The absolute best place to find Polaroid cameras like the Sun 600 for cheap (besides your parents’ attic) is through eBay. Here it is, the iconic Polaroid OneStep camera with the classic Polaroid Land Camera build. This camera features the familiar exposure compensation dial that is an nearly every Polaroid camera ever made.
Metering is crappy, probably because the camera is always awake (or always sleeping.) Expect quite a few shots to be ruined by overexposure or unnecessarily long shutter speeds.
Despite what glorious illustrations by nostalgic artists (who probably have never used this camera) would have you believe, this is a cheap and sorta ugly camera.
All of the Polaroid Land Camera bodies I’ve encountered all use the same optional flash bar that attaches to the top. I imagine that this camera has quite a bit of appeal with collectors because its iconic status, but I don’t recommend going out of your way to get one unless you find it cheap on eBay or at a garage sale. Also, if you’re going to use Impossible Project film, be sure to tape a dark slide just above where the photos are ejected to protect them from light for the first few seconds of development. Partnering up with Amazon and eBay allows me to keep this site going without annoying banner ads. I'm a writer, photographer, business owner, avid reader, hard of hearing person, theater enthusiast, filmmaker and midwesterner.
If you haven’t already snagged some protection, then our first tip is to check out the best iPhone 5S cases and buy one today. Updated on 6-16-2014 by Simon Hill: Added tips on Spotlight Search, Touch ID, email, and LED flash alerts. For people coming from another platform the process of getting your contacts and data will be a little trickier.
The iPhone 5S comes with a bundle of free productivity apps including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Apple made a big deal out of the M7 motion co-processor and its ability to track your activity.
It may not be an iPhone 5S exclusive, but Siri has been improved and it’s a feature worth using. The Apple Maps app is improving and it does boast a few nice features that are worth playing with on your iPhone 5S. Being able to unlock your iPhone and authorize purchases by scanning your fingerprint is a great blend of secure and convenient.
If you’re having problems with Touch ID then make sure your home button and your fingers are clean and dry.
On the Touch ID screen, if you hold your finger on the Home button the correct entry will be highlighted if your iPhone 5S recognizes it. Sometimes you’ll have your iPhone 5S on silent or you’ll be in a loud environment, but you still want to know when a message comes in. Breathe new life into subjects by photographing them in silhouette, removing detail and texture to leave a simple, bold shape on a bright background. The most eye-catching silhouette photos are those with a brightly coloured and interesting background. Metering and exposure play a large part in silhouette photography, and can make or break a shot. When determining your exposure time, you need to take a reading from the bright background rather than the foreground. When photographing silhouettes it can be surprisingly easy to become so concerned with finding a good position and composition that we forget to focus our shot. When composing your shot make sure that you don't overlap silhouetted objects in a way that will make them merge together.
Next time you're celebrating a special occasion with fireworks, follow these tips to photograph some truly memorable shots.

