My big WHY is a summary of a lot of whys I have compiled over time as to why I want to be a successful entrepreneur. My big WHY is in existence because of a lot of things I am tired of, as well as my dream to be a successful entrepreneur.
My big why is helping me make a move everyday because if I procrastinate even for a bit then it reminds me that where I am isn’t where I desire to be. I look to my big WHY everyday if I can because I know I need that reminder in my life every so often.
World class training, from people whowalk their talk, real people getting results in their marketing, now, and you can click here for proof. Children do not develop a positive self-image because we pamper them, constantly tell them they are smart and great, and make no demands on them. When it comes to developing self-confidence, mastering pouring rice without spilling, baking bread from scratch, and learning all the geometric shapes works better than telling a child a thousand times how smart they are. One really beautiful thing that Montessori and other good learning experiences do is give a child a series of small successes. Multiply that experience a few hundred times as the child uses many different learning materials and you have a child who expects to be successful in whatever he sets out to do. Everything that helps children in becoming what they are in hinder from being what they are is regarded as education. An online school is a completely different monster than you would encounter in a traditional setting. Doesn’t sound like a very efficient way of taking notes now does it?  Whether you have been a victim to your own chaos or are just starting out, this guide will show you how to take notes like a pro, all the while confident you will be able to reference, study and understand them when the inevitable test comes along. The reason you take notes in class is to have a written record, in your own words, of pertinent information and important thoughts regarding the information thrown at you by your professors. When you are taking notes for class using pen and paper there are many different styles of writing and organizing notes.  You need to find your own system that you are comfortable with and can continue using effectively. This system is ideal if you are much more adept at writing notes in a quick and legible fashion. This system is also ideal when you are taking notes on a research paper from reading books, articles, listening to oral histories, or any other form of information gathering you might find yourself doing.
For those of you who are on the road, in the air, or not in a position to be carrying around a lot of paper and books to continue your education, taking notes in a digital form might be ideal for you. Two of these apps, Evernote and Simplenote, are very similar but have enough differences in order to warrant me using both together in harmony.
After all the notes have been taken and the class is over, I will organize all the different notes into folders called notebooks on the versatile app, Evernote. Finally, if there are large notes or papers, and I mean several pages large, I have to deal with in a class, I will store these in folders similar to Evernote but in Dropbox. What makes these apps so amazing is that they are not only used for personal computers, but in this new age of mobile computing, they all have apps for computers, tablets and even smartphones. Android (like me) – Dropbox and Evernote have First Party Apps but Simplenote hasn’t quite caught up to the trend. Every single app I have mentioned in this article are free on each system and only require an internet or cellular connection to download and interact with. 1,309The Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V: The V stands for Virtual DJ, which is the software you'll get with the unit, specially altered to match the hardware's features.Getting a new DJ controller this Christmas? Get access to all our free DJ training!Join 100,000 Digital DJ Tips members to get access to an exclusive area of all our free training articles & resources plus twice-weekly emails with the best of our tutorials, reviews and DJ news. I'd be interested to read a similar article on how Serato Intro came about and what's involved with bundling it seeing as how it's a brand new product and completely free (providing you already have the hardware, that is). The best ideology IMHO has been to include LE, then place offers for a discount on the full version.
All of VirtualDJ LEs distributed with controllers have an 'upgrade' discount to the VirtualDJ PRO Full.
But to the point of the skin looking like the controller, look at it from this perspective - the NEW user knows nothing about the hardware and most likely nothing about the software.
Cant say I agree wid LE versions myself u get Windows on every laptop u buy no one complains same should apply to controllers in my eyes.
With every laptop you buy you get kind of an LE version of Windows like Home Edition for example.
The really bad thing about controllers being shipped with software (LE or full) is that there's no returns -- so you can't try a product (unless it's on display in the store) and then return it if you're not satisfied with it.
Used VDJ LE for years when I purchased my first controller, Herc RMX, did a lot of gigs with it with no problems or hiccups, provided enough for me, as I became more proficent with the software and my needs became more advanced is when I upgraded to VDJ Pro. Santana’s debut album release was perfectly timed as it luck would have it, scheduled for Monday, August 18, 1969, just after the band’s historic performance at Woodstock.
