Drew and Jonathan Scott, the Property Brothers of HGTV fame, are well-known for their exploits in real estate, home improvement, music, yule log videos, and being handsome. According to his IMDB filmography, JD Scott has appeared in four motion pictures, three of which were shorts, and two of which he wrote himself. The eldest Scott brother…has penned many scripts, stories, and articles over the years and was a founding member of the Canadian sketch comedy ensemble, YFG, as well as a member of the internationally known, Loose Moose Improv. As for his love life, JD is attached to Las Vegas-based model and makeup artist Annalee Belle.

How embarrassing is it to be the brother that does interior decorating, while the other brother knows how to tear down a house and build it from scratch? TEEN MOM 2 PHOTOS Javi Marroquin returns home from deploymentAfter a six-month deployment for the US Air Force, Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin has finally returned home — and of course he shared numerous photos and videos after reuniting with sons Isaac and Lincoln!
Although he’s spent some time as an on-camera personality–JD hosts All-American Amusement Parks over on Great American Country–the third Scott Brother has largely made his name as a creative director and product developer. The newest Can I Come In episode focuses on tiny houses, of all things, and you can check it out on HGTV’s website.

It’s the question of our time, thanks to a genre-shattering 2016 presidential race and a cauldron of speculation that continues to roil a year after Kanye told the world he fully intended to run for the highest office in the land in 2020. True, he was high at the time, but Kanye probably wasn’t still toked up when he reaffirmed his intentions in a new interview with the BBC.

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