The original ‘Selfie Expert’, the F1 from Oppo was a bit of a let down as it offered nothing too unique in its price segment. The phone has a simple camera menu which offers the Ultra HD mode, filters, a GIF generator, a Double Exposure mode and the Expert mode, which gives you manual control over your images in the form of WB, Exposure Compensation, ISO, Shutterspeed, Focus and RAW capability.
The JPEG results of this phone were more than satisfactory considering this is a cellphone sensor. If you require the use of the front camera on a regular basis, then this phone will the do the job more than efficiently. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License.
Please use the following link when purchasing, it helps me keep writing and costs you nothing.
This is about as cheap as Polaroid cameras come, with no built-in flash, autofocus, or manual focus controls. I picked up mine for two dollars (with a pack of film still in it!), so don’t get suckered into paying much more. The new iPhone 5S fits the usual profile, but when you have this many features packed into a device it’s easy to miss a couple of things. Now, when you’re typing up a message, you can tap the globe icon at the bottom left and open up a panel full of emoticons to use. You can wipe entries to delete them or you can tap Edit at the top right, which also allows you to rename them. There isn’t a notification light on the iPhone 5S, but you can set the LED flash to blink as an additional alert. You can also find more tips via the iPhone User Guide which you’ll find under Bookmarks in Safari.
By rendering the subject completely black, you can do away with the distractions of colour and detail, leaving a simple yet powerful shape on a vivid backdrop. Sunrise and sunset provide excellent silhouette lighting, with the clouds adding texture and interest to the sky. Learn how to control them effectively so that your photos come out as bold and striking as you intended. Focusing on the silhouetted subject is essential, because a good silhouette should show the subject in crisp, sharp detail. They might look well separated to the naked eye, but when they are rendered in pitch black in the final shot it can be difficult to distinguish one object from another. Turn it towards the white side to make your photo lighter, and towards the dark side to make it darker. Update: the Impossible Project now produces a reusable flashbar, which is far more practical and less wasteful than disposable flashes. I’m working on another little project to share some newborn photography ideas with you, more specifically some ways to pose your newborn baby to make them look super sweet for taking some pictures of them. That’s why we’ve been compiling a list of useful iPhone 5S tips and tricks that will ensure your smartphone is all it can be. To get your free iWork apps, open up the App Store and search for the individual app you want in the App Store and download it.
It’s possible to set up to five different fingerprints and they actually don’t have to be fingerprints. You can actually repeat this process several times with the same finger just touching a slightly different part or angle on the home button, and it should map more of your finger making it more likely to work every time. It is also possible to get some great silhouettes against harsh sunlight, or even artificial lighting.
Shooting in manual mode is essential because our focusing and metering will come from different places. Moving your camera just a few centimetres is often enough to avoid this problem, so keep it in mind at all times.

My only grouse is the lack of interest in photography which is what their F series is supposed to be about. However, it’s cheap and plentiful, and you should be able to find one for less than the price of a pack of film. Just point the camera at whatever you want to take a photo of and mash down that button, and it goes. The lack of flash is nice, the the autofocus, while spotty, is a huge improvement over manual focus versions of the Polaroid Land Camera. One of my favorite lenses to use while I’m taking newborn pictures is my 100mm macro lens. If you tap the thumbnail at the bottom left to review your video, you can drag the markers in the timeline to dictate where you want the slow motion effect to start and stop. These apps used to be $10 a piece, but now you can get them for free if you have a new phone. Every time you tap to drop a pin and mark a location you can tap the Quick Route button next to the location name to get turn-by-turn directions. You don’t even need to type the full name; the first few characters should be enough to highlight what you’re looking for. You can argue about the usefulness, but people have successfully used nipples, toes, noses, and other body parts we’ll leave up to your imagination. As far as this phone goes, I’m not entirely sure I would pay the price for a better resolution on the front camera. But how does it actually perform in the wild, especially when compared to other, newer Polaroid cameras?
It gets in nice and close to the baby’s little face, fingers, or toes and captures some beautiful images. Finally, to take a series of burst shots, tap and hold the shutter button onscreen or the Volume Up key and your iPhone 5S will take photos at a speed of 10 per second. Remember to tell Siri about your relationships and your home and work addresses to make it more useful. If you want to add a video or a photo then tap and hold on the blank message and the Select, Select All menu will pop up.
The camera does, however, struggle with highlights and tends to blow them out completely if one is not careful.
But for those who do require a good front camera, this would be an ideal investment, owing to its overall features. It even picks the best shot and groups the rest together in a sub folder so it’s easy to delete the duds. If you don’t like how Siri says something then tell it “that’s not how you pronounce that” and choose from three alternative options.
Low light performance is good and the images are usable, but the details do tend to get smeary at higher ISOs. Generally, I’ve found that any subject closer than ten feet is slightly out of focus. I think it’s important to photograph the soft  flaky skin, the wrinkly little feet, and the paper thin finger nails. You can also tell Siri to turn settings like Wi-Fi on and off or post an update to Facebook. What is really impressive is the performance of the 16MP front camera, which makes good pictures in bright light and has considerably good low light performance as well. They grow bigger pretty fast, so this lens helps me document those details and capture those memories for the mamas.

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