Keyword research using proven keyword tools like some of the paid programs or the free Google External Keyword Tool is unquestionably the number one most important activity for anyone marketing on the Internet.
To be successful online we have to face the fact that people find information online by searching, and the words that they type into the search boxes become valuable keywords. The first thing most people learn about search engine optimization is that keywords are an important component.
To make those keywords even more obvious to the search engines, experts suggest bolding the keywords throughout the article, italicizing them, or even putting them in as anchor text so they stand out. Bij het starten van een website of beheren van een website is het erg belangrijk om je doelgroep in kaart te hebben en te houden. De Google Keyword Tool is bedoeld om ideeen op te doen waar je doelgroep nog meer op zoekt. Hieronder laten we zien hoe de Google Keyword Tool werkt en hoe je deze kunt inzetten voor je eigen website. 2) We kunnen nu 2 dingen doen: we vullen we zelf een paar woorden in zodat de Google Keyword Tool gerelateerde zoeksuggesties kan geven of we vullen onze website url in zodat de Google Keyword Tool gerelateerde zoeksuggesties met betrekking tot je website kan geven. 3) Onder dit vak heb je de weergave optie om alleen ideeen te zien die gerelateerd zijn aan je zoekopdracht of zo breed mogelijk. 4) We hebben ook de mogelijkheid om wat filters in te stellen voor onze zoeksuggestie lijst. 5) De laatste optie die we even willen doornemen voordat we de zoeksuggesties gaan bekijken zit aan de linkerkant van je scherm “Opties voor zoekwoorden”.
Before you create your website you should find out how many people are interested in what you are about to write about.
To demonstrate the power of the keyword tool we will imagine that you want to determine whether a website topic about 'traveling to Prague' has potential. Now let's looks at something that, in terms of what people are interesting in, might not be a good niche using the keyword tool. As determined above 'Prague Travel' has 90,500 total search volume per month and 190,000 search results. An efficiency ratio of 2.09 tells us that for every search of the keywords 'Prague Travel' there are around 2 search results.
My name is Roman and I want to provide you with an honest account of what it takes to make money with a website.
At the beginning I did not know anything about websites, SEO, blogs, and how long it takes to make money with a website.
One question I usually hear on the SEO industry, especially for beginners is: Where can I download an external keyword tool?
By default, Google offers its own Keyword research tool by signing up into their Adwords program (it’s free, try it here).
Google Adwords Keyword tool allows you to Keyword Research some of them most important factors to rank a page on Google.
Competition: In the case of Adwords, this competition number represents how many people is offering and paying Google to appear on Banners.
CPC (Cost per Click): Which indicates the value of a click in case someone clicks an Adsense ad in your blog. Google Adwords Keyword tool is great to do keyword research and helps us with SEO competition and analysis.
Now, Market Samurai isn’t an Official Tool from Google, but it offers all the information and gets a lot of it directly from Adwords Keyword Tool, but also from many other sources including Bing and SEO Majestic. The best thing of Market Samurai is that it’s a Desktop application, and works flawlessly on Windows and Mac OS X Operating systems.
You can even install it on 5 different computers and activate it within the same serial, which you can reset at anytime from your account’s dashboard. SEOT (SEO Traffic): represents the quantity of  DAILY visitors you can really get if your article is ranked number 1 on Google.
PBR:  allows you to understand if people is looking for that specific keyword or going through similar ones. SEOC (SEO Competition): totally different to the competition from the Adwords tool, this one shows you how many websites are competing on the internet for that specific keyword. SEOV (SEO Value): which shows you an estimate of how much you could earn by using Adsense advertisement on your blog combined with being the number 1 in Google search results. There are more things I could show you here, but that’s the reason I wrote my Market Samurai Review (updated 2012) so you can learn more about it and how to get the most out of it. In fact, I recently wrote an article on how to find your competitor’s backlinks and to beat them! I know there are a lot of keywords tools out there that really don’t do anything special. About Servando SilvaI'm a full time Affiliate Marketing Expert and blogger in my free time.
Learn how to rank in the first spot of Google and master other traffic sources to monetize your traffic!
So how do you take advantage of your best keyword opportunities by putting them to work on your website?
Get thousands of keyword suggestions for your website from a database of more than a trillion unique search queries, giving you more keywords, faster, than even paid keyword tools.