By the early seventies, Santana had was already on the way to establishing his signature guitar tone. By the early eighties, Santana had discovered Paul Reed Smith guitars and began to use them exclusively.
After more than 40 years on the world stage, Carlos Santana is now at the pinnacle of his career and more popular and successful than he’s ever been. MNJ has been writing articles, reviews and blogs for the DV online magazine for the last five years or so. I am simply tired of not living on my own terms and not having complete control of my life.
My big why came from all my small whys and if you don’t have a big WHY then you can do the same as I did and compile your small whys, and summarize them into one big one. What can we do to instill in our children the belief that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to?
Proactively giving children certain experiences in their formative years helps them develop positive personality traits. What gives children self-confidence is mastering actual skills and learning useful information. If a young child is criticized, belittled, not allowed to try things, and treated as if all they require is being entertained by a TV until they are ready for school, that child will not have a positive self-image when the time comes.
Each time a child tries a new activity that is initially challenging and with effort masters it, she experiences tangible success. This is a powerful state of mind; and one of the primary benefits of early learning activities. For at least those few, rapidly moving years between birth and six, consistently devote time to helping your child develop a positive self-image.

This means that sports and games are also as important for kids’ personality development as are their curriculums. Even though, in an online school this is generally not done in person, information may be given to you in large segments, at rapid-fire speeds, or heaven forbid – both. Take the notes and write the surrounding information after the lecture is over when you are reviewing your thoughts and gathering more information. Then I will go back through and organize, clean up the grammar, or edit the note altogether if so warranted.
Each notebook can contain an infinite number of notes that can contain several different things from text, pictures, markups, and location markers.
This is a free cloud storage app that allows you to upload just about anything in a generally accepted file format. While I know everyone does not has the same system out there, I will give you all a list of the most common systems and the best apps for each program. Simplenote is an online Web App which means it’s a program that is run online, which unfortunately means you need an internet connection on your computer. They also all come with free accounts with limited space, or purchase significantly more space for little cost.
Chances are it'll come with a "light edition", or "LE" version of one of the major DJ software packages.
With the exception of the Hercules products, it was typically after the hardware was already on the market and manufactures wanted support within our Virtual DJ Pro product line. There is always a product manager (or central point of contact), a product hardware expert or two, and a cadre of testers. Serato ITCH, for instance, doesn't have much duplication at all, but then again it doesn't work at all without a controller plugged in. And as D-Jam says, if you already own software, what's the point of paying for it again and again every time you buy a new DJ controller? Still use it from time to time, but again, needs began to change, so I bought an SL1 box and learned Serato Scratch Live. You'll also get weekly news and offer emails and exclusive access to members-only DJ training. His father was a virtuoso mariachi violinist who encouraged his son to take up the instrument at age five. The band’s eclectic mix of West Coast, soul and Latin grooves layered with percussion and Hammond organ topped with Carlos’ soaring lead guitar was an immediate sensation.
There’s no denying that the set that Santana turned in – particularly their tour de force, Soul Sacrifice, was one of the highlights of the weekend and the subsequent film of the event. It wasn’t until a decade later that Santana and Smith collaborated on the Santana Signature model which was first in a long line of signature guitars including the Santana 1-3, the Santana MD and eventually the Santana 25th Anniversary model, released in 2010. His passion, virtuosity and cool attract the hippest artists to every new recording project that he and Clive Davis initiate, and always present in the music he makes is his unique and identifiable signature sound that has defined him as a musician. Although he has been playing for longer than he cares to remember and is now officially an 'oldie', he is still mad for all things guitar related and when not busy in his studio he's learning new songs, practising bluegrass guitar, painting his house and taking his dogs out. Before we delve into my small why’s I feel I need to give you a bit of a background about me so my small whys can be within context and perspective. We are now in 2013 and it’s not getting any better for me because I seem to be trading more of my time for some form of remuneration. I have reached a point where it’s time to take some action or else I should just suck it up, become a herded sheep like a majority of people, and work till I am no longer required with nothing to show for my hard work at the end of it all.
