Professional level photography is easily accessible as prices drop and technology pushes forward. In the infographic (courtesy of Digital Camera World) below you can see what those little icons mean. If you have any tips and tricks, resources or tutorials in photography, video, editing or design, please share them with us.
We seek to foster the imaginative and inventive creative community in and around New York City as well as the world over. An article for a better understanding of the depth of field, with sample photos, and explanatory videos. Two days ago, I published my review about the Canon 7D, and Canon just announced its new version today!

Here are some tips and advices about the different types of camouflage for wildlife photography. This entry was posted in Black and White, Night, Photography and tagged black and white, cemetery, cooperstown, low light, night by Bob.
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But as cameras improve, shoving more and more options into the mix, confusion can set in and menu blindness may actually hurt your shots instead of help. Knowing what each stands for may ultimately lead to having a stronger command of the results you achieve in your photography.

While true professionals usually shoot on Manual Mode, there are other selections available that may be a better choice for those that don’t know all of the nuances of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. We always appreciate all of your comments, questions, suggestions and support.If you would like to interact, network and collaborate with other creative professionals, make sure to sign up on our mailing list.

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