It took me a long time to decide which company I wanted to make a photo book investment with. It has multiple alignment options (vertical centre, horizontal centre, etc) which helps you avoid having pictures aligned improperly.
There are tons of page styles available including the two page panorama spread as mentioned above.
Payment and uploading is all done through software which leads you to directly to their site and is very easy to use. After experimenting with the software, I ordered a 48 page 15×11 Large Landscape photo book.
I placed my order October 1st, 2010, their website indicated that the book was finished being printed on October 13th, and it arrived at my door on October 18th. Any photographer can tell you there is great satisfaction in having your work printed, it just looks and feels so much nicer than seeing it up on your website, flickr, etc. One downside of Snapfish at that moment, was that the client was quite buggy (at least on my computer).
The price (Although the quality was great I think that $130 is quite much for a 96 pages book.
I recommend using Photobox if you’re looking for great quality and a simple interface to work with. I’ve used MyPublisher several times but I always wait until they have % off coupons or buy one get one if I want to make a book for myself and have one to give as a gift. This is probably common knowledge among you, but Shutterfly’s quality leaves much to be desired.
They are a bit exclusive in the sense that they need to verify that you are a professional photographer. I have received terrible service from UBYU and want to inform others so that they can make an informed choice before using their service. I noticed the recommendation for Ubyu by Dean above, I presume the same Dean who runs Ubyu. AboutPresets Heaven is one of the biggest resources offering free Lightroom presets on the Internet.
From vacations and new family additions to drastic haircuts, winning touchdowns and weekend outings, life calls for a lot of photo opportunities. I like making photo books to be able to share my adventures with my family who doesn’t have access to the internet. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Our website editor and download editor both offer unique benefits so you can choose whichever suits your purpose best. We’re so excited to share with you our very first Create with kikki.K customer’s photobook. Tamara Waters created a gorgeous photobook of her trip to Europe in 2011 with her husband, Anthony.
Tamara chose a large square photobook format with a hardcover matte photo against a simple and stylish Sketch themed cover. Some people might decide to make a snap decision and go with the first result they find on Google.

It included 170gsm Imagewrap Paper with a premium silk cover and ImageWrap Matte Lamination.
It took a little longer than I expected to finish and ship, but the long weekend may have made an influence. In some ways the photo book makes me feel even prouder of the work I’ve done as a photographer to date. With this size of a book the pages can sometimes get tiny little creases if you don’t handle the pages properly. First, I would recommend that they enable a feature that would allow you to published and sell your book online (Blurb has a similar feature).
The quality of the prints in the book was also not that astonishing, as I would like them to be.
Since I’m a regular Mac user now and I like the idea of having a client installed to make my books, they’ve been my No.1 choice. Mainly because I wanted to update my portfolio coffee-table book that I bring to the clients I meet. It took me around 1 hour to make the book even though I’ve never tried their service before. LR4 is set up to link to blurb or it can do a pdf what US based companies cab you or anyone here recommend?
You can help this site growing by sending your feedback and presets, using this contact page. And if you’re snap happy like me, you’ve probably got a ton of photos trapped in the confines of your computer, waiting to be set free! Simple and stylish, this travel photo book is a beautiful example of the possibilities of Create with kikki.K. The large size meant she could present her beautiful photos of the European landscape with maximum effect, whilst also including those of her friends and family. However, when I made my decision I considered the fact that it takes a lot of work to put together a nice photo book and I didn’t want to waste my hard work and time if there was a chance I was going to only get mediocre results.
I have worked with a variety of programs including, Blurb, MyPublisher and other online sites such as Adorama. Imported pictures have a number badge beside them indicating how many times that image appears in the book. I have ordered books in the past from other companies and NONE OF THEM touch this book in terms of build quality, paper quality, colours, finish, and just overall professional appearance.
Let me also say that the book is top notch, the colour is accurate, and I did not find any printing issues.
Using Facebook, they promote themselves with pictures, information, but also including deals (like 40% off) and entries into draws for Ipads and free photo books.
From what I’ve heard today, they are using an online service instead of a downloadable software client (as they did before).
To round things up I would like to point out a few thing that came to my mind while I was working with the book. Of course there are overviews in magazines but I find they always miss the user experience. One of my favorite ways to make sure my memories remain unforgettable is to package them up in a stylish photo book.

When she was seven, she declared herself "Jessy" (from her given name, Jessica) because she wanted to be a little different. She used different themed scrapbooking elements to add colour and fun to smaller photos while letting the large landscape photos stand alone. Overall, I prefer Photobook Canada because it is the only company that had the panorama option. This is invaluable for those who are making larger books and want to avoid duplicate pictures! After applying a coupon I found on their facebook profile, my order came to a total of $92.61.
I’ve also found that they are very diligent in responding to clients who comment on their wall.
Secondly, it would be great if they allowed a grace period for you to make minor changes after uploading the final product.
However, the photo quality was adequate for my purposes, the hard cover binding was good quality, and best of all, a 285-page standard size book cost less than $70 US. Which is exactly what led her to Tiny Prints-her love for all things unique, memorable and personal!
Although the price seemed slightly higher than some sites, I could not find another company that offerd a book in 11X15 sizing with wrap matte lamination option which is something that I find very appealing. For example, after submitting my order I realized that I wanted to add a mask to the front images on my book.
Letterpress printing makes her swoon and she has an affinity for fresh designs with a hint of vintage. As a landscape photographer, this was invaluable to me and I was actually shocked that other companies didn’t have this option. As far as price goes, it’s hard to make a fair comparison as no other company seems to offer a book this size.
I sent an email shortly after submitting my order but because their system is very automated, they were unable to cater to my request. In addition to her passion for paper goods, Jessy loves dogs, llamas, autumn, farmers' markets, live music, skeleton keys, extra sprinkles, beating boys in sports, running, antique stores and a book that’s hard to put down. Instead of this feature, companies like Blurb recommended that you slice the image in half and import both half’s on to each page. That is a lot of work and would take time aligning the images to get right and one mistake can ruin an entire spread. Not only did Photobook Canada allow you to do panorama images, it also had some other great features. The customer service is non existent and they really don’t seem to care once they have your money.

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