Since this blog is all about learning how to make a hairbow, here’s a post that includes a bunch of my free bow making videos so you can learn right now for free.
Twisted Boutique Bow VIDEO: This bow is great and used for a lot of different stacked and layered bows so you will definitely want to learn how to make a hairbow this way. 1 – Use hot glue or E6000 and also sew your bows to get them to stay together well so they will last a long time.
If you are ready to learn more than from these free videos, please check out my full course on how to make boutique bows. Easy Hair Bow – Perfect for Teens VIDEO – This video is so easy to follow and the bow is so simple to make. I liked the loopy hair bow video because you used yarn with ribbon together which gives it a great look.
Need free cheer bow instructions?  Check out my free lesson on how to make a cheer bow that you will just love!  This fun pom pom bow is just one example of a cheer bow you can learn how to make with ribbon.
Macrame is an old art of tying together textile fibers to form intricate patterns that can be used on lace and other fabrics that can serve many purposes. The basic equipment that you would need to make your own Baby Blue Macrame bracelet can be easily found within your home.
Okay now that we’ve talked about supplies and shown you some samples, it’s time to learn how to make a bow out of ribbon.
How to Make a Tuxedo Hair Bow – Great for little girls, dog hair bows, or even to use to decorate a package as an extra special gift attachment! Now that you have three types of ribbon bows you can make, it’s time to decide what bows you want to make more of!
If you need further instructions for making bows, I’d suggest looking past Youtube and other online tutorials and instead picking up a DVD. Be sure to do your research prior to making a purchase of hair bow tutuorials and you’ll see that my DVD courses are the best-selling instructions online for the last 3 years and counting. It’s great for a small and simple bow but can also be made with larger ribbon as well. They are one bow I really love and was so excited to learn this when I was first taught how to make a hairbow because I used to wear these fun and poofy bows as a kid. You can also check out all the 5 star ratings and comments I’ve received on my hairbows courses here. You can save time and effort by simply connecting your Facebook account to automatically sign in to our site.
Some haute couture designers are already using Macrame fabrics in their collections to give it a stylishly unique look.

Although there are many things that you can create loops with, ribbon is the most popular way to go and typically the cheapest as well.
These are also the most popular videos that I’ve posted on Youtube which have hundreds of thousands of views and tons of “likes” and comments.
I personally love hair bows the best but there are also plenty of times that I’ll use the decorative bows, especially around the holidays. Believe it or not, there are DOZENS of ways to make simple tulle bows, not just one technique. That way you can have videos in your home which you can watch any time and easily rewind and pause. I always stay away from companies that don’t provide contact information, have a free sample of their product, and don’t answer my emails.
Now that I can make them, I just love using all kinds of beautiful ribbons (various colors, patterns, and widths) to make unique loopy bows.
3 – Practice making loops and bows with an inexpensive ribbon so you can experiment before committing to it. You can use strings that are used for cross stitching as the cords to make your Macrame bracelet. The wider ribbons will be for cheer bows and OTT larger bows so you don’t have to worry about trying to find them unless you are creating those types.
Christmas is a GREAT time to showcase all your beautiful ribbon decorations around your house, on wreaths, on your Christmas tree, and even on all your gifts and presents. Tulle can be found on rolls in almost any craft store, which is my favorite way to purchase them.
The basic supplies for bowmaking are as follows: ribbon, hot glue gun, craft wire, and a good pair of scissors.
Secrets to Bow Making Success and MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success are the two hair bow courses which I’ve created.
Simply contact me and I’ll be sure to provide a response that will help you as you learn bow making. Just take time to practice getting your twist correct so it looks right when you show off your finished bow. 4 – Learn the basic bows like butterfly, boutique, and pinwheel, then build more bows from there.
Many people decide to learn this specific art to produce unique accessories that people from all ages would love. Baby Blue Macrame bracelets are the perfect gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas season. You can learn how to tie Macrame knots by searching for detailed instructions over the internet.

The wider ribbon has to be special ordered online since craft stores do not carry them in stock.
You can also buy tulle on a roll but then you have to cut it and that can be challenging to make sure it is even and the edges all look great.
I’ve been offering these instructions for more than 3 years now and have hundreds of positive testimonials as well as thousands of 5 star reviews.
I also give a free sample of my DVD prior to purchase so you know that it’s a quality product. Because of its color, it can be given to both your male and female friends as a friendship band. The basic Macrame knots that you would need to learn would be the Half Knot, the Cat’s Paw Hitch and the Chinese Snake Knot. The great thing about this craft is that minimal materials are required so it is cheap to start creating.
The advantage of paid instructions is that you’ll often learn more than you can find for free online plus you’ll be able to learn from a professional bow maker that can help you out via email any time you have a question or need some additional assistance. Cut a strip of lace ribbon and stick to the bottom of your card, add the sentiment on top to finish. Learning how to make Baby Blue Macrame bracelets is easy because you would only need to learn how to do a few basic knots to be able to produce one bracelet.
The names of the knots sound more complicated than they really are but when you finally start on making your first Macrame knot, you will be surprised to know that it’s not complicated at all. Unlike many other crafts that can be time consuming and expensive to start, bow making is simple and can cost under $10 to begin creating. Oh and I have a 60 day return policy so you can really be sure that you are learning from the best.
Do you like this project then tell us below, we would love to hear what you are making for Valentinea€™s Day, you can also share it in our project gallery. Making Macrame friendship bands do not require too much concentration so it can be done during your spare time like when you are watching TV or when you are waiting at the bus stop.

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