Eliminate waste in your pay-per-click campaigns by identifying irrelevant keywords that could burn through your budget—before they cost you money. With WordStream's free tools, you can take action on your website keywords—they aren't just an inert list with nothing but potential. Group keywords: Segmenting your keywords into small, semantically related groups is the single most effective step you can take toward better grades on your SEO report card and higher PPC ROI!
Set negative keywords: Remove the junk keywords that aren't profitable for your website from your keyword research. Write keyword-rich website copy: Create optimized landing pages and blog posts using our content creation tools. Create ad groups: You can convert keyword groups to ad groups for your PPC campaigns at the click of a button. WordStream's keyword tools increase the value and relevance of your website from the perspective of search engines and, more importantly, search engine users.
Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget. Last week, we published a post about how to choose and implement the right keywords to use on your marketing site. For our yoga studio example, we wouldn’t want to target keywords with a low amount of local searches and a high amount of global searches because most, if not all, of your business is going to come from your local community. Sign up for the Boostsuite NewsletterReceive the latest news on BoostSuite, tips for improving your website and special offers only for newsletter subscribers. Over 28,000 businesses trust BoostSuite.Build your audience by putting the network to work for you. Drive valuable traffic to your website by combining forces with like-minded businesses to cleverly share customers.
Googlea€™s AdWords Keyword Tool is usually one of the first free SEO keyword tools internet marketers use. The Keyword List Generator allows you to enter up to five groups of keyword terms and modifiers.
SEMRusha€™s Competitors Research tool will show you which keywords your competitors are targeting.
The search result will provide several reports and metrics available for exploration: Organic research, advertising research, backlinks and keyword research.
Examining the competitors section under organic research can also be helpful during the keyword research process. I agree that Google AdWords provides numerical data that is incredibly important for keyword research, although it is good to see that there are other tools that provide different insights. Nick, I agree – that is a pretty valuable feature and can end up saving a lot of time!

Cool list I haven’t used any of these tools before, I usually do keyword research on Google AdWords, but never spent time researching keywords targeted by competitors, I have heard of SemRush but never used it the way you describe.
I was looking at it after the article, it is very impressive and provides lots of detail for free, though the SE traffic is completely inaccurate as most are unless there are tracking scripts installed on site. When people use a phrase or a term when they search Google or other search engines to look for a particular product, service or information, the businesses who sell those products or services would want to be found on Google’s page one, above millions of others. If you’re a beginner in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and bumped into this article, I suppose you have already been reading a lot more about SEO, even before hitting this page, and been advised by most SEO beginner’s sites that targeting a good Keyword(s) is the key to a successful SEO campaign.
That is certainly true and you’ve come to the right page to learn the basics of Keyword Research.
Broad Match allows us to find keywords on similar phrases and relevant variations.  For bloggers, broad match is useful but that again depends upon your blog type and target. 7) Approximate CPC (Cost per click) shows approximately what an advertiser would pay for a click in his ad. We can freely choose any from these column options depending on the type of information we want. Now, from these suggestions, we can then pick those that closely fit and are related: ‘land surveyor’ and ‘land surveying jobs’ .
Results show us the details for Broad Search type.  This is suggesting that ‘land surveyor’ has 74,000 searches monthly.
As for generating Keyword ideas, Google will only give you 100 keywords maximum if you do not have an Adwords account. Lastly, we will quickly touch an underutilized section in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool which is the website box as show below. This can be helpful especially if you are a newbie to a specific target market and you already know your top competitors in that same target market. All we need to do, as shown above, is to put in the competitor’s website and search for the keywords they are being found for.
Since we now have one or more keywords related to our target market, our next step is finding out how to use these keywords efficiently on our websites, blog posts and articles, ads and other components of your marketing campaign. How to use these keywords to help in your online marketing campaign is another lesson or really a series of lessons on Search Engine Optimization. If you know the trends and can identify what people are searching for, and specifically what words they use in those search boxes to find that information, you can be there waiting for them with the information they seek.
Those keywords should be in the title, in the H2 and H3 tags, in the name and description of pictures and visuals on that post, and in the list of meta keyword tags and the meta description for that post. Google’s external keyword tool is a perfect starting point before you consider investing in something more elaborate.
Als je bijvoorbeeld ‘telefoon kopen’ gebruikt, dan zal de Google Keywoord Tool onder andere laten zien dat het de moeite waard is om proberen te scoren op ‘mobiel telefoon kopen’ aangezien daar je doelgroep ook op zoekt.
Wij zouden adviseren om dit niet aan te vinken zodat je een volledige zoeksuggestie lijst krijgt.