How am I meant to be in their lives when it’s already challenging to be in my wife’s life at the moment, due to both of our work commitments?
If we want to help our children optimize everything from their brain architecture to their self-image, the early years are when the action goes down.
In order for you to understand what you wrote down later on for a test or research project, there has to be some form of organization.
The middle is used for the notes themselves with paragraph breaks after each note.  There is a summary at the bottom and the most important part, the reference marker, goes on the left of each note for quick scanning and searching of the notes.
It does not have the ability to edit the files online, but you can download them onto your computer or device and do what needs to be done. Dropbox comes with 2GB initially with the opportunity to increase to 16GB through different offers and promotions. Designed to get you going right out of the box, these programs offer fewer features than the full versions, and are often customised to make your first experience with DJ software as painless as possible.With Serato (Intro), Traktor (LE) and Virtual DJ (LE) all in on the act, we though it was high time to find out a bit more about how such software ends up on that DVD tucked in with your USB cable and quickstart leaflet when you unpack your brand new controller. Then it shifted to adding Virtual DJ LE as an alternative product to be bundled with existing hardware.
If for some reason your controller broke or you didn't have it but still wanted to DJ, obviously having this duplication on the screen is essential.
At least in Canada that's the case due to the unique key that comes with the software -- so you don't 'steal' the software and return the product to get your money back. The family later moved north to the border town of Tijuana, where Carlos started learning the guitar and began listening to the powerful American radio stations that were playing records by John Lee Hooker, T. The massive sound of the little Boogie allowed Santana to sustain notes far longer than any of his previous stock Fender amps had allowed and with a rich, creamy distortion that hadn’t been heard from any small amp before. As well as the expensive Signature guitars, PRS also currently build a more affordable version as part of their SE range, the Santana SE. I know you may have come across this phrase before online or in a seminar, and I’m with you because I have as well. That’s when the brain has the highest degree of ‘plasticity’, the ability to adapt and change. If we indulge in being timid, moody, negative, depressed, angry, insensitive, arrogant, hypercritical, and are prone to verbal nastiness, guess what our children will learn?
Their curiosity and internal drive to develop draws them to it like a bee to honey and they go at it. For taking notes, there are two ways you can do this: analog or digital, writing them down on paper or transcribing them into some note organization system online. There is nothing to distract me, nothing to take my focus away or anything that might put a damper on my studying.
All of which are collected in a Notebook Stack, which is just the fancy name for a folder of notebooks.
Join now to comment, and to get access to exclusive site content including our friendly forum, plus weekly news and offer emails. 4, eventually going double-platinum and becoming no.150 in Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of all time.

Carlos Santana still favours Mesa Boogie amplifiers but complements them with several Dumble reverb heads and custom built speaker cabinets. Actually, make that several Les Pauls, a Strat, a Tele, an ES-335, a vintage Martin and some boutique amps. I have attended more than enough seminars in my life to know enough is enough, and its that time to take absolute action. I have a good job, which allows me to put food on the table, and allows my boss to continue being a wealthy man.
These two questions alone are enough to make any person find their big WHY and begin to move mountains, so to speak. How can we help children develop self-confidence while learning to respect the rights and abilities of others? If we expect the world to accommodate our negative side and don’t at least try to change, that is what our kids will do.
I wrote it to show parents how to be effective in helping their children reach more of their true potential. I started by writing the manual for version 4 and providing technical support to our user community. And there are more to come where we have worked closely with the manufacturer upfront.Additionally, we are now sent almost every new controller developed, at the manufacturing sample stage, to ensure it works with Virtual DJ Pro right out of the box regardless of the software it may be bundled with. We’ll test what we create internally and then send that work to the manufacturer, which starts the back and forth process. More hits followed, with Oye Como Va and Peter Green’s Black Magic Woman, sending Santana’s second album Abraxas to no.1 for six weeks. He then began a long association with the Yamaha SG2000 which, when plugged into the Boogie, produced the definitive Santana tone which can be heard on ‘78’s Moonflower album – cutting, saturated distortion and with seemingly endless sustain without vibrato. Kids in Montessori schools typically exhibit self-confidence and get along with each other.
