If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, instead of going to the URL and searching each time, you can set the SSL version as default. By default, when one types a term into the address bar of Firefox (even if it not a URL), it automatically fetches the most likely website related to that term according to Google. This is a nice feature but I recently found myself wanting to get the Google results page instead of being randomly thrown a website by the search engine.
To change the default search method, we have to take advantage of Firefox’s discrete internal settings. This website uses IntenseDebate comments, but they are not currently loaded because either your browser doesn't support JavaScript, or they didn't load fast enough.
Linux Mint 13 just got released and I have been using it (MATE edition) on my laptop for nearly a week and from my experience, this is a very nice and stable release. As always on a freshly installed system, the first thing you need to do is to update the packages. If your computer has a dedicated graphic card, you should consider installing the proprietary driver for it. After installing the driver, you need to reboot the system for the new driver to take effect. In Linux Mint 13, Firefox uses two search engines, Yahoo search if you use the search box and DuckDuckGo if you search in the address box. To change the search engine of the address bar from DuckDuckGo to Google, you open Firefox , type about:config on the address bar. Linux Mint 13 comes with very few themes and icon sets so I think everybody would love to get more themes and icon to decorate the desktop. If you are interested in conky like me, you can check my articles about beautiful conky configs.
You can use the Mint Menu to search for and launch applications or access quickly to preferred folders.

You may find that after you remove some applications out of and add new ones into the Favorite List, the icons arent arranged into the order you want and you cannot drag these icons around on the menu.
Besides the root partition, there are several other partitions in the hard drive of my laptop. There are actually many ways to auto mount partitions in Linux, one of them is to use a tool called  "pysdm". After that, click on the Assistant button on the right and you will have a menu to customize the behavior of each partition. Just do that to all the partitions you want to mount at booting up and next time, you dont need to manually mount these partition anymore.
By default, the desktop of Linux Mint 13 always displays the icons of mounted partitions and USB drives and I think that makes the desktop ugly. Compiz is an awesome tool, you can do a lot of cool things with it so I recommend everybody to install Compiz. I myself at times need to run some Windows applications so Wine is always a must-have tool for me. It’s also very convenient to be able to search directly from the address bar as it reduces the amount of typing done. Launch Firefox, and type about:config in the address bar to launch the hidden internal settings. However, depending on personal need and preference, users still need to tweak and customize a few things to make it more usable. To do so, you can click on the shield icon on the notification area, enter the password and the update manager will appear.
When the open source driver does get the job done, it still cannot hold a candle to the proprietary one. I always prefer Google over these search engines so one of the first things I did after installing Linux Mint 13 was to change the Firefox search engine back to Google search.

You will see a warning, just click on the "I'll be careful" button to go to the config page.
To customize the Mint Menu, right click on it and choose the Preferences option and the Menu preferences window will open.
If you are using Linux Mint 13 too and have any other ideas, please tell me by giving a comment. Because these settings are sensitive, Firefox gives a warning from which to proceed you must click on the “I’ll be careful, I promise” button. Type keyword.url in the Filter textbox to narrow down to the setting that we want to change. By default, the value of this config setting provides Google with the parameters to perform a “I’m feeling lucky” search. To check for available proprietary drivers, open the Mint menu, go to control center then Additional Drivers then select the driver to install. I may be accused of being flamboyant but a conky setup was the first thing I got for my Linux Mint 13 desktop. And I hate it when I tried to access a file from an application, I realized that I forgot to mount these partitions. If you are using an ATI card, I recommend you to pick the second driver in the additional drivers window since the first one had caused my system to crash. Vous pouvez supprimer les moteurs de recherche indesirables.Mettre Google sur Internet ExplorerSur Internet Explorer, tout depend de la version utilisee.
Voici la marche a suivre pour IE9, quelques differences peuvent apparaitre si vous utilisez une autre version.

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