There are so many cute way to reveal the name that I would love to do, unfortunately we STILL don’t have a name. About Christa MarieChrista is a mom to four, Mason, Kyla, Elena who grew her wings the day she was born in February 2012 and Emilia. The idea behind the book is that we have an enemy who is very much alive and well, and intent on destroying us, our relationships and really, our lives.
Most of us feel the effects of the enemy, but we don’t identify those negative things, those hardships as attacks from Satan. FerVent explores the 10 main areas of our lives that the enemy attacks, and talks through how to create a plan of strategic prayer that deals with those unique areas. That sums up what prayer is sometimes reduced to for me, and gave me a kick in the pants right from the get-go. I loved the whole book, and literally highlighted and scribbled notes to myself all the way through it. The only suggestion I would make is that I think it would have been helpful to include an example of a prayer for each section, or at least for the first one or two, to help people who are brand new to prayer get started.

All in all, if you’re looking for a book to jumpstart or further encourage your prayer life, I highly recommend the book! Thanks to the generosity of B&H Publishing, I have an extra copy of FerVent to give away to one of you!
My mission is to help people live on purpose so they can cultivate a mindful and joy-filled life. I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart, Matt, dog mama to our feisty toy poodle, Remy and mama to our firstborn son Raleigh. We have wild dreams of traveling the country in an RV and being the youngest Snow Birds in Minnesota history!
Download your FREE 70 page copy of the Photography SECRETS e-book to learn how to take better photos in 5 easy steps, no matter what camera you have! She blogs about the things she loves; her family, recipes and whatever she's up too that week. I know this is a book I will have to go back and reread, to digest all of the wisdom I found in the chapters.

But I am a type-A person who would have greatly benefitted from reading a sample prayer, and then known what direction to go in to craft my own version of that prayer. Even if you think your prayer life is fine, but you find yourself facing struggle after struggle without knowing really where all the resistance is coming from, I think you’d greatly benefit from it. No part of the text of this blog can be copied and reposted elsewhere unless you have prior written consent from me. Ads, affiliate links and sponsored posts are used throughout this site and are what make the time required to write and maintain this blog possible, and keep the content free for you!

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