El artista coreano Yoo Hyun crea unos espectaculares retratos con la ayuda de un bisturi para papel y mucha mucha paciencia. This collection by Akiko Shinzato is a series of jewellery around the face since facial features are the most important parts to the first impression and what most people care about.
This mural by Stefaan De Croock (aka Strook) is placed on the side wall of an old furniture factory in Mechelen, Belgium. Provoked by the movement of pigments and water the compositions are formed by an autonomous colour-dynamic. Salmiana se dedica al diseno de espacios con plantas contando tambien con un linea propia de macetas con disenos exclusivos y en diferentes materiales; que van desde el barro y la madera, hasta el concreto y el metal. One of the great things about detailed production design is that it pays off in unexpected ways. Nos intimidan y nos flipan las chicas dibujadas por Laura Callaghan, tan pop, tan comic, tan recargado, tan TAN.
De Jules Julien ya nos enamoramos de toda su obra azul que es simplemente espectacular, pues ahora lo haremos de su preciosa vajilla blanca. Benoit Paille retrata un misterioso y luminoso cubo de luz que flota en medio de silenciosos paisajes nocturnos.
Installation offers the viewer to feel the atmosphere of the mystical forest and meet its inhabitants, by moving the light beam through the panoramic visual surface. Emory Douglas was the Revolutionary Artist and Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party. Grafito, acuarela y oleo es lo que ha usado el artista colombiano Johan Barrios para crear su ultima coleccion llamada Ejercicios de Ruptura. Korean artist Do Ho Suh draws attention to the ways viewers occupy and inhabit public space. Bonitos y originales jarrones-boya que mezclan partes de ceramica con acabados normales con otras que han pasado sumergidas bajo el mar un buen tiempo y asi se le han pegado unos cuantos balanidos.
That time I told my mom’s friend that I was chased around the house with a butcher knife?
You see, our Barbie dolls weren’t content to sit at home and mother all the My Little Ponies, She-Ra, and Rose Petal Place dolls.
Now, you have to keep in mind that I was about eight years old and had no idea that what we were playing out was morally wrong. In high school, even though I hadn’t touched my dolls for years, I drew on those skills again for another short story assignment.
Glow, the award-winning brand of light modifiers for professional photography and video production, has announced that its Glow 8×8 Portable Butterfly Light Modifier has been recognized by Professional Photographer magazine with a 2016 Hot One Award.
The 2016 winners will be featured in the August issue of Professional Photographer in addition to being highlighted on Professional Photographer’s website beginning August 1, 2016. For more than a 100 years, Professional Photographer magazine has been a leading international non-profit association for professional photographers, offering readers the latest and most up-to-date industry news, business, technology and more. The Glow 8×8 Portable Butterfly Light Modifier was designed to be lightweight for easy assembly and transportation. The Glow 8×8 Portable Butterfly Light Modifier is a collapsible aluminum frame that can be easily assembled and transported thanks to its lightweight structure. The camera inherits many features from the recently released top-of-the-line EOS-1D X, but key among them is the DIGIC 5+ Imaging Processor. The new processor also enables several new features that did not exist in the 5D Mark II, including HDR and Multiple Exposure modes, in-camera RAW processing, a comparative playback function, Scene Intelligent Auto mode, two forms of movie compression, and support for high-speed UDMA 7 Compact Flash memory cards. For still photographers, Canon has included its new 61-point High Density Reticular AF (autofocus) System, introduced this fall in the EOS-1D X. The camera’s new built-in HDR mode enables users to merge three images at various exposure levels into a single image, in-camera, for enhanced tonal gradation beyond the range of the naked eye.

