Sono foto con il gusto del paradosso e un caratteristico sense of humor che e il tratto distintivo di tutta la carriera di Erwitt.
Erwitt significa agenzia Magnum, significa fotografia pubblicitaria, ma anche piglio giornalistico, significa alcune tra le piu famose foto di Jacqueline Kennedy e Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, Richard Nixon e Nikita Krusciov; e un intero libro di istantanee su cani di ogni razza fissati in pose buffe e stravaganti. Erwitt ci costringe a soffermarci, a pensare, a riflettere su cio che vediamo e a darne un’interpretazione fuori dal consueto. In 2009, the British Council invited Olivia Arthur to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to teach a two-week photography workshop for women. But being a photographer in an ultraconservative country with strict rules on what women can and can’t do could be frustrating, Arthur found. Arthur said many foreigners who have lived in the country for years are never invited into a Saudi home. To find out more about Arthur’s work or to order a copy of her book, Jeddah Diary, visit her website.
Ora e approdata a Venezia dove e stata curata da Denis Curti e conta sul patrocinio della Regione Veneto e del Comune.

E’ racchiuso in queste poche righe il segreto degli scatti di Elliott Erwitt, una delle icone della fotografia contemporanea.
Lo fa con il soldato che fa le linguacce all’obbiettivo, con i pittori nudi che dipingono la modella vestita, con il bambino sorridente che per scherzo si punta una pistola alla tempia.
Arthur was once berated in the street by a woman whose photo she hadn’t even been taking. Teaching her workshop, however, earned Arthur friends and ultimately got her behind closed doors. I thought I had all these pictures that I wouldn't be able to use, and it took me a really long time to figure out how to use them. In fact, Arthur said, many of her students didn’t see their lives as negative or oppressed. After Arthur’s repeated encouragement, one of her least experienced students went to take pictures of Indian workers. What Ever Could Trump Have Meant With This Joke About a€?Second Amendment Peoplea€? and Clinton?

Her photos from that time, as well as two subsequent trips, are collected in her book, Jeddah Diary, published by Fishbar. Arthur then had to find a way to take photos without upsetting her subjects for violating their sense of modesty.
In Saudi Arabia, women are required by law to wear long black abayas and head coverings in public, and some of her subjects did not feel comfortable being photographed without one, especially with their faces visible. Arthur said the issue of people being generally suspicious about photography in Saudi was also an issue: One woman was banned from the workshop for taking pictures of her female cousin, and another was arrested for taking pictures out in public. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip.
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