The future computer technology is beyond out imagination, possible it is going to be biological computer which can understand able to reason and make logical decisions of its own a computer with send and feeling.
How to Make the Best of Your Small Office Space 9:19 pm By Matt The first and the most important thing that one needs to keep in mind when renting an office space is – the total budget! Top Business Listing Websites In Ras Al Khaimah 4:27 pm By Matt If you have recently started a new local business, you will be looking forward to increase the business rapidly. 10 Things That You Can Learn From Your Competitors to Make A Successful SEO Campaign 9:30 am By Matt The old adage ‘Don’t underestimate your competition’ holds true for every business and particularly so for digital marketers. Now a day’s amazingly 80% + of work is done in computers even of non numerical nature like music composing, special effects, resume sorting, forecasting, nuclear research etc.

Micro Computer: Micro computer are self contained units and usually designed to use by one person at a time.
Mini Computer: Minicomputer is usually designed o serve many users simultaneously, it is a medium size computer. Mainframe Computer: The computer with large storage capacities and very high speed of processing as compared to micro or minicomputers. Super Computer: Super computers have extremely large storage capacity and computing speed which is at least 10 times faster than others. These computers are aimed to communicate with human in their language it is going to be an intelligent computer that will process knowledge rather than data.

Computer not only processes the data and makes you available the information but also able to perform the subsequent steps on the basis of processed information that’s why computer even something more than a data processing device. It has no common sense, due to which it can carry out the instructions only as long as user needs.
If any error occurs in the program file, computer can automatically detect these errors and allow the user to correct them.

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