The series average for Mets vs Yankees tickets is $242.35, which makes it the most expensive overall series in Queens since TiqIQ started tracking data during the 2010 season.
Friday night’s game will feature a pitching matchup of Masahiro Tanaka against Steven Matz and the second most expensive tickets of the series.
Throughout the past five seasons, Mets vs Yankees tickets have been more expensive at Citi Field when the two teams meet. Before the series starts, the Mets hold an eight game lead over the Washington Nationals in the National League East. How Do Ticket Prices for A-Rod’s Final Game Compare to Mariano Rivera & Derek Jeter?
Cabot calls it their ‘magnum opus’, and we think there’s some sorcery involved in the making of this class act. The Big Bang Pistol Set, crafted from a space rock and designed with the precision of complex mechanics, marks billions of years in the making – the length that the rock, from which it formed, had existed.

Due to be auctioned at a later unspecified date with an asking price of $4.5 million, the modern meteorite weapon is said to embody a ‘transcendent vision’, given its holy-trinity-mashup of timeless style, ageless significance and startling innovation.
A finished product could show ‘voids’ upon closer inspection, as oxidized high-iron content areas began to reveal a meteor’s age. On the secondary market, all three of the games during the series rank among the top six most expensive Mets games in that span with games on Friday and Saturday taking the top two spots. Part of that is because the Yankees tend to be a more premium visiting opponent for the Mets than the Mets are in the Bronx. With only 19 games left to play, FanGraphs gives them a 99.2 percent chance of winning the division, a feat they have not accomplished since 2006. The otherworldly masterwork consists of two exact, yet entirely distinct, copies of each other. In addition to being in the hunt, the two teams will meet in Queens starting Friday night for a three-game weekend series.

On Saturday, Michael Pineda will take on Noah Syndergaard in the most expensive game we’ve ever tracked at Citi Field. However that’s not really the case this season, as the Mets have the better playoff standing heading into the series.
Unsurprisingly the series is seeing high demand on the secondary market, the highest TiqIQ has tracked at Citi Field since 2010.
Distinct finishes convey each different material used in the making of the pistols (think highly polished flats on grips and naturally patterned, acid-etched slides and frames), while everywhere else stars the mythical meteorite in its outer-edged entirety, as it is, across billions of years of heat, violence and atmospheric admission.

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