humans and we all make mistakes . I called in and spoke to customer relations and gave them this recommendation about a month ago – to give out free cases!
Just like selling a brand new car with defective AC, would you settle for a free fan from home depot instead of the manufacture recalling the product and fix the AC???

I’m quite ashamed that it took me this long to realize that this is an iPhone site for people who hate Apple.
To those of you who are disappointed with Apple’s response today, return your damned iPhones and get over it.
Sebastien really sets a horrible tone with his articles, encouraging people who I can only assume hate pretty much everything that they buy to piss and moan about a product WHICH IS STILL WITHIN ITS 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE PERIOD!! I wonder how many of you here can tell the difference between criticize and giving an opinion.
How come other companies can compare their phone to the iPhone and say it’s better than the iPhone. With no optical zoom, it seems impossible to use the iPhone for true night sky photography. However, with a few simple solutions you’d be surprised how much fun you can have shooting the night sky with your phone! Because the moon is so small in the field of view, the camera won’t adjust the exposure settings to appropriately expose for the moon. Because the moon is so bright relative to the night sky, what this means in practical terms is that the moon will be over-exposed. The native camera app won’t show you the ISO and shutter speed numbers, so it’s all guesswork. If you take a long exposure photo of the sky, the stars will appear to make light trails or circles. To give the stars enough time to travel a tiny bit between shots, set the interval to around 15-20 seconds. I usually keep mine plugged in so it doesn’t drain the battery too quickly (which can happen in about 10 minutes in the winter). You basically want to take the brightest pixels from each frame and layer them into the final star trail photo. So if you lock it under one kind of light and then change the lighting it will keep the previous white point. I’d like to keep the shooting and editing just on my iOS devices as it gives a more seemless workflow. The same goes for LTPS, or low-temperature polycrystalline silicon, a premium display backplane technology which delivers better image quality, so no surprises there either. It doesn’t make much sense to invest corporate resources into producing a one-off handset with an all-new plastic casing only to send it to the technology graveyard a year or two later. It also allows Apple to go creative with the iPhone brand in terms of different casing and colorful appearance, which is especially important in Asian countries.
If you read the comments too you will Se we are talking about references given in the article. At Jobs time he only bring out only One iPhone a year and that was become sensation whole year. If the customer demands something that creates a purchase condition, then it’s inevitable for the company not to change. It was one of the best selling phones last year, and was a huge success in getting Apple a massive new customer base!
The front-facing camera has gained Retina Flash function from the iPhone 6s, which flashes the display three times the normal to illuminate your face as you take selfies. And last but not least, the iPhone SE has Apple’s previous-generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor. If you consider budget a $200 device that’s not really the definition, since those devices are marginal at best for the most part. Man, that’s a great phone (same performance as the 6s) and at a great price, lets hope that price comes to the rest of the world too.
Did you not see the graphic when Cook mentioned that the 4-in phone was very popular with first-time iPhone buyers?
For example on the iPhone 6+ you can’t even multi-task while on the Note 5 I can if I need to.
When Android was truly open source Google did make its own Keyboard which is closed, Maps is closed, YouTube is closed, every Google service is closed, so they are becoming more like Apple. They went to 16MP because they said huger pixels was better and now they are taking the HTC, Apple route. I LOVED the size and feel of my 5s and HATE the design of the 6, but had to upgrade for reasons beyond my control.
LittleBrother contains three display zoom settings for you to enjoy, and these settings influence how much screen real estate is available on the Home screen and within compatible apps. This means that you’ll see more panels on screen at any given time within the Settings app, more photo previews in the Photos app, etc.
Yes, the Home screen is nice to view in landscape mode, but I find it to be somewhat frustrating since many default apps don’t play nice with landscape mode on the iPhone. If you stick with the medium scaling setting, especially on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, you’ll be happy with the results. But just in case you are still skeptical, we’re adding more evidence to the pile this morning. Apple has long been rumored to be working on a low-end iPhone for prepaid and emerging markets, and about 6 months ago the rumor reared its ugly head again.
As you can see it’s made of plastic, and will come in a variety of colors, with a price tag in the neighborhood of $300. If you buy the cheaper one you’d be likely to buy a more expensive one in the future.