Als je richt op de Nederlandse markt dan zou je zowel de taal als locatie even op Nederlands moeten zetten. Hier kan je aangeven op welke manier er gezocht moet worden op de zoekwoorden (breed, exact of woordgroep).
Wij hebben de optie voor zoekwoorden op even [Exact] gezet zodat we een goede indruk krijgen op welke combinaties onze doelgroep zoekt.
If you build a website about 'Prague Travel' there are more potential visitors than if you build one about 'Gerbil Care'. Because you are not the only one using this tool, other people also know that 'Prague Travel' beats 'Gerbil Care'. Only you would know what people are interested in and so you could target niches with the highest interest. And finally you can see what your competition is doing wrong and make sure that you do not make the same mistake. So in this case 'Prague Travel' would be a better choice to consider as a possible niche for a website. You want to create a website about travel to Prague but you are not sure whether you should use the keywords 'travel prague' or 'prague tourism'.
A clear indication that 'Prague Travel' is a much better keyword phrase than 'Prague Tourism'.
In the case of 'Prague Travel' you need to compete against 2 other websites and for 'Prague Tourism' you need to compete against 8.
Google Adwords is Google’s advertising Network for Advertisers (not publishers) and it includes a Keyword tool to setup campaigns that have better value. I’ve used it on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (right now) and I also have it installed on my Macbook Air running Mountain Lion. These tools may give you a list of keywords for your website, but they won't help you do anything with those keywords. This free tool delivers value-added, structured keyword suggestions ready to use in search campaigns. Websites need extensive lists of relevant, long-tail keywords—longer, less common keyword phrases that show high intent.
You don’t want to optimize your website for a keyword that very few people in your area are searching for! Ryan is a sports fanatic, avid golfer, devoted runner, beer connoisseur, Internet marketing zealot and live music enthusiast.
BoostSuite connects you with thousands of other businesses who already have the audience and content you need. This research is the foundation on which search engine marketing and optimization campaigns are built. But attracting interested and engaged visitors will help you convert prospective consumers. However, Googlea€™s unlimited results and lack of actionable suggestions can be discouraging to marketers of all skill levels. Results include a keyword score, Google PageRank, social media mention metrics, anchor text analysis, an image optimization breakdown and an external link examination. She enjoys writing on a variety of topics, including marketing, social media, careers and technology. The one advantage I do like about Google AdWords is you can click on a keyword to search for the term right in Google to see what other sites are using the keyword and what associations that keyword has in relation to the search results on the first page. I love SEMRush – it can be really insightful for keyword research as well as market research. For this to happen, one must know which of these phrases or terms – called keywords – will be used by the most people to search for that product or service. The three keyword matching options determine how we find keywords after the Keyword Tool is generated. For example if you searched for “blue jeans” you wouldn’t get “jeans blue” because that isn’t the same phrase. We can choose a match type by ticking on the checkbox corresponding to your desired Match type.
Google placed it to show relative competition among advertisers bidding on that keyword.  But some experts ignore it as it’s usually not very accurate. Since we applied the filter for the USA as country we will probably notice a big difference between global and local search volume. Most SEO experts recommend using this column to pick higher than average CPC keywords, which tells you where advertisers are bidding more, thus probably more valuable keywords. As we know more about SEO tricks and tips, we may be able to use and maximize all of the options this keyword tool offers. If we look to the list, we can see ‘land surveyor jobs’ as a High-Medium Traffic Keyword as it has  5,400 local monthly searches and seems to be a fit and closely related to our target market.
This will give us a list of all the prominent keywords that the website uses and allows us to match the competition for those keywords. But SEO is much more than using keyword tools to do research and then writing shooting for a 4% density of those words.

If you take the time to place keywords are in all those positions, it makes sense to take the time to use a keyword tool because you’d better be picking the right ones. I use templates right now and probable won’t venture from this at this point, I see that your wisdom will help me and for that, I am appreciative.
Hoe groter het aantal, hoe meer er op gezocht zal worden; maar onthoud dat het puur is om een indicatie te krijgen.
Daarnaast zou je ook nog kunnen aangeven dat je alleen maar boven een bepaald aantal zoekopdrachten wilt terug zien. Altijd was ik bezig met het ontwikkelen van websites, het optimaliseren van alle pagina's en een top positie in Google proberen te scoren.
So they provide a tool that you can use free of charge to find out what people are interested in.
Using the keyword tools lets find out how many people do a search for 'gerbil care' every month. That means that there will be more competition for the term 'Prague Travel' than 'Gerbil Care'.
