I was inspired to write something about birth photography when one reader posted a comment under a previous article about camera lenses.
Now that we’ve covered the equipment part, I’ll now talk about the process of birth photography. On the actual day of labor you might want to be in the house with the parents or wait at the hospital depending on what you’ve talked about.
You can photograph the mother while in labor, the supportive father, the busy doctors, nurses, mid wives, and the excited family members sitting in the waiting room.
Photographing a birth is not for everybody so think long and hard if you are prepared for this kind of challenge. Shoot Digital Pics Like The Pros is dedicated to helping “newbies” get great results from their digital cameras fast! The truth is you DO NOT need special equipment or outrageously expensive cameras to shoot great photos, and give yourself the gift of wonderful memories those photos will offer you. All you really need is to read our guide to master the basics quickly, then stay tuned to our digital photography blog to continue your education. Just sharing our two gorgeous models from our May 8th personal workshop with Fiona Colvin from Perth, Australia (who brought us some YUMMIES from down under… well, except for the vegemite!) and Shannon Dodd from Iowa (who made us an adorable hat to use during the workshop!). My style is taking a step back and observing natural interaction waiting for the right moment to click the shutter.
I am very honored to be part of a project taken on by some of the finest children’s photographers in the world called The Blog Carousel. As a professional newborn photographer, I am often asked how to prepare for your newborn photography session. It is always best to have your newborn photo session scheduled during the last trimester of your pregnancy.
Although newborns generally aren’t on schedules yet, please try to feed baby right before my arrival.
It is not unusual for baby to feed at some point during the session so please do not feel that it is an inconvenience.
Next stop on the blog carousel is the very talented Dena Robles Grand Rapids baby and Child Photographer Please stop by to see her interpretation of the theme, you are going to love it!
For more photos of adorable babies, please visit the newborn gallery of NJ Newborn Photographer Tara McGlinchey. If you haven’t yet viewed the year end slideshow or entered the contest, please take a look HERE.
To view more photos of newborn babies, please visit the full portfolio of newborn photos at NJ Newborn Photographer Tara McGlinchey’s website.
Newborn photo sessions are best when scheduled during the first 10 days of life, days 6-8 are ideal. If you are pregnant (or have a friend or family member who is) and due in early September, please inquire about having your baby model for us during the workshop.

One side thinks it’s okay to photograph a birth because it’s a momentous occasion, while other people are disgusted by the possible exposure of private parts and unsightly bodily fluids. If you’ve never been inside a delivery room while a woman is giving birth then I can tell you that, yes, visually, it can be a disturbing experience. Anything above 80mm or 100mm isn’t necessary because you won’t have enough space to use it. This is a tense moment for the whole family so they can be really sensitive when you flash a bright light in their face every once in a while. If you are a friend willing to cover the birth events or a professional photographer then communicating with the couple before the actual day of labor should be your priority.
As the photographer, your main goal is to tell a story, so taking photos while they are preparing to go to the hospital would be a nice starting point. When the baby is ready to come out then you should focus all of your attention on the mother and father. The baby will be covered in blood and other fluids so shooting in B&W will prevent the images to come out too graphic and intrusive.
But if you are passionate enough then you will find that birth photography is really rewarding, both as a must-do life experience, and also for financial benefit from what is quite a specialized field within professional photography. Rebecca, if you are reading, yes, that is your ADORABLE niece, Mary, blowing you a kiss from sunny so Cal! Once a month a theme is chosen and each participating photographer creates a blog post based on her interpretation of the theme. It is always an honor and a privilege to be the newborn photographer chosen to photograph your newborn baby. Having advanced, approximate notice is important so that I can keep my workload manageable around your due date.
You and baby will feel most comfortable in your own surroundings with all your needs close by.
I met this beautiful six day old newborn baby boy for his newborn photography session in New Jersey. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to capture the newborn photos for this lovely family. Although, by the looks of the last photo, I’m not quite sure you knew what was going on! I love how you can practically reach out and touch him in the second to last one – the texture of his sweet baby skin is perfect. The workshop will be held in a high rise loft in down town San Diego’s gaslamp district. When the baby is born and the mother and child are safe then all you can see are smiles and sighs of relief, those are some of the moments worth preserving. As I’ve said, birth photography is very sensitive so ask them what you can or cannot photograph.

Photograph the ride to the hospital, the delivery room, and other details that might go unnoticed. Additional details can then be photographed when the mother is resting in between contractions. I take great care in presenting you with beautiful images that you and your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime. I have a collection of blankets with different textures as well as hats that I will bring with me. I will bring a space heater to help, but please turn up the heat 30-45 minutes before my arrival.
Babies are very sensitive to the scent of mom which can often make them less relaxed and more anxious to feed again. I love doing sessions with babies this new, what an honor to be the chosen as baby’s newborn photographer.
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Read on now for more ideas, tips and techniques that can be used for newborn or birth photography. We really don’t know if the child’s eyes can be affected by bright flashes of light but I highly suggest that you turn your flash off inside the delivery room. But as effective as it is, there is no actual rule that dictates it so it’s still upon you on what style and techniques to use. Because of this it may be necessary to ask mom to step away from the immediate shooting area when individual photos are done. For details, including what will be given to participating families as a thank you, please inquire with Jen. The quality of the image will also increase as you can control different settings and be creative in the process. I will attempt newborn style sessions for babies up to six weeks old, though the sessions will be a little different and will require additional time and patience. As for the lens, your 18-55mm kit lens can be used because it is prefect for wide shots, portraits, groups, and some bokeh shots. You will find it rather complicated to change lenses when the medical staff are busy moving around, and the pregnant woman on the delivery table is shouting at full volume.

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