You can also enter for your chance to win by heading over to Confessions of A Prop Junkie¬†and following the instructions for entering.¬† There will be 4 lucky winners. Note: you can purchase the eBook alone for $39 or the eBook with actions and the Newborn Marketing spreadsheet for $69. Just like many businesses, it’s important to find a niche within your field and stick with it. Some people enjoy doing family sessions, others love the thrill of senior photo shoots and others yet find nothing more wonderful than newborn photography.
The first step to marketing yourself as a newborn photographer is to have experience, of course.
A Message From Brooke ParraI created BP4U 5 years ago to help photographers turn their passion into profit.

Join over 55,000 photographers and receive free photography tips, weekly deals, and giveaway opportunities! If you’re in the latter most category, you’ve happened upon the right BP4U Guides blog entry!
For example, you can approach local businesses who specialize in newborn decor or clothing and see if you can work out a word-of-mouth trade.
Create an e-marketing campaign via the various social networks available (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube). What has evolved is a one-stop resource site dedicated to tips, tutorials, and top notch products at an affordable price. You can also do this with doulas and midwives, local lamaze or pregnancy yoga clinics, etc.

Don’t be afraid to infuse a little personality, but also keep things business appropriate as you get to know your potential client.
BP4U’s Newborn Welcome Packet is one of the easiest and best ways you demonstrate your organization, interpersonal and photography skills.
It’s great because it’s 100% customizable and was designed specifically with mothers and mothers-to-be in mind!

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