Or if you’re just getting starting with content creation for your marketing on the Internet, you will learn a useful approach to thinking about your keyword selection.
The types of keywords you should use in the content you’re creating depend on your goal(s). For the example of this blog, we’re going to say that you are marketing to other network marketers.
In other words, what keyword terms cover the language used by people who work in a particular area or who have a common interest? Again, keywords can be just a single word, two or three words, and multiple words that are theme based.
Note: Using your theme single keyword -tho competitive- occasionally throughout your content is a good practice.
It is estimated that 70% of the people out there are trying to rank for the head keywords, which leaves the playing field wide open for those who are utilizing long tail keywords. But, as you rank in the search engines, and depending on your SEO strategy, your site’s age and authority, you CAN rank well for the competitive head keywords also. In addition to this, do you have a favorite keyword tool you like to use, or do you find the Google suggestion method adequate?
Anyone out there in the Green Energy bus that has any tips on user language, please fill me in. I’m gone to inform my little brother, that he should also pay a visit this web site on regular basis to obtain updated from hottest information. July 9, 2013 By David Wogahn 7 Comments Assigning the right keywords to your eBook listing can help readers find your eBook.
For purposes of our discussion you can think of selecting keywords as search engine optimization for books.
By the way, Smashwords and Bookbaby also support the use of keywords but in different ways. Again, you are using Google to help understand how people might be looking for your book on Amazon and B&N. As you can see there is some trial and error in picking terms and you need to think in terms of someone shopping for your book.
Thanks Daniel, it sounds like this is a new addition since I wrote the article almost 3 years ago. The last time I researched it I found 8 fields which include category, keywords, series name, author, publisher.

Follow SELLBOX ePublishing Services's board Book Covers on Pinterest.Follow SELLBOX ePublishing Services's board Client Projects-Series Examples on Pinterest. Your ultimate goal is to sponsor another person into your network marketing business opportunity.
What keywords are especially used in relationship to the specific activity of sponsoring other network marketers into your network marketing business opportunity?
Using the keyword research tools, your goal is to build out a list of Keywords (search terms) that is comprised of the language that your target audience -in this case network marketers- use. This is because the more content you add to your site, you will help qualify these single keywords and multiple keywords on a given post or page of your site.
Thanks so much for clarifying the beginner steps for a Blog, I started one and was just so lost as to what to do next, was so excited to read this and have actual action steps tp follow. For starters, you have to be precisely clear about the keyword phrase you’re going after. Still don’t know a long-tail from a short-tail keyword but trying to get the hang of it.
I’m constructing a site to discuss and prompt green energy, materials, machinery and health. They are also part of a book’s metadata, a larger set of information that describes your book including the title, contributors, categories, etc. Smashwords has no stated limit to the number you can use and in fact has a slick tool that pops up phrases that use the word you type into the search box. You don’t need an account, simply search for the term Google AdWords Keyword Tool¬†and click the link.
Let’s see what happens when we re-phrase the terms, this time thinking in terms of travel,HavanaandCuba.
You are also looking for terms that may not be present in your title or subtitle since these are already indexed by the store’s search system. But the key benefit of this extra work is that it helps you discover words and phrases that you would not have considered on your own. I offer consulting help: you can click the Consult link on the website, or sign up for per minute consulting on Clarity. Know the customer (or business builder) you’re looking for before you start using keywords in your marketing.
Multiple keywords are used to target specific traffic, which increases the potential of generating a lead that converts to a sale.

There are three classifications for keywords: single keywords, multiple keywords and keywords based on theme. A keyword that returns a list of links in Google will often return a different group of links in Bing. Ideally the system, be it Google or Bing for general searches, or Amazon and B&N for book searches, matches the keyword search term to its list and gives shoppers the results they are looking for.
Fortunately Google keeps track of what people search for and they make this information available for free.
Simply do a Google search for the term Google AdWords Keyword Tool (paid services like Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery can also be used but they may be overkill for your needs). A little further down the page I discover other words likeHavana, music and travel get lots of searches. There are benefits to creating keyword lists for specific stores, only possible if you distribute direct to that store.
But Wikipedia actually allows you to do some research about a keyword you may know little about.
Rather than read scattered information all over the internet, Wikipedia can give you a list of words in some category. Google does all the research and then sends you and email with the information you requested.Why Keyword Hacks?If you are wondering right now… great information, but how does this help me grow my business?
Keyword hacks are just a way to help you understand what people are searching for online and how to get in front of them.As a home business owner we want to leverage the internet. You have to understand where your prospects are looking, so that you can get in front of them.This is why building your own personal brand is so important.
Two of the most powerful online tools that you can use today to create LONG lasting content that can be found for years.Create the content once and it becomes indexed in the search engines for life.
Use your keyword hacks correctly and you can be popping up on the front page of Google.Was this article helpful? There’s an answer waiting on the other side, one simple system that I use to generate 1 to 7¬†leads a day for my business.

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