The Mark III offers Multiple Exposure capabilities with the ability to combine up to nine individual images into a single composite image.
Another new feature seen for the first time on the 5D Mark III is Comparative Playback, which allows photographers to display two images side by side on the camera’s 3.2-inch LCD screen. The EOS 5D Mark III offers several new features that have been requested by cinematographers, television production professionals and independent filmmakers – including 720P recording. Like the EOS-1D X, the 5D Mark III includes two methods of SMPTE-compliant timecode embedding, Rec Run and Free Run, allowing video footage from multiple cameras and separate audio recordings to be synced together in postproduction. The EOS 5D Mark III features a rugged camera body with magnesium alloy body covers and a stainless steel lens mount.
The EOS 5D Mark III features a 3.2-inch Clear View II LCD screen with 1,040,000 dot resolution – another feature inherited from the EOS-1D X.
Canon also announced a variety of new accessories for the camera including, the Canon Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7A, which connects to the camera’s USB port to deliver wireless LAN access.
With this new WFT model, professionals can synchronize clocks on multiple cameras and use the unit to support linked shooting when utilizing multiple cameras. Canon is also introducing an optional GPS Receiver (GP-E2), which can be connected to the camera via the accessory shoe or a USB cable. In addition, the company is offering a new Battery Grip (BG-E11) for the Mark III that accepts one or two LP-E6 lithium-ion battery packs or a set of six AA-size batteries. Based on an idea by Ryan Humphrey articulated through comics, the concept was expanded with the Bartkira project, a comic collaboration of Simpsons fans, curated by James Harvey. Wooden aquarelle, a colouring technique for wooden surfaces, allows the mass production of individually unique pieces. Las plantas son seleccionadas cuidadosamente con el fin de que se conviertan en una opcion especial para darle vida tanto a hogares como a lugares de trabajo. After working 25 years as a special effects makeup artist in Hollywood, Kazu decisively shifted focus in 2008, dedicating himself full time to fine art sculpture. The installation was placed in the center of contemporary art M’Ars, within interactive exhibition LifeZone (Moscow, May-June 2015).
He used his art as a weapon in the Black Panther Party’s struggle for civil rights and today Emory continues to give a voice to the voiceless. Interested in the malleability of space in both its physical and metaphorical manifestations, Suh constructs site-specific installations that question the boundaries of identity. Those world building skills came in handy in the sixth grade when I had to write a short story for an English assignment. I get to sit down with my characters-my imaginary dolls-every day and take them on fantastic adventures in wondrous places.
Awarded annually, the Hot Ones are Professional Photographer magazine’s selection of the year’s most notable tech products in the industry based on functionality and value for professional photographers. This year marks the 17th annual Professional Photographer Hot Ones Awards, set to be better than ever with a newly retooled and revamped buyers’ guide of notable, topnotch products. Overall, the portable butterfly’s main function is to transform any light source to a softer, more controlled light for any professional in the industry.
This light modifier includes interchangeable fabrics that can transform any kind of light source from hard to soft, and raw to controlled. It also incorporates enhanced video features for cinematography, television production and documentary filmmaking, including better noise reduction, longer recording times and a built-in headphone jack for audio monitoring. Adjustable from ISO 100 to 25,600 within its standard range, the new model also offers a low ISO 50 setting for studio and landscape photography and two extended ISO settings of 51,200 and 102,400. The exposure levels in the camera’s HDR mode can be set to cover a range of up to ±3 stops. Compositing results can be viewed in real time on the camera’s LCD monitor, and there is a one-step “undo” command that allows photographers to delete an image and try again.

The images can be displayed with a histogram to check exposure levels, or magnified to check for focus or facial expressions. There is also an automatic audio level setting, or sound recording can be turned off entirely. The new camera also has dust- and moisture-resistant design with improved gaskets and seals. This new grip has a multicontroller and a multifunction (M.Fn) button together a with a full set of grip controls for easy operation when shooting portraits or other vertical format photos. In association with the comic, Moon Animate Make-Up producer Kaitlin Sullivan pitched the idea of an animated trailer to match and with the work of over fifty artists, produced the Bartkira animated trailer. In the crystal series “Wearing makeup,” the wearer adopts the masked features of a painted clown.
Using resin, platinum silicone, and many other materials, Kazu constructs three-dimensional portraits in a scale two times life size.
Most of my classmates wrote about their dog or about a stupid, annoying younger sibling that bore a strong resemblance to their own. A native Oregonian, she lives with her geriatric cat, Spud, and spends as much of her free time as she can with family and friends. Selections are based on overall quality, innovation, design, performance, functionality and price. The kit includes a white diffusion and bounce fabric, a light absorbing black fabric, as well as a solid chroma green cloth to add versatility for any photographer or videographer looking for a digital background substitution. The announcement coincides with the 25th anniversary of the launch of Canon’s first EOS system – the EOS 650 SLR, which debuted in March of 1987. Three recording methods are supported – record the same data to both cards; record different file sizes or types to each card, or automatically switch to the second card when the first card is full.
Sound can be recorded either through the internal monaural microphone or via an optional external microphone through the stereo mic input.
In the leather series “Putting on someone’s identity,” a wearer mixes her own facial features with that of others; whereas she looks at herself reflected in mirrors at the same time. Now, I’m not just referring to the stories that my folks read to me-though they do play a part. First of all, since neither of us wanted to take a back seat to the other, everything was done in duplicate. After bopping between eight different science majors, the only thing that didn’t change was my desire to minor in writing. Users can record video continuously up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds across multiple 4GB files. This is the first EOS Digital SLR camera to feature a built-in headphone jack for real-time audio monitoring during video capture. The EOS 5D Mark III’s newly developed shutter unit has a durability rating of 150,000 exposures, and shutter release lag time has been reduced to 59 milliseconds, making the shutter button more responsive. Each piece of the collection partially hides the facial features of the wearer whilst revealing a whole other identity.
That meant we had two Cinderellas and two princes (for some reason, we never doubled up on the villains). After drawing on Barbie skills, my story ended up being about two talking flowers that were going to save the world after they finished having tea.
Rather than sit around and wait for the princes to find them after the ball, our Cinderellas snuck into the palace, knocked the princes unconscious with a thunder egg, kidnapped them, and had a Stockholm-syndrome happily ever after.

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