Start using the keywords you generated from and start blogging or cutting a video. If you are a more advanced blogger and SEO expert, you can take the keywords you generated from Ubersuggest and paste on to the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.
The Google Adwords Keyword Planner will show you the stats on how many people visit a certain keyword each month.
If you need further training on how to blog for profit, then watch this free video training right now! Be mentored by a SuperwomanLearn the skills you need to rock your business on the Internet while surrounding yourself with awesome powerful women by clicking the photo below.
In today’s post I am going to list 10 popularly used and effective local SEO tools along with some of their alternatives, that will drive you through local SEO success, much faster. From on-page and off-page SEO (involving local keywords), Google Places, Google+ Local, other local citations to online reviews, we have entailed all these important local SEO ranking factors in our post How To Boost Your Local SEO. What you need now is a little assistance to improve your local SEO efforts with the help of local SEO tools. If you just started with keyword research for your local site or if you want to have variations of your local keywords for your blog, this is a great local keyword generator tool.
Using permutations and combinations of your target keywords along with your location was never easier, thanks to this simple yet effective tool.
I have chosen to list the Advanced Web Ranking tool for researching both generic and local keywords for your site since it accumulates data from Google Adwords, Google Webmaster API, Google Suggest, Word Tracker, Yahoo API, Google Suggest and a few others. It offers you a CSV template that helps you manage and upload your listings with their partner sites (You can also use your Google Places CSV, if you have one).
The only drawback with this tool is that it currently only works for local businesses located in the United States of America.
Taking into account some of the top Google Maps ranking factors, this tool was created for local businesses. It gives you a quick summary of how optimized your Google+ local listings are for your business, the elements on your website that are optimized and not optimized for local SEO, a citation count along with duplicate citation information and a link count to your site.

It also gives you competitor information and compares your stats with that of your local competitors.
This tool also provides you schema that helps build a structured markup for your site which is supported by major search engines. As a local business, you are bound to receive online reviews and feedback from your customers, either on third party review sites or your site’s Google+ brand page. In a previous post, we have discussed how to get online reviews and now you have access to the tool used to get these reviews in the most user-friendly ways. This tool gives you a system where you can ask your customer for feedback, monitor the reviews, embed them as testimonials on your site with Google-friendly search snippets and manage multiple businesses and locations as you expand. Google Gadgets provides this free store locator that gives driving directions to your local business from the user’s location. Other than being a business citation finder tool this tool also offers to list your sites on various other business listing sites that your business is not listed in. Iit is advisable to check, claim and add your own business listing on popular and relevant business listing sites, some businesses may find it time-consuming or may not have enough manpower to look after it. These were the ten local SEO tools along with their worthy alternatives that will help you achieve your local SEO goals faster. Biasanya saya melakukan riset kata kunci ini menggunakan Google Adword Keywoord Planner dan SKCA. Usut punya usut, cari punya cari, dan tanya punya tanya… Saya akhirnya ketemu software yang mantap banget. Kita tinggal masukin keyword broad nya, lalu klik run langsung deh softwarenya bekerja buat nemukan kata kunci yang berkaitan. Setelah kita dapatkan kata kuncinya, yang saya lakukan selanjutnya adalah menganalisa kompetisi dan jumlah pencarinya menggunakan Keyword Planner nya Google dan SKCA. Anda bisa menggunakan list keyword tersebut untuk autoblog atau manual blog, tergantung selera.
Times have changed since then, the major change being the loss of free Google’s Adword keyword tool.

It provides you GeoTags to place on the header of your website and hCard format for the footer. This rank tracking tool gives you a free report on ranking positions for various local target keywords on search engines. This tool is useful for local e-commerce businesses or local restaurants and other people-oriented businesses that will profit from positive reviews. Although, this tool does not directly affect your local SEO, it may help in bringing in more customers to your physical store who will then leave back a positive online review on a third-party site, hence enhancing your local SEO. The tool also provides review monitoring and offers local search analytics to track your business’s local search performance. However, if you do depend on a local SEO tool for a certain task related to your local business, make sure you manually check all the tasks done. Pada tahap ini kita harus punya beberapa keyword niche yang memiliki banyak pencari dan sedikit kompetitornya. Kalau kita ketemu 5 kata kunci dengan pencari > 1000 orang dan LOW kompetitor, itu sudah ciamik banget buat nembak earning amazon. But if you do own a Google adwords account you can access the new Google Keyword Planner tool. It offers you a listing score (as shown in the above screenshot), a profile completion percentage on each search engine, your latest online reviews, your incomplete profiles and duplicates found on the web, if any. GeoTags helps to add geographical metadata to photos, videos, SMS messages, RSS Feeds and QR codes while the hCard is a KML file format that helps display geographical data using Google Maps (for mobile and desktop) and Google Earth.
Even if there are negative reviews you can manage them effectively and by hosting them on your own site you can avoid negative reputation from reaching third-party review sites (assuming the complaints are solved on time).

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