We had already established a great relationship with companies like Hercules with our "DJ Console" product line from prior versions. And, there are manufacturers that have changed their mind mere weeks before the first manufacturing run and made requests for bundling LE.What are the "variants" of LE software? Some of the larger corporations like Denon and Pioneer have entire divisions that handle Q&A for all of their product lines.
There really wasn't anything like an LE DJ software product five years ago. Sure, you had "trial" versions but the hardware really wasn't there yet for DJs.
By age 14, his family had moved to San Francisco, where Carlos began attending the Fillmore, Winterland, and Avalon ballrooms. In his late teens he discovered the West Coast sound of the Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, the Grateful Dead and the Quicksilver Messenger Service, which convinced Carlos that all he wanted to do was play the guitar. The Montessori Prepared Environment, with its many learning materials and simple rules the children follow, is incredibly effective in helping children develop confidence in their own abilities and a realization that they share the world and need to respect everyone’s rights. Still, we can do our best to model behaviors we want our children to develop, without denying or disguising our faults. I notice some are skinned, some aren't, some have various features removed, some don't - who decides these things?We offer as a design consideration the opportunity for the manufacture to request a custom skin that reflects the design of the controller shipping with the LE software. That can sometimes be a very time consuming process but always a great experience for us.But, being a DJ, and having used VirtualDJ since version 2, and doing the integration of the controller; I am not afraid to take a pre-production controller on a gig and use it!
That design is customised to the controller functionality as well, so what the user sees happening on the controller happens on the interface.As we all know, each hardware company has their own unique way of making their products function. By the end of the process, every feature and function has been tested and re-tested on both sides.The pros and cons of LE softwareWhat are your views on the whole LE vs full version debate?Limited Edition software has its place, but it is a "double-edged sword" if I can use that analogy. Kids pick up on that. Montessori and other preschool Teachers learn behaviors that make them, hopefully, good role models for the children in their care. For example, a Denon unit works a little different than a Pioneer product, which is slightly different from Vestax. The primary purpose is intended to give the new hardware owner the opportunity to learn the features of the controller. But I think as long as there is hardware being made there will be a place for LE versions of software.Have you been satisfied with the LE software that came with your controller?
We can customise the interface and functionality so that a previous customer of these products "knows" how to use it right out of the box. There are plenty of features that a new DJ getting started has at their fingertips in the LE, but as they progress in their DJ skills they can only continue to grow by getting the full Pro version of the software.And, the double edge is if a seasoned DJ picks up a new controller, then they will get bored with the limited features real quick. And for over 20 years, I have worked also as a DJ, holding several different residencies, and also working a mobile DJ. I believe this is one of the unique services we offer that makes the whole learning experience for the user more fun and exciting when they get their new hardware.How long does it typically take to prepare a version of LE software for a company?It can come down to a couple different factors. Get your child together with other children and help them learn to interact in positive ways. First being the custom skin, that can have an impact because not only does it take time to build the graphics (and in some cases get the graphics from the manufacture), but there is the entire review and approval process.
People think they should get the "whole" experience in the software that comes with their controller and quickly forget that what they paid for is the controller, not the software. The LE software is only there to give them something to use immediately, in order to learn the controller's capabilities.How many LE versions have you worked on?Honestly, I have lost count. If you get into it, a whole new world of understanding of who your child really is will open up.
For me it is really about bringing as much support to the manufacturer's products as possible. If part of the deal is the packaging of the LE product then that is an extra perk for us and chance to get Virtual DJ into more DJs' hands.What's the biggest problem you've ever had to overcome in adapting software for a manufacturer, and how did you do it?I wouldn't say there have been 'problems', but more like challenges!
Just this year alone, we have brought support to over 70 different hardware controllers and over half of those are being shipped with LE. Sure it happens, and of course there is not one controller concept out there that will satisfy 100% of the market. So, it's is always about the complete package representing the both the controller and the software that is the biggest challenge to overcome.

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