Do you have a DSLR camera and love to take pictures, but find that the pictures you take appear fake or posed?
My style of professional photography is candid, which is also a favourite style for my wedding photography and other professional photography clients.
When you are not asked to smile, you are more likely to be relaxed and if you are smiling because the situation is humourous or because someone said something funny then you are more likely to smile naturally and in the end, like the picture of yourself! I love sharing my ideas, concepts, tools, and techniques with photographers who want to learn how to take amazing photographs.
In this course, I will unveil six tricks that I use when planning to capture people in their natural state.
In addition to teaching you pro-level photography tips, this course will give you some insight into how candid photos can really mean a lot to people.
Learn why people love and appreciate the stories candid photographs tell and why it’s easier to capture a natural smile than it is a posed one. I hope to add to my course selection in the near future, so if there is another photographic technique or photography problem that you would like to see discussed in an online course setting, leave a comment and let me know.
Recent Blog PostsThe Secret Beauty Found in a Storage LockerJust the other day my husband sent me a link he came across that blew him away.
Christine takes pride in her community and does what she can to give back, while maintaining a sustainable business. Learn how to take better photos of succulents and other flowers no matter your skill level.

So, today I want to share threeA tips for photographing succulents (and other flowers) and also tell you about an amazing class just about photographing flowers. They definitely can get too much heat, and I actually have a post about it :) Check it out here.
I'm Cassidy, a professional photographer turned succulent addict and the author and photographer here at Succulents and Sunshine.
Growing succulents indoors is tricky business if you dona€™t know the proper soil, sunlight and watering requirements. Would you like to multiply your lonely collection of succulents into dozens—and even hundreds—more? If you're looking for simple, quick tips to help you get started with succulents, this is the guide for you! These 30 tips cover the basics from buying and planting succulents to designing beautiful arrangements with them. Or do you have problems getting your subjects to smile, laugh or look like they are having fun?
I have taught hundreds of photographers in a classroom setting learn how to use their camera like a pro.
And when one person smiles, the person close to them will probably smile too (after all smiles are contagious!).
It is this love, combined with my love of candid photography that pushed me to create an accessible and affordable online course teaching photographers how to take great candid photographs. You may be surprised at how grateful people will be when they see that you have captured their smile in its natural state – and how quick they will be to praise the candid photography style.

I also encourage you to join my active and ever-growing Hobby to Pro Photography Facebook Group. You’ll also find out how to take better photos in harsh lighting too which is great for travel photography! I love reading your emails about succulents, have a few succulents of my own, and now am excited to attempt close-up photos. Avoid the number one cause of unhealthy succulents with the tips and techniques in this ebook! But you can make succulents work for you, you just need to know the right way to care for them! I have taught these same photographers how the pictures they take can tell a story unlike any written word. Many times people feel that they look the most authentic or like their true selves when they are not looking directly at the camera, or when they don’t know the camera is even there.
I also encourage course students to engage with one another and myself through the discussion board available within the course setting to learn additional tips. I’ve found that a lot of gardeners and succulent lovers are also photography enthusiasts.

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