We think these costumes looks silly and cheap, which maybe isn’t fair since you just know this thing will have a thick veneer of digital special effects layered over every frame of it, making it impossible to predict what the final film will look like.
I say this with every ounce of affection and awe and admiration I can muster — DAYUUUUUUUUUM! Historical accuracy or the lack thereof doesn’t pose a problem for the movie industry. My husband and I were both history majors in college, and we are always calling historical movies and miniseries on their mistakes.
Yeah, portraiture aside, and as a horrifying example, where does the industry come off to make a character like Henry VIII of England good looking, dark haired and slim? I was around to see the Glenda Jackson Elizabeth R when it first ran, and she was astonishing.
Latest problem: Watching the bonkers, witty fantasy that is Sleepy Hollow on Fox put me on an American Revolution kick. As someone who is endlessly fascinated by history, one of my beefs with the historical dramas is that actual history contains so many fantastic stories and characters who were REAL. Or geographical for that matter, I still remember the scene in X-Men allegedly set in Villa Gessell, Argentina, with HUGE SNOWY MOUNTAINS on the background. I’m trying to keep my bone-deep irritation penned in, because I saw the lily-white cast list last year and knew there was no way any of this movie would actually be related to ancient Egypt.
Seems like some kind of green counter is in front of every damn picture of those glorious thighs and legs.
Ughhh I groan with you, since while I lovelovelove Egyptian mythology, I don’t love whitewashing at all.

Well, the Ptolemys were Greek, or more properly Macedonian, descendents of Alexander the Great, and Cleopatra is said to have had blue eyes, so yeah, white people were at some point in charge, and the perception was that Pharoah was a God.
I was so perplexed by the toy store aspect to the armor that I completely looked that one over. That armor is laughable in that if you were actually in an armed fight, it would protect you from very little. I remember going to an exhibit once that featured a fabulous collection of European armor-the craftsmanship was superb.
One of the Downton threads made me reminisce about seeing an exhibit of LOTR props & costumes. One good photo of his legs just may have made it worth suffering through the plastic armor he’s wearing.
These photos remind me of the blocking and camera angles used to hide pregnant actresses’ bumps.
The Nopetopus has strong feelings about Gerard, his cheesy costume, and this terrible-looking action movie.
Plus I see from IMDB that there is a host of Australia’s finest white actors in the cast as well. VAIO Movie StoryVAIO Movie Story is a product for Sony personal computers, both for desktop and laptops.
I understand taking artistic license,and compressing characters and events for dramatic purposes, but throw us a bone from time and time and at least have the characters dressed appropriately, have the sets reasonably accurate. It is basically a theory of using historical context to analyze the literature of the age it came from.

I stumbled across it looking for some silly song about English Kings and was most of the way through Cathrine before I knew it. Which, modern Egypt has very little in common with Pharaonic Egypt, but still, I read the cast list like a mile from the Egyptian Museum. I have recently developed an interest in amour, both historical and costume, and this is just horrible. I mean, if I was in a knife fight with that armor, I’m going for groin and armpits, unless I can get a chance at chopping your head off. Granted that the rank and file soldiers would probably have worn much more utilitarian armor, it was impressive. With someone much more versed in roman history, telling me that, even when the set isn’t historically accurate because too much got lost in time, they still made very interesting guesses about fabrics and details.
One of my favorite episodes is Anne of Cleves, the marriage that was Thomas Cromwell’s doing and his downfall, as Henry took a great dislike to Anne when they met.
So lily white casts for a movie set in Egypt, just as lily white cast for the movie House of Spirits – is just something Hollywood does.
The way in which Anne gives Henry a graceful out is so beautifully done-who knows if it’s historical, but dramatically and as human beings, it works.

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