In the last few Selenium tutorials, we discussed about various commonly and popularly used commands in WebDriver, handling web elements like Web Tables, Frames and handling exceptions in Selenium scripts. We discussed each of these commands with sample code snippets and examples so as to make you capable of using these commands effectively whenever you are encountered with similar situations.
As we move ahead in the Selenium series, we would concentrate our focus towards Automation Framework creation in the next few upcoming tutorials.
A framework is considered to be a combination of set protocols, rules, standards and guidelines that can be incorporated or followed as a whole so as to leverage the benefits of the scaffolding provided by the Framework.
Keep a check on the maximum capacity of the elevator and do not get onto an elevator if the maximum capacity has reached. Allow the passenger to get off the elevator if any before entering the elevator and stand clear off the doors. In case of fire in the building or if there is any haphazard situation, avoid the use of elevator.
Now, as we are talking about “Test Automation Frameworks”, let us move our focus towards them. A “Test Automation Framework” is scaffolding that is laid to provide an execution environment for the automation test scripts. In a very simple language, we can say that a framework is a constructive blend of various guidelines, coding standards, concepts, processes, practices, project hierarchies, modularity, reporting mechanism, test data injections etc. The advantages can be in different forms like ease of scripting, scalability, modularity, understandability, process definition, re-usability, cost, maintenance etc. Now that we have a basic idea of what is an Automation Framework, in this section we would harbinger you with the various types of Test Automation Frameworks those are available in the market place.
Module based Testing Framework is based on one of the popularly known OOPs concept – Abstraction.
These modules are separated by an abstraction layer in such a way that the changes made in the sections of the application doesn’t yields affects on this module. The framework introduces high level of modularization which leads to easier and cost efficient maintenance.
If the changes are implemented in one part of the application, only the test script representing that part of the application needs to be fixed leaving all the other parts untouched. While implementing test scripts for each module separately, we embed the test data (Data with which we are supposed to perform testing) into the test scripts. The Library Architecture Testing Framework is fundamentally and foundationally built on Module Based Testing Framework with some additional advantages. The basic fundamental behind the framework is to determine the common steps and group them into functions under a library and call those functions in the test scripts whenever required.
Like Module Based Framework, this framework also introduces high level of modularization which leads to easier and cost efficient maintenance and scalability too. As we create common functions that can be efficiently used by the various test scripts across the Framework. Like Module Based Framework, the test data is lodged into the test scripts, thus any change in the test data would require changes in the test script as well. While automating or testing any application, at times it may be required to test the same functionality multiple times with the different set of input data.
Data Driven Testing Framework helps the user segregate the test script logic and the test data from each other. Note: The test data stored in an external file can belong to the matrix of expected value as well as matrix of input values. Step 1: First and the foremost step are to create an external file that stores the test data (Input data and Expected Data). The above method helps to read the test data and the below test step helps the user to type in the test data on the GUI.
The most important feature of this framework is that it considerably reduces the total number of scripts required to cover all the possible combinations of test scenarios.
The process is complex and requires an extra effort to come up with the test data sources and reading mechanisms. The Keyword driven testing framework is an extension to Data driven Testing Framework in a sense that it not only segregates the test data from the scripts, it also keeps the certain set of code belonging to the test script into an external data file. The keywords and the test data are stored in a tabular like structure and thus it is also popularly regarded as Table driven Framework.
In the above example keywords like login, clickLink and verifyLink are defined within the code.
In addition to advantages provided by Data Driven testing, Keyword driven framework doesn’t require the user to possess scripting knowledge unlike Data Driven Testing. The user should be well versed with the Keyword creation mechanism to be able to efficiently leverage the benefits provided by the framework. The framework becomes complicated gradually as it grows and a number of new keywords are introduced. As the name suggests, the Hybrid Testing Framework is a combination of more than one above mentioned frameworks. In the above example, keyword column contains all the required keywords used in the particular test case and data column drives all the data required in the test scenario.
Behavior Driven Development framework allows automation of functional validations in easily readable and understandable format to Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, etc. Though the above pictorial representation of a framework is self-explanatory but we would still highlight a few points.
Object Repository: Object Repository acronym as OR is constituted of the set of locators types associated with web elements.

