Sony has announced the A6000 mirrorless camera a few days and the specs list shows that almost all rumors leaked were true about the shooter.
It was told that Sony A6000 will replace both the NEX-6 and NEX-7 and after the official announcement of the Sony A6000, some websites are reporting that this does not mean a NEX-7 replacement. So the rumor mill has started to talk again about a NEX-7 successor camera which is previously rumored as Sony A7000 mirrorless camera. Sony rumored to announce new full frame E-mount cameras and lenses this spring probably before the NAB 2014 show. This entry was posted in Sony and tagged compact camera, mirrorless, mirrorless camera, rumor, rumors, Sony A6000, Sony A7000, sony alpha, sony camera, sony compact, sony e-mount, sony mirrorless, sony nex, sony nex-7, sony rumors. Subscribe to our daily newsletter and get the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox. A MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera) is a camera that does not need a mirror to work, as a DSLR does. Mirrorless Interchangeable Cameras are small in comparison to DSLRs and therefore can be carried around on long lasting photo walks without being in the way. As of today the only Full Frame Mirrorless cameras are the latest generation of Leica M Series cameras.
WiFi connectivity that gives the Mirrorless camera the ability to share all shots taken to the web, or to share photos to a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer. This is the single most important reason why MILCs are the most awesome choice for Street Photography and in general photography if you ask me. This is the last reason why I think MILCs are great for Street Photography but you will notice that it is referred to as the +1 in the title of the blog post. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They say the A6000 is not a true replacement for the NEX-7 and there could still be a Sony A7000 flagship APS-C E-mount camera on its way. Some of them if equipped with pancake lenses or retractable zoom lenses can even fit in your pocket.
You need to take photos using discreet gear in order to stay out of the way of the people you shoot and to blend in with the surroundings.
All Mirrorless cameras have options to turn off the beeping sounds and any other fake shutter sounds.
That means that you can shoot in Automatic mode, Intelligent Auto mode, P mode, Aperture Priority mode, Shutter Speed Priority mode and full Manual mode.

The Mirrorless market is on the rise and many Camera Manufacturers such as SONY and other 3rd party companies such as Metabones offer a variety of lens adapters that can be used on MILCs. A few good examples of MILCs are the SONY NEX System, the Leica Digital M System, the Olympus OM-D, The Fuji X System and more. Even strapping a mirroless camera around your neck does not make it feel like it is in the way. Some are even as light as compact cameras, especially if they are equipped with pancake lenses or retractable zoom lenses as mentioned before. They can become completely silent but for the slight sound of the shutter which is sweet an gentle.
You can choose between single shot more, burst shot mode, timer mode, also you can choose to Autofocus or Manual focus and more. Then there are other Street Photographers that like to use long focal lengths and others that love to use wider lenses.
They are small, discreet, light, fast, silent, pumped with High Tech, they offer DSLR features, Interchangeable lenses galore and some even have tilting screens to make your life even easier when shooting in the street.
Street shooters need a big to evolution as long as the quality is compatible or even tidy better. Do you mean that now that the MILC quality is comparable with DSLRs, that more street photographers should think of migrating to a MILC system?
Mirrorless cameras have many advantages in Street Photography and we will talk about the most important ones below.
So, from the above description you can understand that for example the very popular Fuji X100S is not a MILC since it doesn’t offer the option of changing lenses, but on the contrary the Fuji X-Pro1 is a MILC because it works without a mirror and works around an interchangeable lens system. I wear my NEX-6 around my neck most of the time during the summer, or stuff it in my jacket pocket during the winter.
But even if equipped with other larger lenses, they are still much lighter than DSLRs, giving you, the Street Photographer the advantage of taking long photo walks without feeling the weight of the camera and making you uncomfortable in any way. Imagine stepping in front of a person with a huge DSLR, with a big fat 50mm lens strapped on! When shooting in the streets, the ambient sounds of the surroundings are enough to mask the soft click the shutter makes.
The APS-C sensor of the SONY and Fuji cameras are identical in size to the ones used in the Nikon and Canon Pro-sumer range of cameras, such as the Nikon D7100.
Having all these available options can really help you become very creative with your Street Photography.

Before we get into that though, I would like to tell you in simple words what a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera is and give you a few examples.
I have made some shots on the street that I wouldn’t have been able to make using a manual camera or a compact camera. You can also find lens adapters that will allow you to use Canon lenses, Contax G Zeiss lenses (some say the sharpest lenses ever made), Voigtlander lenses, Nikor lenses and more. Whereas if you had a little Mirrorless camera, you would appear as innocent as a tourist using a compact camera. Lastly the Leica uses the Full Frame size sensor that is the top of the line in image sensor size and can shoot with superb results. So for instance you can use your Mirrorless camera to shoot awesome looking Street Portraits and use the same Mirrorless camera to shoot night shots, or long exposure shots, or freeze motion shots, you name it! Roam the Streets with your 35mm lens on your Mirrorless, capturing candid moments and another day, when you want to make Street Portraits, just stick that 50mm on.
I have even gone on 7-8 hours photo walks in harsh conditions (brutal heat and scorching sun) without feeling the slightest annoyance for the weight of my camera.
The thing is DSLRs have been affiliated with Photo Journalists and Paparazzi so people react much more to them. So in other words, a small, light, discreet MILC can shoot as fast and with the same or even better quality than a Pro-sumer DSLR camera. You literally have all the options and functionality your would have as if you were using a big DSLR, but in a much more compact size! Ok, it might be tough to use for fast paced Street Photography, but Street Photography is not fast paced always. I can think of many ways to use that awesome lens, but of course if I could afford that lens I would own a Leica M ?? . All camera manufacturers of Mirrorless systems now have a wide range of lenses from which you can choose from in order to pump up your arsenal.
Also, there are lens manufacturing companies, such as SIGMA and ZEISS that make lenses for most if not all MILC makes and models.

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