Retailing for $2.99, this universal app is now available at no charge for a week, until next Thursday, March 10, 2016. Choose different characters and try to please their palettes by preparing fish, fruit, vegetables and more,” Apple’s editors wrote. Other enhancements in Toca Kitchen 2 include new ingredients in the fridge, new characters to feed, stronger character reactions than before and a new juicer and oven. So, you can attach any digital camera (or film camera for that matter) with a universal tripod screw hole. So you won’t be out more than a few bucks if it turns out to not be the tripod mount you are looking for. There’s the new broadcast lists feature we already mentioned above, as well larger thumbnails, improved location sharing and blocking contacts is now much easier than before.
Just make sure, as the release notes caution, that you backup your conversations to iCloud before doing so.
They need to fire their design tra and hire the artists that have been posting concept designs all over the net.
All screens are now just blinding flashlights, you have to brace yourself and squint your eyes before going to open any of the updated for neonOS apps.
Even though they don’t admit that the iPhone 4 has a problem with the antenna, Apple said they do all this because they love their users. I have a hard time believing Apple would have done anything if Consumer Reports hadn’t brought the antenna issue to the mainstream.
When you make contact with that phone, its performance in contact with you is less than its freespace performance.
Apple can demonstrate how other smartphones drop signal by gripping them but you don’t need to grip your iPhone 4 to make it drop signal.
Three weeks is actually not too bad consider the amount of time it took Microsoft to address the issue on xbox360. Any company obviously has to fix a media massacre because 1 it is going to effect sales and 2 it will effect their credibility, which ultimately is very bad for Apple. I think a lot of people had no idea of the issue until a few individuals with actual cases of death grip spread it over media outlets, immediately making other users take notice to something that really wasn’t even making enough effect for them to notice.
Which is again an ignorant observation, considering that phone was top notch at the time, and even now, few years past, it still has better reception than most of the phones I EVER used.
In this tutorial you’ll discover some handy exposure tips for improving your iPhone photos of the night sky, as well as how to create wonderful star trail photos. Once you’ve tapped on the screen to set focus, simply swipe down to reduce the exposure. A tripod helps, but might not be necessary especially at faster shutter speeds and if you have a steady hand. The North Star is the only star that appears to stay in the same place because it’s very close to the north celestial pole above the Earth. Take back to back photos for at least 20 minutes to see some decent trails – the longer the better!

It will lock both the shutter speed and ISO at the same time, and I don’t believe there is a way to lock only the ISO independently. For distance subjects there would be no point in using flash as the light from the flash will only travel a few meters. I am sure if it was for them, they would only stick with the 4 inches screen around, but since we are demand different sizes, they need to feed us to keep suviving. I remember when people said Apple was dumb to get rid of optical drives on the Air and look where we are today.
Nothing was wrong with standard tv until HD, nothing was wrong with HD until now UHD and it goes on and on. 16gb is crap now… its more like 14gb since theres apple preinstalled apps already on there. But this is definitely a good option for those who want really good specs and a nice design in a smaller form factor. The reason they can sell it at $399 even though it has the specs of the iPhone 6S is because they can just reuse the same exterior.
They problem is that apple adds one feature at a time while improving the older ones while Samsung just adds everything that is good.
Remember how eye scroll was the future and look what happened to it, then it was an IR blaster, take away SD cards (return it in the S7), 16mp camera or more is the best (now downsized to 12mp), etc. Plus when you add bunch of features you take some out later because they aren’t worth it.
Samsung on the other hand made fun saying low MP was last year and now they lower the MP as well regardless of the Aperture.
Samsung wasn’t making fun MP it was about F stop which helps when taking pictures at night. A good 64GB SD card costs more than $40 and if you’re purchasing a phone to just use an SD card you can also get an SD card or wireless storage for any phone. So according to this article right above the third photo it says three times faster ac wifi so does it means if I have 50mbps internet speed then I will get 3×50=150 mbps speed with this new iphone se? It provides adequate extra real estate, and its devoid of some of the glitches induced by the small setting. To be fair, this same issue affects the iPhone 6 Plus out of the box, but to a somewhat lesser degree. The iPhone 5 leaked photos made me sure of that because Apple isnt doing a good job with its privacy lately. You can wrap it around a railing and tilt your iPhone 6 in some strange position that you couldn’t even do yourself. Plus my selfie stick (I know…sorry!) has a smartphone mount that will fit my iPhone 6 Plus in which I can borrow for the tripod. This is just a little less awful – its boring, stale and might as well be renamed WhitesApp. Apps reviews should refrain from now on to post any app screens as all are just blinding whites screens, or change on black background for the web page.