Test Data: The input data with which the scenario would be tested and it can be the expected values with which the actual results would be compared. Build tools and Continuous Integration: These are the tools that aids to the frameworks capabilities to generate test reports, email notifications and logging information. The frameworks illustrated above are the most popular frameworks used by the testing fraternity. Next Tutorial #21: In the next tutorial, we would briefly introduce you with the sample framework, the MS Excel which would store the test data, excel manipulations etc. I’ve a question, I fwe want to secure our Framework scripts from being disclosed by any another party, is this possible? Is there any post regarding test automation frame work which completely deals with scripting languages like python. Hi thanks for sharing this, iT was really good to know about something which we already know but dont know the definiton of it. The only suggestion I can offer is that the content can be further improved through a bit of editing, such as choice of words and sentence structure. Our services help organizations to implement the Cloud effectively in a secure and reliable manner. InnoEye team has experience in migrating existing applications, creating new ones and developing platforms on the cloud infrastructure.
InnoEye has reached high levels of maturity in application design, frameworks, methodologies, tools and techniques on the Java framework and offers product development, project development, maintenance and support of Java-based applications.
Leverage our rich exposure to various Java Open Source solutions in building cost-effective but robust and scalable enterprise business applications.
BI & DW solutions - Simplify data complexity to design solutions based on Star Schema and Snowflake architectures. Event data processing - InnoEye has evolved significant expertise on Event Driven Architecture tool stack.
At InnoEye you will receive maximum attention to your mobile application development project at each stage.
InnoEye enables enterprises to streamline business processes and meld their application portfolio and databases into an integrated cohesive unit.
Besides traditional application integration, implementation, and maintenance services, we bring deep expertise in building integration solutions including connectors and frameworks for enterprise applications across industry verticals. InnoEye's test automation framework has specific advantages of improving the long-term efficiency of a software team‘s testing processes.
We at InnoEye understand that quality not only needs to be defined and implemented but also it should ease the way for enhanced productivity. A comprehensive repository with numerous reusable scripts and components is already in efficient use for the existing systems for regressive testing and test data creations, saving a lot of manual intervention and reaping high cost benefits to the company.
Functional Testing is carried out using QTP (Quick Test Pro) wherein the Automation Testing Framework is based on the Hybrid Test Automation Framework Architecture.
This allows data driven scripts to take advantage of the powerful libraries and utilities that usually accompany a keyword driven architecture. The framework utilities can make the data driven scripts more compact and less prone to failure than they otherwise would have been. The use of Test parameters, Action parameters, Environment variables and Data tables enables the scripts and keyword driven tests to have a single point of maintenance. A well defined software testing automation structure has been set up to implement Selenium and organized set to cases and conditions are automated and kept just to be implemented for functional and cross browser testing of our application. We deliver products that are compatible with most of the browsers obviously that are tested on multiple browsers. Quality professionals who have vast implementation experience design the supporting framework. These tool implementations have over the years increased our knowledge base, experience base, project base, scopes and lot many variants that help us in fast and accurate deliveries and with professionally trained resources the maintenance cost are totally brought under control. Software Performance testing and improvisation of the application is achieved in SPEC India using Loadrunner where numerous reports and analysis determine the fine-tuning efforts by the development team to achieve high levels of stability and enhancement of the production goals. The process followed in SPEC for performance enhancement for various releases, upgrades and patches. At InnoEye, we offer solutions that enable enterprises to manage structured as well as unstructured information on a real-time basis and make it available to the business in the form of intelligible dashboards, scorecards, and drill-through reporting.
Consulting Services: We help organizations strategize, formulate and execute BI strategies.
Data consolidation, reduction in latency, and single version of the truth: Our data integration services will help you to break down data silos and enable you to assess, analyze, and share data from disparate sources. BI dashboards and reports for mobile workforce: We have developed significant capabilities across mobile BI technologies like Qlikview, HTML 5 and mobile charting toolkits, among others to help enterprises deliver reports and dashboards on multiple smart phone and tablet platforms. Integration and analysis of information to drive high performance: Our differentiated Enterprise application integration(EAI) services enable organizations to solve core business problems by applying analytical insights in conjunction with performance management methodologies. Unlocking of immense value from big data: We help organizations integrate all data sources within the enterprise including databases, data warehouses, enterprise systems, business intelligence applications, and leverage Big Data to generate immense business value including higher operating margin, improved operational efficiency and quality, and reduced expenditure. Amongst the commands we discussed in the previous tutorial, few of them owe utmost importance. We would also shed light on various aspects of an Automation framework, types of Automation frameworks, benefits of using a framework and the basic components that constitutes an Automation framework.