But unfortunately everybody can use the keyword tool and everybody can find out which keywords have the highest interest.
We can make this guess because the Keyword tool told us that there is a lot less interest in 'Gerbil Care'. There are advantages to being the first in a market, but there are also advantages to being the newest participant a€“ you can learn from everybody else.
An example of a market inefficiency is when there are not enough available seats in the movie theater for all the people that want to see the movie.
Since it uses Adobe Air as its platform, as long as you have it installed you’re good to go. If you’re not really convinced about it, they even have a free trial so you can test it (full functionality) and decide if it fits your needs. I’ve bought some of them and got disappointed, but Market Samurai is still working hard and I use it on a daily basis to write each one of my articles to get the most out of them.
Drop in a list of keywords or analytic data and get back an organized keyword structure ready for relevant PPC and SEO campaigns. It’s important to research, implement, and test different keyword iterations on your site to figure out which ones are most effective at increasing targeted website traffic, and as a result, customers. You will see additional information specific to each keyword such as the competition level, global monthly searches, and local monthly searches. When he’s not indulging in all things content marketing he can be found on the links, running 5ks, or sampling IPAs. With BoostSuite you can run a successful online marketing program in less than an hour a week.
Poor keyword research and targeting might be the reason youa€™re not currently getting the results you desire. Each section of the report also suggests tips and tricks to improve keyword and page rankings. If youa€™re struggling with keyword performance and conversions, CrawlerFX provides the best free SEO advice. Although they will likely attract less traffic, the traffic they do generate will be of much higher quality. Clicking on the number of SE keywords for each site will provide you with a list of their keywords used and their current ranking and internal URL.
Identifying these most common search terms and the search volume in a given period is called Keyword Research. It is an official product from Google, which gives us a traffic estimation of target keywords. We’ll then set-up the options and filters by 1) clicking on Advanced Options and Filters before Finding Keywords.
If we only want to check visitors from the United States for example, we will choose United States and English as Language.
For most users Competition, Global Monthly searches, Local Monthly Searches and Estimated Avg. This doesn’t mean you will get that many clicks, but you would be exposed to that many searchers. Since creating an Adwords account is free, it would be easy to look find those 800 keywords.
They display their results in the order they believe to be the most relevant for their customers who search using their sites. De overige velden spreken naar ons idee voor zichzelf, zo is de ‘lokale maandelijkse zoekopdrachten’ vooral interessant als je alleen in Nederland geinteresseerd bent. Ik heb veel verschillende website gehad; bij al deze websites stond Internet Marketing centraal. Also notice that the advertiser competition is not as much for 'Gerbil Care' as it is for 'Prague Travel'.
Therefore everybody comes to the same conclusion and everybody builds websites about the highest interest keywords.
If you pick a niche with lots of interest there will be lots of competition, and if you pick a niche with little competition there will be little interest. A sold out theater where people are turned away because the theater is full is an example of market inefficiency. Whether your goals are to sell, educate or increase inbound leads, these targeted phrases will help you reach your goals.
The CSV file can be uploaded through other tools to determine relevance for both SEO and pay per click campaigns. It is an online free tool which allows you to see numbers and data from the most popular search engine, Google, and what people search on their sites. CPC will be sufficient but you can test the other columns to see if they are useful to you.
Before even putting a keyword to the Find Keyword section, did you question how to come up with a keyword to put in this space? And, depending on your ranking on the first page, you might get a large percentage of these clicks.
To keep people coming back to their search engine they need to give sound, accurate, relevant results. Mijn doel is om met mijn opgebouwde kennis en passie voor internet marketing jullie websites te verbeteren. If you create a good website and if you do proper marketing people will come to visit your site because they are interested in a€?Prague Travela€™. It is the basic free market rule: where there is more money to be made there will also be more competition.
Many times the word YOU use for a product or service may not be what the “layman” uses during the search.
Aside from, uhm, thinking and brainstorming myself, I usually use Google instant search to help me generate keyword ideas. But what if “home based business specialist” gets 10,000 searches a month with low competition and “home business expert” gets 100,000 with low competition? For example, if you sell “deoxyribonucleic acid kits” you might be searched for more often as “DNA kits.” You must know these commonly searched terms if you want to be found by those looking for your product or service.
The Google Adwords Keyword Tool will give you what your website visitors really use to search and how many people are looking for that term, both nationally and globally.
And that’s why keyword research using proven keyword tools is critical to being found online.

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