We were stunned and upset and embarrassed by the Consumer Reports stuff, and the reason we didn’t say more is because we didn’t know enough. After all, Steve was pretty quick at telling people the iPhone had no problem at all and that we were holding it wrong. Sony overcharged for a system at that time that was ahead of its time And inferior to what MS offered with 360. They have $100m to presumably invest into antenna r&d, the cost of production of one phone is about $180 when the sales price is over $700 and they sold 4m iphones4, their shares are priced at about $230 per share, and Steve Jobs dares to say that they can’t make enough Bumpers to fullfil the demand when the cost of poduction of one Bumper is 50c?!
People really should get a case because if people drop their phone and it breaks, they will probably complain that the glass is not hard enough and such. If you prefer a Blackberry (been there, done that, got the fucking aggravation), then keep your Blackberry or return your iPhone and go back to your Blackberry. My iPhone 4 kicks butt just like a few other million do, I have always said it’s way over blown.
You’ll see the sun icon on the exposure slider and the image will begin to appear darker as you swipe. But, if it’s properly exposed, you should see differences in dark and light patches on the face of the moon. I understand some people wanted the smaller phone back but honestly, you couldn’t just create a new design for the smaller one?
If you look at what Samsung and Google in general is doing, they are trying to be more like Apple, while Apple is becoming more like the Android of old, more open. I can have 1TB of storage for my iPhone through WD so that expandable storage thing is no longer valid. For example, the App Store app maintains its default scaling regardless of what display zoom setting you use. It’s a great way to scale your iPhone, and features preferences that rival the ease and simplicity of something Cupertino would do itself. When the legs are straight (not in tripod position) they reach five inches tall, plus an additional inch-and-a-half for the ball joint that the mount screws onto. Viber has this option and that’s why I use it or iMessage doesn’t even have that feature even better! If we’d have done this event a week and a half ago, we wouldn’t have had half the data we have today. If anything, this data should prove that the iPhone 4 antenna is worse than the 3GS’. MS messed up rushing their system out early and had a massive recall of overeating systems which still exists to this day. Yes I think the statement we love our customers was a little too big of a statement to make, but at least Apple is doing its best to solve this issue.
A Blackberry is a great device if your Killer App is mobile email, but if it’s mobile wep, then Blackberries suck. I just hope that you never love anything that I create because anyone who has fans like you doesn’t has room for haters.
I think people are addicted to watching bars now and have very few dropped calls but can handle seeing a bar drop, oh no a bar dropped. The reason why I mentioned my old phone is to draw your attention on one simple fact – the comparrison of phones was not FACTUAL. You probably complained about the lighting charger cable too, even though it’s way better and more durable than the 30 pin charger. Samsung has an app store but it limited to certain apps that go along with what the that samsung phone has to offer or deals. I own a S7 and the battery life is not that good, it’s the same as my old S6 Active, the sound quality when talking is horrible when compared to my 6S Plus, the speaker is also very low and its sluggish and I barely have anything on it so it must be touch wiz. A lot of people base their battery woes on an end of life charge holding capacity of their 5 or 5s, which was admitedly poor.
A Free Case and an option of a refund means they at least care enough to provide a easy fix the issue, and as a lot of you have said a recall really would be out of the question. If you’ve been pondering a Droid, then by all means return your iPhone and get a Droid. One reason there might be more dropped calls on the iPhone 4 is because everybody and there momma is trying to make calls drop. I feel like samsung and google have been the same with little changes while apple is getting new ideas from cydia which cydia has gotten ideas from android. If you charge your phone lots of cycles, sometimes it makes sense to switch it out every so often. And I could set my own mp3 ringtones, MSG tones, email tones, alarm tones – all factory available. Sure, you’ll have antenna issues with whichever Droid you buy, but nobody will even notice let along make a huge stick about it. And as a matter of fact, I don’t find it professional to be PUBLICLY comparing an iPhone with its competitor phones.
I can multi-task on my iPhone that’s jailbroken, but on my iPad multi-tasking is perfectly fine.

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