There are a few guidelines those are mentioned within the elevator to be followed and taken care off so as to leverage the maximum benefit and prolonged service from the system. Thus, these guidelines if followed, makes the system more beneficial, accessible, scalable and less troubled for the users.

The framework provides the user with various benefits that helps them to develop, execute and report the automation test scripts efficiently. Thus, to be able to grab these benefits, developers are advised to use one or more of the Test Automation Framework.
These frameworks may differ from each other based on their support to different key factors to do automation like reusability, ease of maintenance etc. The framework divides the entire “Application Under Test” into number of logical and isolated modules. Thus, whenever we are supposed to test with a different set of test data, it requires the manipulations to be made in the test scripts. Instead of dividing the application under test into test scripts, we segregate the application into functions or rather common functions can be used by the other parts of the application as well.
Thus all the test scripts those require to login the application can call that function instead of writing the code all over again.
Take a notice that keywords and test data are entities independent of the automation tool being used. The best thing about such a setup is that it leverages the benefits of all kinds of associated frameworks. Such frameworks do not necessarily require the user to be acquainted with programming language. We have an in-depth understanding of the principal cloud computing technologies and have extensive experience in the leading cloud platforms.
We leverage the best practices for developing architecture for auto-scaling and deployment optimization that ensures authentication and security. Here, we combine innovative development techniques along with cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to provide effective business solutions. Our expertise lies in using tools like Oracle, Informatica, SQL Server (SSRS, SSIS and SSAS), Micro Strategy, Pentaho, Cognos and SpagoBI. The number of platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, etc) makes for greater churn in the market place and consequently creates constraints on what can be delivered to the end user.
Our established development processes and proven methodology ensure delivering out-of-the-box mobile applications exactly per your requirements.
Our technology expertise spans Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Business Process Management (BPM) technology areas. Our solution can help enterprises contain costs, comply with regulatory requirements, be more competitive in the market, and respond more quickly to market requirements.
So a well set of defined framework has been set up and has been effectively brought into practice by our experienced professionals. With this confidence we moved ahead and devised out a mix approach combining the advantages of manual and automation testing that reaps the benefits of both in terms of time and money. This helps us in quick regressive efforts across a wide variety of applications thus benefiting hugely in the testing efforts. However, over the last decade, data volumes have grown tremendously and compounded the intricacies involved in their processing and analysis. Our established methodologies and proven processes are engineered to reduce latency in information availability, improve collaboration between business functions, and enable right-time decision-making capability. Thus, user can follow these guidelines while automating application to take advantages of various productive results.
Thus we create a common library constituting of common functions for the application under test. Hence it is advised to retain test data into some external data base outside the test scripts. The external databases can be property files, xml files, excel files, text files, CSV files, ODBC repositories etc. Locator column contains the locator value that is used to identify the web elements on the screen or the test data that needs to be supplied.
My own definition also includes testing resource management, artifact management, onboarding training for new resources, lab resource management, coding standards, crisis management, prioritization policies, documentation procedures, test data management, and just so much more.
Thus, we would need to have detailed insight into your operating environment and requirements to identify the best fit solution for your usersa€™ needs.
Our Mobile Application Developers constantly polish up and improve their skills and competencies to allow our Customers to take full advantage of the latest mobile industry tendencies. This reduces the need for manual intervention and increases the usefulness of the applications.
Industry trends indicate that this growth will rapidly accelerate, resulting in generation of multiple terabytes, even petabytes, of data over the coming years.
Thus, when these test scripts taken together builds a larger test script representing more than one modules. Traditional business intelligence approaches will not be able to keep pace with this massive growth in data volumes and the complexities raised by the dynamic nature of today’s enterprise business. InnoEye offers business intelligence and data warehousing solutions that will keep pace with these developments and effectively manage your information assets to produce actionable intelligence that will enable you to take informed business decisions.

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